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  1. Hello, everybody! Been missing you all. I can't remember when I checked in last, but it's been too long. My sweet mother died December 3rd, after our move to Nebraska. She loved our new house, loved being closer to her grandchildren. We had a huge family reunion in November, with our son and family joining us from Mississippi. After they left, on a Friday, Mother's hospice nurse came by and helped her with a shower. Mother took a nap after that - and stayed in bed until Monday. She declined rather quickly after that. It's as if she closed the book on the last chapter - she had seen and visited with all the grandkids and great-grands, including the oldest one home from college - and she was ready to say goodbye. She lived about 4 years longer than the doctors expected, and we just sort of figured she would go on indefinitely. I'm still busy getting this house in order. It's bigger than our last house, but we don't have the same cupboards and the same layout so it's been a challenge to get everything organized. And I have been very busy making up for lost time with my miniature business. Starting to see some progress, so that is encouraging. I kept telling people we were looking for a nice basement with a house attached - and that's what we got! One-hundred year old Craftsman and I love it! My basement workshop is 477 sq. feet. There are three more rooms in the basement, plus a bathroom. And some news on DH, who some may remember was in a car accident as we left WA last summer. He was in a rehab hospital for 3 months, but has now completely recovered. His crushed foot and broken wrist have healed well. He now wears a larger shoe size since his foot sort of spread out as it healed, but he's okay with that. We're just very thankful that he can walk normally with no pain. (every bone in his foot was broken in two or three places). However, he shows no desire to ever drive a car again. But that's okay - we are now in a very small town, no longer out in the country far from everything. He enjoys walking three blocks to the grocery store to pick up a few things as needed. Well - enough rambling. So good to be back "home" with you all!
  2. CheckMouse

    Later view

    1920. The town was founded in 1866
  3. Thank you, Samantha. Yes, he really did a number on himself! I'm just thankful it wasn't any worse. It was almost a head-on collision - headlight to headlight, not quite straight on. I was right behind him in the van we rented for our trip. He was driving his pickup which he was giving to a friend - he was blinded by headlights coming around the corner - and ka-boom. They had to use the Jaws of Life to get him out of the vehicle. He has a broken right wrist, both bones; and a crushed left foot. All 5 metatarsal bones were each broken in 2 or 3 places. He had surgery by the best physician at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. After a week there, he was flown to our town in Nebraska, to a facility that is a rehab center and a nursing home. His older sister has been a resident there for the last 5 years and the staff put him in the same wing, just 4 doors down from her room. And this place is a mile and a half from our house! There was an opening for him (in his own private room); his insurance was accepted; and he and his sister eat all their meals together. God is good! The Seattle hospital staff was looking for a place for his transfer, including Omaha, which is about 100 miles from us. So very thankful they got him in this local facility. Our daughter, a nurse who used to work there, says it is the best in the county! He's gaining strength, has a walking cast on his foot now, but can't walk alone yet. His wrist is really bothering him more than his foot right now. There is an internal rod to keep the wrist straight, after the regular cast was removed.
  4. I am totally captivated by this house! I called the county courthouse and found out that I can bring my title and any other info I have to their office and get information from "day one" of the house! I'm trying to fit that into my schedule (a.k.a. get a sitter for Mother for a few hours). After the inspection the seller had to upgrade the electrical system - it still had the fuse box with those round glass (?) fuses in it! It also has a full basement! I have wanted a basement all my life! It has 2 bedrooms, a workroom, bathroom, and a huge room almost the full length of the house. That will be my workroom and dollhouse domain. Of course, now that we have a house with a stairway, my knees are giving out. I will have to have them both replaced, I'm assuming, but I certainly can't take time for me right now. Caring for Mother, visiting DH, unpacking and settling a new house by myself - no way I can have any surgery now! However - we did put in one of those Acorn Stairlift chairs on the stairway to the basement. Absolutely a life saver - or knee saver! And with that I no longer had to wait for someone to have time to help me haul stuff to the basement - I just (a) carry it on my lap or (b) strap a box onto the seat and send it down the pike! The basement bathroom has a big shower, and the upstairs bathroom has only a tub, so now we can get my mother down to the nice shower since she can definitely not use a bathtub anymore.
  5. Thank you, Sable. I'm on the Internet a lot on my phone - just hadn't thought of going to the forum that way. I haven't yet unpacked my whole computer - only found the CPU so far. I do have a laptop, but it's a miserable Chromebook and I really don't like it! I now have the little Greenleaf icon on my home screen
  6. I just posted a few pictures. We shopped online for months before moving - I was on the realtor website every day. We saw a lot of nice houses, saw a lot of blah houses. It's tricky buying a house unseen, and selling a house while you're still living in it! Someone suggested we just move into a rental and then shop around. But with my 96-yr-old mother needing round-the-clock care that just didn't seem like a good idea. We had an excellent realtor (third try!) and she would call our daughter and they went through each house while I was on the other end of a Facebook Messenger video call. Gotta love modern technology! I spotted this one within the first few hours of its posting - and it was love at first sight. And DH loves it, too. He's not out of rehab yet but we were able to bring him in a wheelchair to at least see it. We had an inspection done, a few things were fixed up, and it was given a clean bill of health. A lot of the rooms have wallpaper and everyone asks if I'm going to rip it out. No, I'm not. Don't mess with my dollhouse!
  7. Long ago they said they would not have a cellphone app for the forum, as Facebook does. I can access it if I go to the Internet and log in from there, I guess. If they do have an app now, I would love that!
  8. CheckMouse

