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  1. We put in an Acorn Stairlift for my mother when we first got to our new home in NE. The upstairs bathroom has only a tub, and the downstairs one has only a shower. There's no way she was going to use a tub, and it was less expensive to add the Stairlift than to remodel the upstairs bathroom. She's gone now, but I find that it is a lifesaver for my knees! I love it! We had the first annual inspection today (free) and it got a good report - no problems, nothing looming in the foreseeable future. Very happy to hear that. And I had to renew my website today, which involved switching to a new
  2. Ok, I guess that's the problem. I wanted to go back to some old posts and remove pictures. Back in 2014 or so. I wanted to clear my % of usage of my picture quota but I guess I can't. I can never put a picture in a post anymore - only a link. And now I can't find my own gallery albums either. The only thing that comes up when I look for my pictures are the old ones embedded in a post.
  3. I've been gone for awhile, and I see there has been another upgrade -- did we lose the editing option? We used to be able to edit something we posted - you know, when you've already posted it and then you see a stupid mistake? Is that no longer an option, or have I just not seen where to do it?
  4. I knew it would be hard, as we were so close (single mom / only child) but I didn't realize it would be this hard!
  5. I think I tend towards accuracy. I like the tiny replicas of real things. I also seem to prefer public buildings to personal houses. I have a Garden Bistro with Mom 'n' Pop owners' quarters attached. I have a Bed and Breakfast, a Mountain Retreat, and a Publishing House. But I also have a couple houses - one is a 120-year-old rehab. I love that one, and I tried to keep it close to the early 1900's when it was originally handmade. I also have a big house that I haven't had time to work on for a long time. One of these days ...
  6. Hi Holly, Yes, I'm okay. Still learning to adjust to life without my dear mother. You'd think that by this stage of my life it wouldn't be so hard. We're almost all settled into our new home - took much longer than anticipated. And I'm very busy trying to build the mini business to supplement our retirement. I miss everybody over here in Greenleaf land; must stop in more often now that my life has calmed down a bit. Do you remember the dollhouse I put in our garden window - The Garden Bistro? Here in this house we didn't have a garden window - I don't think anyone here even knows what t
  7. I've been gone for awhile and am battling with my latest Windows10 update. Just came on here because my shortcut icon disappeared, and was trying to figure out why it looked so different! Now I understand! I resisted Windows10 until the absolute last minute - and now I just got an upgrade. What a mess! I've spent hours trying to get things back the way I like them. Fix Item#1, go to item#2 and get that set - only to realize that the second fix ruined the first fix. Aren't computers fun? Anyway - Hi everybody (glad to see our delightful emojis are still here!)
  8. Hello, everybody! Been missing you all. I can't remember when I checked in last, but it's been too long. My sweet mother died December 3rd, after our move to Nebraska. She loved our new house, loved being closer to her grandchildren. We had a huge family reunion in November, with our son and family joining us from Mississippi. After they left, on a Friday, Mother's hospice nurse came by and helped her with a shower. Mother took a nap after that - and stayed in bed until Monday. She declined rather quickly after that. It's as if she closed the book on the last chapter - she had seen and visit
  9. CheckMouse

    Later view

    1920. The town was founded in 1866
  10. Thank you, Samantha. Yes, he really did a number on himself! I'm just thankful it wasn't any worse. It was almost a head-on collision - headlight to headlight, not quite straight on. I was right behind him in the van we rented for our trip. He was driving his pickup which he was giving to a friend - he was blinded by headlights coming around the corner - and ka-boom. They had to use the Jaws of Life to get him out of the vehicle. He has a broken right wrist, both bones; and a crushed left foot. All 5 metatarsal bones were each broken in 2 or 3 places. He had surgery by the best physi
  11. I am totally captivated by this house! I called the county courthouse and found out that I can bring my title and any other info I have to their office and get information from "day one" of the house! I'm trying to fit that into my schedule (a.k.a. get a sitter for Mother for a few hours). After the inspection the seller had to upgrade the electrical system - it still had the fuse box with those round glass (?) fuses in it! It also has a full basement! I have wanted a basement all my life! It has 2 bedrooms, a workroom, bathroom, and a huge room almost the full length of the house. T
  12. Thank you, Sable. I'm on the Internet a lot on my phone - just hadn't thought of going to the forum that way. I haven't yet unpacked my whole computer - only found the CPU so far. I do have a laptop, but it's a miserable Chromebook and I really don't like it! I now have the little Greenleaf icon on my home screen
  13. I just posted a few pictures. We shopped online for months before moving - I was on the realtor website every day. We saw a lot of nice houses, saw a lot of blah houses. It's tricky buying a house unseen, and selling a house while you're still living in it! Someone suggested we just move into a rental and then shop around. But with my 96-yr-old mother needing round-the-clock care that just didn't seem like a good idea. We had an excellent realtor (third try!) and she would call our daughter and they went through each house while I was on the other end of a Facebook Messenger video ca
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