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Removing Glued Trim


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Hi friends,

I chickened out on priming and painting, wallpapering because of the previously installed trim on this Harrison dollhouse, which I bought used...

Someone local suggested removing the trim and wallpapering. Sounds feasible. 

Can anyone suggest the best way to remove this trim without destroying the walls?

I do own a theoretically entire Harrison kit that I bought on eBay for replacement parts... I think it is basically complete. Someone started painting the parts, and gave up.

I will prime before papering, as @havanaholly @KathieB and others have suggested.

Thank you friends!





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Hi Karen!

To remove the window trim, I would try a blow dryer on the highest setting of heat. If the windows weren't attached, I would recommend a heat gun.  You could use craft tools to carefully pry the trim off, once you applied some heat. You could also try saturating wood trim with vinegar. I give you credit for working on this used dollhouse.  I would probably just assemble a brand new kit. I find it so much easier to paint the walls/ceilings before assembly.  I found that working on the first floor was easier to do, before I attached the ceiling/second floor and walls.  I made sure that I didn't cover the floor slots where the walls go.  Please let me know if you are able to get the window trim off without causing damage. 

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Thanks so much, @LoriLovesMiniatures! Yes...it was a great buy on eBay for $100—on a whim. But now I am hooked. I did have a dollhouse in my 20s...

I would not build one myself. I enjoy the decorating part. The trim and timbers are a challenge to get crisp. I think I will tackle one room at a time, and try to develop a  method. 

Can you recommend a glue to re-attach whatever I remove?

Thanks again!

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The house was a great buy on Ebay. Decorating is the most fun part!  I am hooked on decorating my dollhouse too!  I love the Titebond white glue that dries clear. Looking forward to seeing your progress.  Thanks for asking your questions on this forum!  We all love to help!





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