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  1. Thank you ladies! Roxy, most of the wallpaper I buy from dollhouse suppliers online, but the wallpaper in this bathroom is a printy I found. You can try Jim's printables, he has some wallpaper samples there.
  2. MiniMadWoman

    Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    A miniature clock shop built by Deb of Deb's Minis and owned and operated by Reginauld.
  3. Tracy, this is just awesome! I don't even know where to begin . . . love the turet!
  4. OH, how pretty! Well done Monica! You put a lot of effort and thought into this! Good luck with the contest!
  5. Spectacular! You did an awesome job of this!
  6. MiniMadWoman


    I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!! Windmills are one of my most favorite things and you've captured a beautiful one here! Good luck in the contest . . . my fingers and toes are crossed for you!
  7. MiniMadWoman

    The Rutherford by Artply

    Villa Villekula ~ Home to Pippi Longstocking
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more of your progress!
  9. WOW, what a beautiful house! Inspiration abounds there! Good luck with your BH!!
  10. Wendy, your floors are just beautiful! I'd be very happy to have them in my real house! LOL!!
  11. Oh, what a pretty house! More pictures please!
  12. Her cakes are so scrumptious! Makes me want to open a cake store . . . hmmmmmm . . .
  13. I can always count on this toy to keep Bijou occupied when I have things to do around the house! She loves to pull the pieces apart, throw them on the floor and watch as I pick them up and put it all back together . . . I think she's trying to get me to exercise more!
  14. MiniMadWoman

    Stairway Bay

    Well done! It looks like it was always meant to be there!
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