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  1. The ceiling beam goes back to front. There is nothing in the kit that fits in that slot.
  2. I am putting together the bungalow and for the life of me I cannot figure out what goes in the slots at the upper right wall. You can see there is the exact same slot on the other wall. I have looked through the pieces of the kit, read the directions 6543567 times, and I am just not getting what goes there. Thank you.
  3. I am going to be putting siding on the Old General store aka florist shop. My plan is to use cardboard. At the dollar store you can get huge pieces of poster board, one side is shiney. Do you think that it will work? I remember reading that people have used cereal box cardboard for siding and this would basically be the same thing, maybe a tad thinner. My next question is should I glue the shiney side to the house? Do I paint the strips and then glue them on? I was thinking if I glue them on first it might keep them from trying to curl up. If I glue first do I need to work in batches and glue
  4. I did the same thing with a strip of wood that is part of the door frame on the upstairs of the Beacon hill. What I did to re-enforce It was shove 2 straight pins that I cut the heads off into the wood. I then did exactly as you did, glue, sticks wax paper etc.
  5. I would go for a jig saw I do not see the need to invest in a table saw. I have a jig saw and I use it all the time on dollhouse larger wood items. Before you start cutting out the house I would practice on scrap wood to just see how it works and how to do insert cuts and the like. I am sure someone will post soon on more ideas. I also have a Jewelers and Hack saws that I use a lot as well as a Mitre box.
  6. I just stumbled across this site while looking for wallpaper (I know like I do not have enough all ready) and it has a downloadable file of wonderful paper. http://www.dollhouse-printables.com/ you need to put in your email address and then it mails you a link that you click on to download the book of wall paper. I have not printed any yet but I am very impressed with the paper. It comes in a PDF file.
  7. It looks just lovely great choice on the colors.
  8. I was so excited after I watched the video I went straight to their web site to buy me some for a Christmas present to me. Alas it is not available yet I did sign up to be notified when it becomes available. It looks like it will be in a roll that is 9" wide by 72" long in the miniature world and all the things you could make with it, that would still last you a long time. I love that if you do not apply the plaster you can reuse it. And I just bet you can use regular old plaster of paris with it!
  9. What I love about rehabbing is taking a broken sad little house and restoring it to its former glory. In the case of badly put together houses I look at as a make over. Yes it can be fiddly, frustrating, time consuming (super glued towel for carpeting was the worse) I actually think my rehabs have given me more satisfaction than brand new builds
  10. Ok change of plans. Upon further conversation we have wheedled out of her that she would have also liked to have owned a bookstore...... Soooo it is now going to be a shabby chic bookstore with a lot of plants. It is going to be a unique shop with cozy corners to read, sip tea, and hang out. The windsor bench and mahagony display case will fit in perfectly with this new decor. The kit should be here today. Isn't it funny how you never notice traffic until you are waiting for UPS then your little back road becomez a freeway with you jumping up every at every car sound to see who it is. I feel l
  11. Love it and I am glad my directions were clear enough. Its a fiddly bit of business making the fire but so worth it when you are done.
  12. You will only be using the base and the light of the candle all the rest you pry off. This will make more sense once you have one in your hand and can see what I mean.
  13. Too build a lit fire in your fireplace go to dollar store and get several of those fake flickering candles that runs on a battery. You want the one that looks like a tea light. Gather your twigs from the yard and with a lighter burn some of the to make scorch marks. Next look around for some red cellophane should be easy this time of year. Ok now comes the tricky part. Carefully pry apart the tea light pay attention to how it works with the little switch. I ruined one light just figuring out the mechanics. Once you have that done start crinkle the cellophane and put over the bulb. Then pile yo
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