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    I have always loved crafts - sewing, embroidery, crocheting, and now dollhouse and furniture building. I also enjoy cooking , especially baking , gardening , reading , camping & fishing. And I can't leave out my furry kids - my German Shepherds - Zoey , Bella , & Bruno , and my Manx cat Toby. They keep me busy and entertained.

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  1. Stacey6163


    What an adorable helper!
  2. Stacey6163

    hearth rug

    That is beautiful!
  3. Stacey6163

    Decisions abound

    What a lovely piece! I would keep the mirror.
  4. Stacey6163


    I think its the Worthington by Artply. Beautiful house!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! Wow, now that is a mansion.
  6. Beautiful lace, and the bed too. I read somewhere if you put a piece of foil in the bedspread it will help it to drape.
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