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  1. I have a weighted lower back gizmo that helps to counterweight the constant upper back and neck bending. It's called a Body Rite. Description from the web: It is an ergonomic treatment for pain caused by prolonged activities like sewing, quilting, crafting, or working on your computer. The threepound counterbalance helps prevent upper and lower back, shoulder, and neck strain, and encourages good posture. The straps are adjustable to allow for a comfortable fit to your body structure and a removable onepound weight if you prefer a twopound counterbalance. Pouch measures 91/2 inch by4inch. Shoulders straps are 11/2inch wide and secured across the shoulders with a 1inch wide by 5inch long elasticized straps with mitten clips
  2. Hey Deb, SO good to see you here again. Miss you so much. Love your new ideas. Thanks for sharing your fab new artistry. Wish I could come over for a paint and play date!
  3. Fragile on the outside but fierce on the inside perhaps?
  4. Selkie

    The Hannah

    Lovely choice for your collection. Purples are always a great palette, imo.
  5. Happy New Year to all my GL friends.
  6. Thank you. The forum world is right side up again.
  7. NO Mike! Please don't leave. You were teaching us so many things today. We need experienced builders and artists like you to show us how. Please reconsider.
  8. Another option for custom fabrics and papers is the online site called Spoonflower. You can design your own ideas, upload them, they print it and mail it out to you. They also have designs to choose from. I know Brae (Otterine) has used their services in the past with good success. Spoonflower
  9. Having issues getting the blog link in here. Trying again. Newts blog
  10. There are 2 links, one to Newts album and another to her blog
  11. Adding my Happy Birthday wishes as well.
  12. Would it be possible to scan in a RL fabric that you like and then reduce it to the scale you prefer? In the past I've used plain fabric designed to go through the printer to create personalized things. There are ready made sheets available. Also info is available on quilting and sewing websites for ironing fabric onto freezer paper and parchment for doing that sort of thing DIY style.
  13. Selkie

    Toadstool Studios 768

    I had this on my follow/watch list on Ebay. I missed out getting it. Congrats!! Hope you enjoy it. It looks very intriguing.
  14. Oh, that is a very wise thought. The hat could be made out of felt. Doesn't ravel and, when damp, can be shaped to the correct style.
  15. Sounds like a very thoughtful gift. I agree with Kathie that the ranger patch would make a great wall hanging and not be as emotionally charged as a whole uniform might be.
  16. Congrats! Love the plan. Good luck with it. Love the combining of builds. My family mansion is a Garfield, Orchid, 2 Primrose, a Conservatory, plus a barn and bike shop. Not finished.
  17. Adding my congratulations to Ben and Mum and Dad! May your future go well.
  18. Looks great. Wonderful idea.
  19. I'm waiting your report too. Very curious how it will work with the deep cutting mediums. I have the older Cameo. It doesn't take the deep cut blade so I'm stuck with thinner choices. I've been tempted to either get the Curio or the updated Cameo 3.
  20. I'm always enamoured with your tiny canvas paintings. What medium do you use?
  21. Rural here too. Not even a gas station. We have to carefully plan needs (+wants) and appts into our "going to town" trips. But we love the boondocks, even as inconvenient as it can be.
  22. Selkie

    Time Out

    Hurray!! Mike's getting well and he's back to building. Can't wait to be inspired by your impeccable skills and artistic eye. Gentle hugs Mike
  23. Yup, it's me. "Family Mansion". It has never been completely finished. I'll try to find some pictures. I closed the album due to a Pinterest copying issue several years ago. It's 1 Garfield, 1 Orchid, 2 Primrose, and a Conservatory for main the building. Doors, arches, etc connect all areas internally. No secret stairs or doors. The story goes that it's an old family mansion that has gone thru many changes as the family home was passed down the generations. Additions, styles and purpose changes happened along the way. One Primrose was their old stone wellhouse. It is off set 2/3 of the way back on that wall and attached on the kitchen "L" end converted into an art studio with an adapted roofline and front. 2nd Prim is business office downstairs/ bedroom up on the far end of other " L". Orchid is 2 bedrooms up w/stairs up on the back open wall, gentlemen's room w/ pool table, library, hunter theme and bathroom down and attached next to the Living room wall of Garfield. Electric components are sandwiched between those walls. Conservatory off the back of business office as extra client area. All added houses slide on and off for moving it with moldings covering the attachment areas. Out buildings include a GL 2008 Spring Fling contest double kit - as a motorcycle repair garage, an old HBS contest Swingset sandbox replica, and a GL 2010 Spring Fling contest barn kit as a barn/business created with the extensions offered in the contest. That's it so far. Perhaps I should convert it to a Mystery house. Maybe that would re-energize the project out of it's stalled state.
  24. Yikes!! I'd get rid of the whole deal asap. I'd be petrified it would infest my home. Potentially finding bugs in an online purchase is one of my biggest fears. It stops me from ordering a lot of things. Good money saving fear for me.
  25. Such a great collection of crockery. Hard to find authentic looking pieces. Congrats
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