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It started talking to me


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It all started with a little whisper when I went to paint the window frames green, I heard a smatter of a whisper... too bright add some black paint to darken it up.

It was like every window I painted today and with every shingle that went on the exterior walls, it spoke even louder.

A wicker chair with a covelet will grace the porch a small table next to it has an open book, and a snack, the owner having been called away, perhaps to check on something cooking on the gas stove in the kitchen. The door is open to the kitchen, a kitchen full of copper and a pantry over flowing with fresh from the garden produce.

The stairs will be in the living room leading up to the library full of books and momentos of years of travel. The decor will be rich in golds reds and leather, perhaps a hint of oriental. Next to that will be a bathroom with the master bedroom on the other side. There is only a lone occupant but the whispers have not yet told me if it will be a male or a female occupant. The bed in the bedroom is a huge thing, the blanket a quilt worn from many washings but warm and comfy all the same. Is that a pair of slippers on the floor peeking out from the edge of the blanket? I cannot quite tell if they are masculine or feminine. A boquet of fresh flowers on the bedside table so fresh you can smell the fragrance still. This room is airy and bright, quite a contrast to the library just down the hall.

The living room will have a huge flagstone fireplace I think the stones came from the fields when the house was built. A comfy chair and reading lamp are near by. A desk in the corner may hold some clues. I can see a letter with a foreign stamp laying atop it. A love letter? A letter from relatives abroad?

The era is still being a bit evasive so I am thinking an older farmhouse that has been passed down through the family for many years so it will have an eclectic mix of furniture, perhaps it used to have acres of land but now because of hard times in the past it only has a few acres that it lives on.

The attic will be stuffed full of family heirlooms perhaps they will shed more light on what happened to the generations past. Was that a cat I saw running down the stairs to chase a mouse it heard in the pantry?

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Sounds lovely. Was Reading Victorian Exterior Decoration by Roger W. Moss and Gail Caskey Winkler earlier today for color shemes more my Pierce and Tennyson; there was a section mentioning that the shutters were usually half kelly and half black was the ratio. Ditto for wicker, except when painted white, which was the other popular option.

I saw a house in a book where there was a study, decorated with travel mementos, it was reaaly cute.

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Sounds like it will be wonderful. From the fresh flowers, I would tend toward a female occupant, or else an avid gardener. Yes, a male flower lover sounds better. You know, the kind of person that would have either a greenhouse or a wonderful garden for cross-breeding flowers. Keep listening to the whispers! Can't wait to see pictures of it.

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