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  1. moss and flocking (Flower Soft)
  2. Don't forget one side of drink carriers can be used too!
  3. Remember that you can start your own club. Find a place that will let you use it once a month. Hopefully for FREE. then find a day that works for you and what you think will work for others. Then advertise. You can buy one those disposal phones at wal mart and use that number for people to call you on it. then have two or three months projects ready. Our club we make projects that people can make in couple hours. so something small.. If you need ideas you can message me or ask here on the forum. Miniature Magazines have great tutorials too. and of course our friend "Google" OR you can just advertise and see how many people in your area are interested before you go to the trouble getting a place and setting times.
  4. I have said to my club members time and time that they saved my life. I was going through something terrible and I jumped into going to their meetings to used it as my "get away" soon I was part of their family. I love my group and love NAME. I don't get to their Conventions that much but I love hearing about them and going when I can. Miniatures are about sharing and having a hobby that you jump into and seriously learn something new everyday. NAME is wonderful organization. You will not get spammed with emails. You do get information from time to time. Newsletter and "What's Happenings" ever so often. If you get their online yahoo group emails you get a digest once a day. So if you have a chance to "test" out a miniature club, I say go for it. They could be friends for a life time. Remember they share you passion and love of miniatures. I am a hands on and a face to face person. So it works for me. But I LOVE my online world too. We are having our retreat this week and we go to a state park and have a huge room and each person has two six foot tables and we work on our miniatures for four days. Nothing but miniatures, food, laughter and friendship. Don't miss out on a opportunity to meet wonderful people and make friendships that will last a lifetime.
  5. The NAME site upgraded and wanted to share the new link! http://www.miniatures.org/clubs.php I hope you find a club in your area. Always FUN to share miniatures with a friend.
  6. Good to see you Monica! I have missed watching you build and make miniatures! Hope you have some eye candy!
  7. So good to see you here KathieB.. I have thought of you often! Hope you are doing awesome
  8. Congratulations to the winners!!!! Everyone is a winner though
  9. I have some friends that did these books and they are darling in person.
  10. http://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/Spring-Fling-2012.html doesn't say anything about the free shipping not be honored... I guess they need to change that it still says FREE shipping.. Thanks for letting me know though. I thought I was losing my mind hahaha
  11. I feel dumb for asking but where do you put the code for free shipping? I can't find it..
  12. saw this posted and wanted to share with everyone! if you send me a PM I will give you the ladies email address so you can write her directly if you live close! Just to let everyone know that if you live in the central Indiana area and looking for a mini club a new one is being formed. Details are: Day: 2nd Sat. of each month Time: 12 - 2:30pm Where: Pendleton, IN Library 595 E. Water St
  13. these are the two links that I am aware of... http://www.miniature...wsite/clubs.php http://www.myminiatures.com/clubs.asp I am sure there are miniature groups out there that don't belong to NAME please if you know of one please post. ..someone might want to join! If you want to start a mini club... find a venue first... senior center or your local library usually has a room to use. Have one or two meetings a month.. depends on you and how your schedule in real life is. set a date and time that works for you for the first few meetings. then as you get a group find out what works for everyone. Find at least three or four projects for at least 5 people. have kits ready... You will be in charge for at least 6 months to a year. then once you have the place and date and time and your projects ready... Oh get a new email address that you can use for your advertising purposes.. like a Gmail or a Yahoo.. Then advertise online or in the newspaper and online mini groups... Facebook has some miniature groups... Yahoo has groups. Here at Greenleaf... Word of mouth usually helps. Once you have 5 people you can contact NAME and have your group be a NAME group if you want too that is up to you and the group! They will give you a packet to help keep you going and give you tips as well.. Good Luck!
  14. Judith what is the name of the house do you remember? So I see I am missing the bottom part the stairs and the two railings on each side and a window...
  15. Can someone please tell me what house this is and what is the name of the company... THANK YOU!! I have searched the internet over and can't find it... I am sure I am not looking in the right places. I got it at a yard sale for 20.00! It is a Front Opening Dollhouse. It needs a door and and looks like might be missing a porch maybe?? It has some holes down in front of the house where something is suppose to have went lol
  16. is there any way possible you can show me what the inside looks like too??? This is going to be a very interesting Spring Fling!
  17. Not sure you know or even close but there is a miniature show in Cincy this weekend! http://www.cincy-miniatures.org/
  18. I love that HL has new stuff too and I got the bedroom set myself but was very surprised on how they have raised the prices... The bedroom set without the sale would have been 50+.. in my opinion that is way to high... I really wanted the leather couch and chair :thumb: but will have to wait for another sale day for that.. or use a 40%... They had a couple houses on clearance, they were 40% off but they are not carrying that house any longer.. One was the Victorian Cottage Jr.. I got it for 31.00 so I was pleased with that. They had on clearance a dining room set and a couch and chair with the green flowers and the Alison Jr I think it was.. The clearance sticker worked out to be 40% off..
  19. Hi Rob waving from Ky also! :lol:
  20. Kathie I hope that you had a great birthday!! I hope that we get to spend time together again soon!!
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