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  1. When I was doing stained glass professionally, I was proud of my nice, smooth joints. I didn't expect there to be such a high learning curve switching to electronics. A lot more practice and a switch to a rosin-core solder and now I'm happy with the results. Figured out how to do the tape wire. Make parallel cuts on either side of the wire run (pink or blue) and slip the tip of a scalpel between the wire run and the plastic covering. Cut upward through the plastic and remove. No danger of severing the tape wire! Then move a bit along the run and do the same on the other color. Want to keep them separate so they don't accidentally touch and blow the whole circuit!
  2. Have spent the past several days staining wood trim, enlarging a door opening, closing a doorway, papering the hall and foyer, and doing all sorts of fiddly things. Not worth photographing the processes, but I've updated the blog with the results. See it here. Some of you may be aware that back in the day I owned and operated a stained glass shop in California. I prided myself on smooth solder joints. Had to do a mini review to get anywhere near satisfactory results with the electronics version, however. A few days of practice and a better grade of solder, and once again I'm proud of my nice flat, sturdy joints. I have a couple of electrical challenges coming up in the parlor/music room, which is the next room to tackle. They are explained in the blog. If any of you have suggestions, I'm open to hear them!
  3. Me, too! A fully plumbed bath? With any luck at all, it will be available on line for we drooling miniacs.
  4. I have begun installing lights in the Beacon Hill. In past builds, I have wound the fixture wire around a brad or eyelet to affix it to the tape. No need to remove the protective plastic covering but always the fear of a connection wiggling loose and failing. This time I want to solder the wires to the tape wire, which means removing a small square of the protective plastic layer to expose the metal beneath. I tried to be delicate with a scalpel on the first one, but managed to cut the metal strip anyway, which of course cut the power to the rest of the house. I was able to reconnect it with solder, but am now leery of cutting across the tape wire. For the second fixture, I used the edge of the soldering iron to melt two parallel lines across the metal strip and carefully cut lines parallel to the tape wire to remove a square of the protective covering. That left plastic residue on the soldering iron and did create some smoky odor. Question 1: How else can a patch of plastic be removed to provide a clean shot at the tape wire beneath to assure a strong solder joint? Question 2: How do you prepare the bare wire for the smoothest attachment? I've tried twisting the strands into one multi-strand and bending into a circle for maximum surface. Is there a better way? The photo is of my practice with the new soldering iron. Can't tell if the joints are good, as the wires are not attached to anything.
  5. Thanks y'all. A friend once sent me a t-shirt that said something like "when creating art, the most important thing is knowing when to stop." I pause frequently to check if I have reached the stopping point.
  6. The hall floor is finished and in place. See it here. Next step is to paper the hall, but first need to install lights in dining room. Need to search for soldering iron today.
  7. I've pretty much ditched the idea of wainscoting in the hall. I think wallpaper is a better choice. Too much wood could get pretty dark, although wainscoting painted ivory ... The floor construction is finished and it is now getting a few coats of satin polyurethane. Will post to blog when it dries. I looked back at earlier photos in the blog, where the rooms had been staged. I knew I'd planned to block one door into the parlor and thought it was the one nearest the front door, although it made the entry very dark. Turns out it is the other door that needs to be blocked. Good thing I checked!
  8. Check her other items. She has some ambitious pricing going on.
  9. Working on the inlaid floor in the foyer/hall. See it here. I started out with visions of intricate parquet, but it has evolved into something with cleaner lines and less cutting and fitting. Now, do I want wainscoting in the hall?
  10. Cynthia, so glad you pulled through that mess and came out looking forward to getting back to your projects!
  11. Apparently it is pissed at me for ignoring it for so long and intends to keep me engaged as long as it can.
  12. The dining room is finished enough that I can move on to the ground floor foyer/hall. See it here. The plans for the BH call for a shelf beneath the triple window in what originally designated as a kitchen. In the dining room iteration it will be behind the drapes, but I had a feeling that it would be too wide to look good. Thought about cutting it down or replacing it with a narrower one. So I got to the point where that was the next step, but I couldn't find the shelf. Granted, my work table isn't particularly tidy, but I generally can put my hands on whatever I'm looking for. Not this time. Cleaned up the work table. Looked in the wastebasket. Checked other places in the real house where I might have put it down. Gone, gone, gone. So I made a nice shelf from a U-channel. Just the right depth, a neat finish to the wood wall. Took a paint brush to dust out the bits of sawdust that had accumulated and dislodged the original shelf, which the house had hidden in the shadows on the floor of the window alcove. Apparently the house thought that shelf was not suitable so forced me to go to the alternate plan!
  13. LOL!! Definitely not bright yellow! The wallpaper is more gold than yellow. Pale gold or ivory with red & gold trim might work well. Lots of hard finishes to tackle before drapes and curtains. Need to work up some courage before venturing out to fabric stores. Or anywhere, actually. Still keeping very close to home.
  14. The dining set is dark. Because is it narrow and deep, the room will be dark, even with three windows and two lights, so I'm thinking a velvety finish would absorb too much light. I'm leaning toward something more reflective. The wallpaper has both burgundy/red and yellow in the print, so a lighter tone of either will work. I'll know it when I see it.
  15. Woke up this morning with the window treatment on my mind. See the resulting mock-up here. What do you think? Have to find just the right fabric and can use to cover chair seats as well. Silk, I think, definitely some shiny. Chintz? Now, off to find some breakfast and get dressed. The house insisted I do the drapery thing before getting started on the day. And of course I bowed to authority!
  16. I seem to have two speeds -- full ahead or dead in the water. I'm mentally exploring parquet for the next room (the entry hall/foyer) and won't let myself start the hands-on experimenting until the dining room is finished. Couldn't work on it today but hope to finish it up tomorrow.
  17. Worked on window wall and wainscoting. See progress here.
  18. Hi, Carla Welcome to the forum! Many of us have built the Orchid. It is a delightful house with lots of room for imagination. Do you still have the Farmhouse? When you have made five posts you can open an album in the Gallery and share pictures with us. We love eye candy!
  19. Thank you, ladies. All of the wallpaper was chosen a few years ago at Miniature Designs. I went armed with the paint chips for each room to use as a guide. It's a little confusing right now, as I did not mark the paper and a few are fairly similar. Did I mean for both of them to be used or were they to be auditioned in situ? Time will tell!
  20. Lisa, I hope your burst of energy carried you farther than mine did for me! Nevertheless, back at work again. Spent a good bit of yesterday and today working on the dining room. See the progress on my blog, here.
  21. Hi Robin, welcome to the forum. How frustrating! Are you sure the blue drum is a Dremel brand? I ordered some Dremel sanding drums from Amazon yesterday and in scanning the offerings noticed some blue drums but did not note the manufacturer. I just went back to Amazon to look and could not find a single blue drum! Strange. In any event, if you know the manufacturer, can you Google their website and maybe find instructions there?
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