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  1. My kids now play the board games Life, Battleship (sometimes), Mouse Trap, and the oldest (17) will sometimes stay up really late with friends to play Risk or Monopoly. I remember always wanting to play Operation and Perfection.
  2. I have not been very good for many months, but I have started walking again.
  3. How about things that I would prefer not to remember...like creamed peas and tuna fish on toast? Yuck. Things I loved: - home-made french-fries and onion sandsich - halibut fish and fries from this one fish and chip store, along with a can of pop - fresh raspberries - getting a bag full of candy from the corner store - home-made fruit smoothies that I still make on occasion - Tiny Tom donuts from the exibition - candy floss - Wunderbars - home-made spiced donuts - home-made bread every Sunday Shall I go on?
  4. I'm finally back, too. My laptop crashed during March Break and it took them three weeks to fix it - at least it was still under warranty! Just got it back yesterday afternoon. However, they wiped out the hard drive (had a back-up of all data files on a portable hard-drive made first, just in case). I've been slowly starting to re-install the programs I use and figure out where everything is/goes. I really hope that I never have to go through this again! Slowly catching up on the news in the forum.
  5. Wow! That food looks awesome! I've spent part of the day playing around with my Beaumont in partial dry-fit and seeing how my proposed changes would work using cardboard for now. Still a bit of refining to do, but is it ever going to be spectacular if anything close to my vision of it actually turns out!
  6. Holly, I know there is a store called "Montreal Building Supply" that apparently sold miniatures in Montreal, but they are now in Maryland, I think it, according to the website.
  7. I seem to be losing my taste for most meats. For some reason, they just don't appeal to me anymore and even the smell bothers me.
  8. lmgervais

    Romantic Paradise

    Isn't the Beaumont so much fun! Hubby bought me the laser cut version for Christmas, but I have other dh's in the works, so I was trying hard to wait to start it. Pieces came out of the box last week and in two days the basic structure and additions are in dry-fit. Hubby is going to bash mine as I want to make it into a hotel. Right now, I am trying to make final decisions on lighting and wallpaper. No mini store near me and I know that I will need a ton of stuff to build it. I so wish that I could keep going, but I can only plan and dream right now...sigh... Your's is looking wonderfu
  9. Yes, that is how I feel right now about my first house that is nearing completion. I learned so much about what doesn't work and what I should try differently, but I will keep it as is and know that it was a learning experience.
  10. I started putting my Beaumont into dry-fit yesterday so that I could actually see the size of the rooms and where I will want to bash it! This will help me continue with the planning. Yes, I know, I have other houses that are not finished yet , but I couldn't resist my Beaumont any longer since it has been here since the beginning of the year.
  11. I'm off to the dr's today to get the second of three joint Hepatitis A & B shots in preparation for some travelling this summer. Got my tetunus shot with the first Hep A & B shot. Such fun! Then tonight, friends of DH are coming to our house because tomorrow, DS#2's hockey team (9 & 10 year old boys) is playing in a game called "Rink for Pink". The two local Atom A teams will be dressed in either pink with black or black with pink, with pink sticks, gloves, laces and hockey socks. The entrance fee for the game, along with the proceeds from the raffle, silent auction and ba
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