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  1. I would email Greenleaf, they were very responsive to my issue and I am sure they could email you a PDF file or mail you the instructions, they are pretty quick.. and welcome to the group Bob
  2. LOL.. unfortunately wasn't on my end.. I'm a Microsoft engineer and System developer for a living.. I'd say 99.9% not me .. I tried it 3 times got 3 prices .. bought at the best price.. www.bobburger.net Bob
  3. I just went back again and it was $8.50 huh ... LOL I guess a glitch in the system whew so I placed the order $28.50 :-) instead of $90 LOL
  4. Nope ground shipping to NJ.. Wayfair shipping was $4.95 S&H just was crazy... I've never bought anything from Greenleaf... I'm in Point Pleasant NJ 08742 I did not order it
  5. I was looking at Greenleaf to purchase the Primrose as an add on for to my main house was a great deal for $20 but got to checkout and shipping was $70... OMG.... yikes I certainly feel thats a ripoff.. is all of their shipping that expensive ??? or was that an error ?
  6. I have found most Walmer houses have those flat dead frog spindles and those types of shutters, the true give away would have been if the porch and roof gingerbread trim were on it .. nice house good luck Bob
  7. Factory Direct has a lot of assortment https://factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/products/1302_790_2332_2323-53816-dollhouse_miniature_christmas_ornament_box.html?ccset=US&autocs=1&auto_coupon=SWEETHEART&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxvKjwcy15wIVzYCfCh0gbwCiEAkYAiABEgIMYvD_BwE and here .. https://factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/categories/1302_790_2332_2323-holiday_miniatures.html
  8. ahh ok just took me to a non page error.. I just didn't want others to think it was just them...
  9. Hollys link didn't work for me either.. but KathiB's did... going to go read the article Bob
  10. Welcome to the forum.. do you have any info on it ? box ? instructions ? or post a pic which is a challenge at first ( getting it to a size to fit..) but after you have 5 posts you can post in the gallery.. but I am sure someone here would recognize it.... Bob
  11. You are very welcome... welcome to the forum... have fun with the new house !!!!
  12. Here ya go, hope this helps .... http://go.rockler.com/tech/RTD10000575AA.pdf Bob
  13. Howdy .. the wife made it lol :-) this is her Walmer Heritage still in progress Bob
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