    New Home in Nebraska

    In August 2019 we sold our home in Washington state and moved to Nebraska. After shopping online, from far away, and looking at dozens of houses, we found our jewel. It is a Craftsman, built in 1920. It needs a little TLC but the inspection showed that the bones are sound and it's in good shape. The previous owner was a widower in his 90's who had lived here with his family for 57 years! I feel like I've just moved into my own dollhouse!
  9. CheckMouse

    Hello again

    I've been off the forum way too long! Here's my story in a nutshell sold our home in Washington DH was in a car accident as we left the house; still hospitalized for rehab - now entering week #11 moved to Nebraska - DH by plane from Seattle Harborview to Nebraska hospital; Mother and I went by car. still caring for 96-yr-old mother with stage four kidney disease and rapidly increasing dementia busy setting up new house - Still haven't found the box with the rest of my computer in it, but I do have a laptop - hate it but it works, sort of. I can't access the Greenleaf forum by cellphone so I've been out of touch. My overworked cellphone has been doing everything - bill paying, email, Facebook, internet searches for shopping - EVERYTHING! I'm very thankful for an efficient smartphone, but I do so miss my big computer monitor! Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say HELLO - I'll post pictures of our house when I get my computer hooked up. We purchased a 100 year old home, which I believe is a Craftsman. Not a Victorian this time, but it has a lot of charm. We ripped out the carpet in the living and dining rooms - and are getting the beautiful oak hardwood floors refinished. That has seriously slowed down the unpacking process, but it's worth it. Underneath all the nasty carpet is a completely perfect and unblemished floor! There are two patches which look like places for floor grates for the heating system - and an old chimney in the basement that fed them! But the patches were well done and with the refinishing will be almost undetectable..
  10. Hi Julie, Ironically, I just moved out of WA, but I was over on the coast. I have a couple kits that I don't have time to build. Could you pay the shipping? No charge for the kits, but I'm afraid the shipping is pretty high. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  11. Thanks, Holly. Leaving the next house I will be on a gurney, being guided by some VERY handsome dudes, heading to the Coroner's nice van parked at the curb!
  12. We are in the process of moving from WA to NE. What a stupendous hassle! Our house went on the market May 2nd - and sold within the first week. And the buyer's financing fell through a few days later! So it was back to the Open Houses on the weekends (4 hours each) and text messaged appointments at any given moment the rest of the time. Packing Mother up and out of the house has been a real nightmare. With her increasing dementia we had to explain EVERY time why we're leaving - yes, we're selling - yes, we're moving. Had an offer, way too low, and responded with a counter-offer (still lower than we liked), waited for him to return from his vacation and answer his flippin' phone. Never did hear back from him, come to think of it. In the meantime a young couple asked for a special time to come to the house, because they worked nights and couldn't come in our preferred evening window. But we didn't have to leave for that one - and they ended up buying! FINALLY! Paperwork started June 15th - Happy Father's Day! So we are now in the 30-day countdown. Took three tries to get a dependable realtor in NE but the third one really is the charm! She has been very helpful - touring many homes with us via video (Facebook Messenger video - pretty cool!) . Our DD and SIL have gone to most of these viewings and it is very helpful to get their input, although I am getting suspicious that my SIL doesn't like any house in town except his own! Oh, well - we only asked for input, not decisions. We have signed papers for two houses - and lost them both due to shady selling-realtor practices. Toured one again this morning and just signed papers for it. But I refuse to get excited until they hand us the keys! I seem to be drawn to these older homes in the Midwest - they look like dollhouses! Today's house is 100 years old, with a full basement. It is structurally sound but we will be doing a few things to it. The owner is a 90-yr-old widower who has lived there for 57 years! He drove up before our tour was over - I don't think he realized we were in on the consultation. Still sharp as a tack, still driving, and moving into a one-level duplex. If we get this house I will share pictures with everybody. Maybe this third house will be the charm, also! We are getting so tired of this run around!
  13. Thanks, Holly. We are aware of that, and I worry about old electrical also. I love the old houses - but there are risks. I want to move into one that looks like a dollhouse! Thank you, Sarah! I thought they were all gone!
  14. Still house-hunting online - I subscribe to both Zillow and Realtor.com and have seen MANY nice houses. Found one two days ago that we could go with immediately - unless the inspections shows some hidden problems. Waiting for the pre-qualification to go through. One thing I really like about Nebraska is the pricing of the houses - we can get twice the house for half the price of our WA house! We are searching for full basement with a nice house on top! We have been advised that it might be better to rent first, while we look for a house. NOT! I wasn't expecting to ever move from this house (except on a gurney) and I really don't want to move twice now. Our daughter and SIL have promised to go check out any house for us, so we'll have to accept their opinion. I will try to keep up better and let you all know how we progress! PS: I notice that we have lost about 2/3 of our wonderful emoticons. They were so much fun!
  15. I know I've been gone too long when I have to put in my login information again! Life has been totally crazy for me lately. Still trying to get my mini-business producing enough to support us through retirement - having trouble mastering the laser cutter. But the biggest news is that we are, once again, attempting to move to Nebraska. We have a very good realtor this time, and the market is better than it was a few years ago. However, my mother (96) is now suffering from dementia and all this is pretty hard on her. (Why do they say the patient is "suffering"? The caregivers are the ones who suffer!) Trying to keep her on an even keel, and keep the house looking like an empty hotel room for show-and-tell, and packing behind the scenes -- it is all very stressful. I much prefer moving and building a dollhouse! And through all this I'm trying to build my business. I told our realtor that my workroom is off limits for "cleaning" - prospective buyers can see it like it is but I don't dare remove or rearrange things or they will never be found again! When I get an online order I need to know exactly where the merchandise is! We thought the house was sold a week ago, but the buyer's financing fell through so we're back to square one. Dear, sweet Mother - every day it's "Oh, are we selling the house? I didn't know that! Am I moving with you?" (Yes, Mother, for the 399th time - we're selling, moving, and you're going, too! Can't say that last sentence out loud, though - only think it.)
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