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  1. hmm, I need at some point to make a trek up to that area to better secure a fixer upper with some boards until the owner gets back in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll see if I can arrange to look at it at the same time. Ordinarily I'd run to the library to check for copies, but the libraries aren't open...
  2. There is a copy of the book about 30-45 minutes away from me and I wondered whether it was a book for beginners or serious hobbyists. I'm not really interested in any more basic resource books at this stage.
  3. these are lovely! I wouldn't mind making a few of them. What was your pattern source? What thread count?
  4. My bicycle started acting up last night on the way to water aerobics. My friend with considerably more cycling experience says it's probably the ball bearings. I didn't even know it had ball bearings, but I wondered when the pedals seized up and wouldn't turn for several minutes. I'm a little nervous about riding it anywhere for fear it will do it again. Sigh. So much for having a form of transportation.
  5. Now that the weather is waming up, I've been having better luck at getting in more exercise. Yesterday I rode my bike to my preferred gym for the first time, taking 38 minutes and burning 254 calories. Once there, I spent a half hour working on the weight machines, then caught the bus to go back home. There is no more Saturday Boot Camp class until (and if) a new teacher is willing to take it on, so I'm a bit bummed about it. There is a new one on Monday nights, but the next bus after it ends comes at 9:50 at night, and I'm having a little bit of a battle in talking myself into getting ho
  6. Road my bike to an appointment today. My eyes were watering from the cold, but was pretty comfortable otherwise. I picked up a cargo rack for my bike and my neighbor has offered to help install it tomorrow. Water aerobics will no longer take place on Mondays, but this time the manager said it was due to cutbacks, so we are investigating moving it to my other gym on Thursday nights. Meanwhile, a new Boot Camp will be starting in the same Monday night slot at my other gym, and presents more challenge to me. The only downside is that the bus doesn't come for 51 minutes after class will end.
  7. I think that I'm dealing with state and county roads. The road I have to take to get to either gym has two lanes either way, with no shoulder at all. About 1.5 blocks east of me it loses a lane and has bike lanes on either side, but no sidewalk, so sometimes pedestrians are in the bike lane. Today, the bike lane was filled up with plowed snow and slush. The snow didn't melt, so I may not ride for a few days if the roads look questionable. Too many people drive like idiots under the best conditions and I don't really trust them. The state did pass laws and has had a highly publici
  8. Being knocked out means having a brain concussion, which is no small matter. I've already had 2 head injuries. Each subsequent brain injury is progressively more serious because there is less undamaged brain to take over for the damaged part. I'll admit further head injuries are one of my biggest fears. My fear used to be from falling, but since I've gotten on the exercise wagon, I haven't had a bad fall in nearly 20 months, so now the risk is from accidents, not losing my balance. The woman should be horrified, thinking she'd killed your son - she could easily have done so and I bet tha
  9. I was riding my bike, with both headlight and tailight on. I wondered about whether a florescent vest would make me more visible, since I usually have a backpack. I'm not sure that visibility is increased dramatically from in front, since one hunches over the handle bars and the headlight is between the vest and the oncoming traffic. My friend who has cycled much of his life says to get another blinking light and put it on the backpack, and I thought one on the front might attract more attention too, so maybe I'll pick up some more of those. He thinks he has some more reflectors he can add to
  10. Nearly got hit by another car on the way to water aerobics last night. I don't know why people don't look before they start to make a right turn. The gym will stop having water aerobics on Monday nights after next week due to low attendance. People are lobbying to keep it, so we'll see. I don't think it's fair to base the decision on attendance during a holiday season, so many people are busy with shopping, parties, family functions, school concerts, etc. plus bad weather always keeps people away. You'd also think that they'd wait until after the New Years Resolution people drop out after the
  11. Everyone's weather seems to be messed up. My sister in Alaska says the permafrost is thawing. I know some people think global warming is a conspiracy to frighten people, but how can you deny all the changes in the worldwide weather patterns? Coincidence? Thinking of heading out for a walk or bike ride soon to take advantage of the clean air courtesy of yesterday's heat wave, the smog will be back by Wednesday.
