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  1. I need to see a photo of the house. I personally cover all edges with channel trim. It give it a nice finished look.
  2. I’d use a tool like the one below to cut a slit into the center wall where the floor meets the wall and feed the wire through the slit. https://www.amazon.com/BD200MTB-2-5-Amp-Variable-Speed-Oscillating-Multi-Tool/dp/B005AZI12O
  3. Amazing house. I’ll find a great tapewire video for you.
  4. Today, I ventured out to TJMaxx and HomeGoods. You’d think it was the holiday season. I don’t think I would have done this in my home county nor could I because it’s still shutdown. But in Vero there have only been a handful of cases so they are testing the waters. For the most part people where keeping their distance. It felt good to browse again.
  5. Go with the LED string lights.
  6. Just peel the Mylar back. I’ve used my xacto blade to peel and cut it away.
  7. In total it might add a pound.
  8. If you are open to putting some expensive materials on the roof and chimney, I suggest these real slates and bricks from England: http://www.miniaturebricks.com/roofing/slate
  9. Best tip is to cut outside your line so the kerf of the blade does not cut too much material.
  10. Hello everyone!!!!! Thank you Kathy for the heads up. My husband and I relocated to our Vero Beach property in mid March as our south Florida county was shutting down (spring break in Ft Lauderdale was a dangerous mistake). It’s just so much easier to maintain and control this smaller footprint than the old homestead. Plus, I’m allowed to walk on the private beach and search for sea-glass. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any mini tools with me. However, last week my son met me half way to give me my sewing machine so I’ve been making masks with my many choices of fabric. In the evenings I’ve been playing with a “paint by number” kit I picked up at Michael’s. Other than laying low and staying safe we are in good shape and trying to stay upbeat and healthy. Take care everyone, I missed you all very much.
  11. Enjoy: http://robincarey.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-queen-anne-cottage-fantasy-island.html?m=1
  12. Google tea, steel wool and vinegar wood stain. Gives the wood a multi stain look of silvery to darker wood.
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