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    I have always loved crafts - sewing, embroidery, crocheting, and now dollhouse and furniture building. I also enjoy cooking , especially baking , gardening , reading , camping & fishing. And I can't leave out my furry kids - my German Shepherds - Zoey , Bella , & Bruno , and my Manx cat Toby. They keep me busy and entertained.

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  1. Congratulations on your win!! We were talking about you in the one Facebook group, we recognized your work . Love it!!
  2. I've been busy working here too . The chopsticks are out and ready to be used for the ____ , paperclips are made into _____ , blingy beads are everywhere, along with wood and glue and............ .
  3. My Hofco was shipped through Greyhound from North Carolina to Pa. It was professionally packed by another business and shipped for $99, and it was a huge box - almost 5 ft. tall. It arrived without a scratch. Definitely worth looking into.
  4. That is really cool Roxy!! It looks haunted! Love the witches too, great job!
  5. That it has been,lol. I've got siding, tile flooring, wood for the floors and a wood trimmed bathroom set on the way. Now to figure out the color scheme.
  6. Thanks for sharing! lots of great ideas.
  7. Thanks everyone! It came with a new Bell tape wiring system and I'm going to try and electrify it, a new experience for me. I've read through the instructions and think I can pull it off. I worked last night on making some interior doors and trim and am picking out wallpapers and flooring. But I need to tackle the wiring first. John has been working on the Victorian farmhouse kit upstairs in his workshop, he has all the missing pieces made but one, ran out of plywood, but is moving right along on it. Last night he came down and went over and started looking in my stash, and picked up the Aster
  8. I've never been to a show but you'll have to let me know what shops you've found . I didn't know there were any in Erie. Have fun!!
  9. Sounds like a lot of fun! Count me in!! Thanks so much for doing this Deana!
  10. I'm going to start saving some money towards one - who am I kidding, I'd spend it on minis. But it would be awesome to have!
  11. My gorgeous, gigantic Hofco made it safe and sound! It was quite the adventure getting it home, first off the bus station wasn't where it used to be, but we did find it, in a mall with a job fair going on. The box was huge, bigger than me, and I had my doubts about it fitting in the Jimmy, off to a real good start,lol. So picture me going backwards with the huge box on a dolly, trying to maneuver around tables of employers, lots of job hunters and even some mall walkers, and of course people are looking and asking what's in the box? It took ten minutes to get it out to the truck. Next was the
  12. Some sort of furniture kit maybe , I don't have a picture - I can't figure out how to post one with the tablet. The colors in the kit are Burgundy, mauve, greens and yellow. It is a vintage kit and is one inch scale.
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