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  1. wow I love it how did you make this if you can share?
  2. wow I love it how did you make this if you can share?
  3. jeninky

    Corgi Puppy

    This baby is just precious!!
  4. loveeeeeeeeeee this! great job
  5. love love love them!!
  6. Jail??? But I am INNOCENT!
  7. I have a "thing" for birdhouses! I love this Is that styrofoam or bufoam?
  8. jeninky


    Where did you find your tiles and your modern furniture??? You did a wonderful job on your house and I hope to see more cause you have the talent
  9. This is the sweetest thing ever! I would never be able to get rid of the puppies LOL
  10. jeninky

    Tricky Thang

    I want to come and jump in your pool and mini with you <snickers>
  11. Great job I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!
  12. jeninky

    Front View

    wow I love this house!
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