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    Reading, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, scrapbooking, ice-skating, horse-back riding, sewing, crafting, playing music (harp, cello & piano), movies, photography, puzzles, dollhouses...the list could go on for quite a while. I'll stop here.

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  1. You poor darlings. I despise the dentist. And the orthodontist. After getting 8 teeth pulled (3 of which were permanents!), they decided to put on braces and then after 3 years of that torture, I moved and found out that my old orthodontist had totally screwed up my teeth. So it was another three years. I am also tongue-tied, which means I can't even stick my tongue out of my mouth (it's joined too far up on the bottom). So every time I go to the dentist, it's "No, really. Stick out your tongue." "mffmfmmff!" "Um, seriously. Stick it out!" "I CAN'T!" "Oh. Yeah, you can't.
  2. This house was bought for me sans paint. My dad took it to his friend who airbrushed it for me. Isn't it gorgeous?! It has 6 rooms + an attic, and they are going to be: 1. Sleeping Beauty's Room 2. The Phantom of the Opera & Christine 3.Beauty & the Beast 4.Peter Pan & Wendy 5. Buran & Mahmud from Seven Daughters & Seven Sons (An Iraqi Folktale/Fairytale) 6. The Fairy Garden
  3. katethesape

    First Dollhouse

    FINALLY! This is my very first dollhouse, airbrushed by the great Henry Gerson. (Funny story: My dad TRIED to build me one out of a kit but since he is neither a) patient or b) a detail person, we just couldn't get it together! Hence this frame dollhouse that he bought plain and had airbrushed by his friend) Enjoy! More pictures will be taken as I re-decorate.
  4. katethesape

    Orchid Bash

    I wanted to make a house for someone who attended/taught at Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series. This is my first attempt at dollhouse building and it's been great fun! Comments appreciated.
  5. This is my friend K, showing the almost complete "Peacock Strut" gown. We're going to have to do some final sewing once we get to the Runway...but doesn't she look gorgeous??
  6. Here's me! Not the best pic, but hey...the back of the dress is pretty. This is the top of the "Magnolia" dress, comprised of trashbags, ribbon, an old bra (since I had an old one that I didn't use, I sewed the ribbon straps to it to go on the inside of the top of the dress) and lots of tape and thread. And a Magnolia, which symbolizes my friends' R & G's Magnolia Designs, their new Floral Company.
  7. This is the skirt of my "Magnolia" dress that I will be modeling - it has two layers of trash bags, tissue paper, and I added 3 pick-ups - 2 in the front, 1 in the back.
  8. This is the "peacock strut" gown that we constructed using trashbags (inside), tissue paper, ribbon, and peacock feathers. We taped and sewed it together and it only took us a week!!
  9. This is my friend R, who helped with the design, provided most of the materials, and helped me construct the gown. She and my friend G have started their own floral company so I thought this would be some publicity for them.
  10. katethesape

    Runaway Runway 2009

    This is the fashion show I entered with 3 of my friends. I drew up the final designs for the outfits, constructed them w/ a friend, and modeled the "Magnolia" dress. My friend K is wearing the "Peacock Strut" Gown. I made the gowns out of tissue paper, trashbags, ribbon, feathers, old buttons, yarn, and lots of thread and tape. Enjoy!
  11. katethesape

    Kate's Creations

    These miniatures were made by me for a dear friend of mine for her Christmas present. We had a little photo shoot and here are some of the things I made. I used sculpey clay and fabric, mostly.
  12. katethesape


    Thanks! I'll be posting more pictures soon, I'm about to start putting on the roof!
  13. katethesape


    I'm going to use corrugated cardboard painted silver for a "tin" roof. The whole house is going to be "stoned" w/ white grout. What do you think?
  14. Hey everybody! I had to go to school early today since hubby had to work so I did some homework and then I went to work at 1 (I work at school) and am now impatiently awaiting the 5:00 signal to go home...unfortunately, I only have time to cook dinner b/c at 6:30 I have MATH! UGH! I get out at 9 and then I am going to work on my dollhouse.
  15. Hey, This is such an interesting thread!! Even if you think you have a boring life, you don't - it's such a fascinating read!! Thanks for posting, everyone. And now, a little about Kate: -I am 21 -I play harp professionally (weddings/re-enactments, but my FAVORITE gig was playing for a production of The Fantastiks - One of my favorite musicals!!!) -I enjoy making minis, knitting, sewing, embroidering, painting, drawing, writing (sad poems and short stories, mostly), sculpting, ice-skating, dancing (ballet), paintball, softball, watching movies (musicals, sci-fi/fantasy, hi
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