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Haunted House Give Away 10/27/05

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I sometimes don't "catch" him online.

Thats coz he creeps in here after most peeps are fast asleep in dey beds!!

and how do I know this?

Ill never tell! ;)

all this mystery...I hope I will be here to play. the weekend is going to be so busy.


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luvmypoodle, I'm glad you're here! I haven't forgotten about your 4 door Chevy Impala! I haven't talked to my BIL in ages, but when I do, I'll for sure ask him about it!! :D

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Is there a way to get these messages in your email??

I must get ready for work  :D

So will check in on the forum when I get to work hehe

mini hugs



Jennifer...look in my control panel (well not mine lol) up there to the right..should be something about tracking the topic

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