  12. Today I went hiking with only a sweater! Last September I get snowed out on the start of a hike and at the end of December I'm hiking in 58 degree weather. We have a local weatherman who wears a white jacket when it's going to snow (a tradition started when his father, a prominent weatherman, had a comment from a news anchor that it always snowed when he wore the white coat). Today the snow coat guy's associate wore a Hawaiian shirt during the forecast, and that's fine with me!
  13. Freya, I recently had a free session with one of the trainers and she had me do the same thing with the machines. It's going to take some mental effort to remember to do them slowly on the return to the start position. Yes, the ball does look like a hedgehog, now that you mention it. Today I took the bike on the bus to my preferred gym location for the first time. It took me 6 minutes to get to the bus stop (20 by foot), so it was really nice. It was tricky figuring out the bike rack on the front of the bus, but I think I got the hang of it. One of the trainers spotted me when I was going
  14. I picked up a balaclava at a sporting good store in bike range and my face was much warmer riding home. Now to use it on the way to/from water aerobics, which is after sundown. Freya, good luck with the new trainer. Not all trainers are created equal. I can't afford training sessions, but observe them working with clients whenever they are in close proximity and glean what I can. A trainer teaches Boot Camp on Saturdays and I'm always picking his brains. I'm not super powerful on upper body either, but I've never had trouble with the machines not fitting my 5'4" body, they should all
  15. Those do look tempting, Holly. Now where do you find glasses with windshield wipers and defoggers?
  16. I went by bike to an appointment today, and boy was my seat sore!
  17. Today I road the bike my friend gave me to the gym for water aerobics. It was much easier going than the mountain bike I lent my niece, perhaps because it's just a 10 speed and lighter, perhaps because it's a better bike brand. One thing I discovered is that my ears get very cold. I usually wear a winter hat when I'm out, but I realized that the bike helmet wasn't going to work with it. I may experiment with a few other styles of hats to see if any are slim enough to wear under the helmet or whether I need to get a set of ear muffs.
  18. Not belated, Holly! But today has been very quiet because I came down with a case of stomach flu. The symptoms are mostly gone, may appetite is returning and I had some fruit salad without much problem. I think I'll have a toasted cheese and chicken sandwich in a bit.
  19. It's not going to be my typical birthday. My dear friend Jane, whom I've known since first grade and Wendy whom I met in junior high get together every year for my birthday. This year Jane called Wendy to see about setting up our annual lunch. How are you doing, Jane. Not very well, responds Wendy, my mom just died. So we went to a funeral instead. Jane very kindly came to get me and take her back out to her neck of the woods for the service, we got some Chinese food, went back to her house for kids getting home from school and being taken to their destinations, then Jane took me back home, gi
  20. I do watch the Biggest Loser regularly. It was last spring's show when sisters where weighing in, one at 280 and the other at 210 that made me wake up as to how I perceive my appearance. Before that I still viewed myself as the 290 person I'd been instead of the 220 pound person I'd become, suddenly those who were the same size I'd started at started to look huge. I haven't developed a clear favorite for this season's winner. I feel it will be John, but somehow I feel others are more deserving. I approve of them holding a marathon for all players for a chance to be a finalist. It seems m
  21. I've been on a plateau for a while but I think I may break it this month. There are signs of progress in a few areas besides the stalled weight loss. When I don't get some activities these days I feel anxious and restless. My auto pilot has become set for the gym at a certain intersection, which tells how far I've come.
  22. Around the time my Spring Fling arrived, my best friend underwent surgery for endometrial cancer, then developed the worst infection the surgeon had ever seen, then it was radiation. So I was rather distracted. She's supposed to have a follow up with the radiation people soon. My second eldest niece came and stayed the summer to do an internship for an old school chum of mine, and we went hiking every week. Shortly after she went back to college, I did my biggest hike yet, 2700' of elevation and 5.8 miles in length. It took me 6.5 hours. When I got up near the top, the trail emerged where
  23. Getting to the gym got a whole lot tougher. My car did not make it back from Thanksgiving at my brother's and will take months to scrape up enough to get the most modest of cars. It's .87 mile to the bus stop, then a couple blocks on the other end. But I've made the trip twice this week now and hope that the cold weather and winter storms won't make getting there too miserable.
  24. I spotted this one on FB today and was really excited! You do such wonderful work.
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