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Just Grandpop

My first house - Harrison

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Nicely done! :thumb:

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Looks pretty good! I'd have loved that as a child. Lucky little ones who got that house!

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Just saw your other topic and that answered my question. :) so what will the third one be?

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I love the Harrison. Good choice.

My dream is to put the Glencroft and the Harrison together on a sprawling cobblestone street along with an Earth and Tree Nottingham across the street. I think I'll have to build a house to hold all my dreams. hahaha

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    • By Kim 43
      My name is Kim and this is my first real dollhouse. I have been in love with the Garfield since I was 8 years old and my grandfather took me to the local hobby store to get some items for his train set. I am now 43 and for the first time I have a home that will allow me to finally have this house. I also have a 6yo daughter that will be assisting me with the project as much as she can.  All I need is as much advice as I can get on this. I do already know that I will be replacing the doors and windows so any help on that would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By warpedrivka
      Hello! Honestly just checking out dollhouses and miniatures. I was gifted my grandmothers dollhouse made in the 70's and I really want to renovate it and fix it up! I have always had a fascination with miniatures though! Have a good day!
    • By Cinderbella
      I am brand new to this community and it looks like a really fun place to get involved! I have done some dollhouse work here and there in the past, but I am now undertaking a BIG project. My daughter-in-law gave me her old Harrison dollhouse several years ago because she no longer wanted it and knew I enjoyed working on things like that. It was overwhelming and just sat in my basement.    BUT, she and my son had a little girl 2 years ago, and I would now like to fix it up for my one and only grandchild! 
      My biggest problem is that it is VERY rickety and feels as if it could fall apart quite easily. I am going to mount it to a base and add casters. But I don't know how to go about making the rest of it more sturdy. It would likely be easier to purchase a new one and start all over again, but I think there will be some great sentimental value if I use this one. My son and his wife are very big into that sort of thing! 
      IF I can take it apart and start again, would that be the best way to go? (Not sure if that's possible.) And of course, I also wonder if things will just break if I do attempt to take it apart! As of now, there are no broken walls, etc. The only missing piece is one window and a small piece of trim on the outside. I have written Greenleaf to ask if they have a window I can purchase. If not, I have no clue how to find that! 
      Perhaps there is some way to add some wood in some way to provide a better structure or make it more sturdy? If so, please let me know, because I am clueless! 
      I have tons of decorating ideas and that part will be easy for me. But I was a little stunned at the cost of furniture. So any advice (beside 2nd hand stores - as I've tried them regularly) for finding cheap furniture or furniture kits - or places where I can make furniture - but somewhat decent stuff (not a paper couch) - would be greatly appreciated! I actually would like to make the furniture, but I want it to look really pretty without being overly complicated to make. I am good with crafts, but haven't done much work with wood!   Ha!
      Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I appreciate it more than you can know!!!!
      Warm regards,
    • By Carrie-Waltz
      Hi. everyone!
      I'm a newbie in doll house construction
      I had problems with making furniture, so my husband bought me a doweling jighttps://pickadvisor.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Woodstock-D4116-Doweling-Jig-review-300x300.jpg (don't know how to attach the image properly)
      He's sure I can use it, as it's helpful in his workshop
      Has anyone any experience using it?
      If not, maybe you like the idea
    • By Msdemeanr
      Hi, new member here and wanted to introduce myself. I built a Harrison for my daughter several years ago; and although I was in over my head for a first timer, I enjoyed myself so much I wanted to build another one although I couldn’t justify building one if I wasn’t making it for someone (I’m not a collector (yet)). It’s been about 8 years, but I’m jumping back in with an Orchid kit that I’m kind of envisioning as a beach cottage. I’m excited for my winter project and really grateful for all the expertise and inspiration I’m finding here. I live in Virginia just outside of Washington DC.
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