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    Reading, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, scrapbooking, ice-skating, horse-back riding, sewing, crafting, playing music (harp, cello & piano), movies, photography, puzzles, dollhouses...the list could go on for quite a while. I'll stop here.

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  1. You poor darlings. I despise the dentist. And the orthodontist. After getting 8 teeth pulled (3 of which were permanents!), they decided to put on braces and then after 3 years of that torture, I moved and found out that my old orthodontist had totally screwed up my teeth. So it was another three years. I am also tongue-tied, which means I can't even stick my tongue out of my mouth (it's joined too far up on the bottom). So every time I go to the dentist, it's "No, really. Stick out your tongue." "mffmfmmff!" "Um, seriously. Stick it out!" "I CAN'T!" "Oh. Yeah, you can't. You're tongue tied." "Yeah..." Anywho. I'm going to Chattanooga this weekend to play in a wedding (harpist), and I get to go on that road trip with my old roommate from college! Pretty exciting. So I'm working 'til 12 today and then going home to load up the harp and all the rest of my stuff and then we're hitting the road. DH is already miserable and planning to eat in the school cafeteria (I work at a university) all weekend. Gross.
  2. Hubby and I don't have any kids yet, but apparently I'm already a lot like my mother, Kathy. Sometimes, we'll be talking and I'll make a face and DH will say, "Well, Kathy!!" I have many of the same interests, the same facial expressions, and the same cadence in my voice as my mother...which is REALLY weird, considering I tried so hard as a child to be as different from my parents as possible. :lol:
  3. This topic is awesome. I've enjoyed reading everyone's responses! My family went through several fashion trends, sometimes in line with what was going on in the "real world" and sometimes not! My mom used to wear a lot of dresses and skirts but now she's got mostly pants. She discovered yoga pants (those stretchy, sometimes velvety comfy pants) and has decided they are the BEST invention EVER! My sister and I disapproved of some of my mother's pants - those horried 90's narrow leg black/white (stonewashed?) jeans. UGH. I like a mixture, myself. I love long flowy "peasant" skirts in the spring, short swirly skirts in the summer, and leggings and mini skirts in the fall. Winter...well, I have to wear tons of layers. So pants, "long johns," knee socks, etc. LOL. I have a few dresses since I play at weddings a lot, but most of what I have is comfy wear. If it's not comfy, why wear it?!
  4. We're celebrating Passover & Easter this year! We have a friend who is Messianic Jew and who wants us to come to Passover at her house (I've celebrated Passover before, having several MJ friends), which I REALLY hope we do... And we'll celebrate Easter with an Art Exhibit and After-Lent party at our church (Anglican) - we all bring the stuff we gave up for Lent and dance/eat the night away. Such fun! DH and I are doing a photo shoot for part of the art exhibit so I'm excited about that. I don't know what we're eating for Easter...we're a little too poor at the moment to get a ham, but since neither of us eat it much we won't be missing it! I think I'd like rotisserie chicken, sauteed vegetables, and some sort of tasty bread. Too bad hubby will want stroganoff! LOL. There's a happy medium somewhere, right?!
  5. I read the question to my husband and explained about the trip. His response? "H**L NO!" ROFL. I think I agree. It seems to be tempting fate and as we all know...she is a rather mischevious gal.
  6. My personal motto that I want as part of a tattoo later: "Into the Light" (I think it translates into Latin as "In Lux Lucis" which just looks cool).
  7. America Ferrera & Katie Holmes just look younger. LOL. But yeah. I definitely feel better about myself! I wonder how stars feel about makeup? Necessity? Another-annoying-thing-I-have-to-wear-as-a-star? Refuse to wear it off set? Like to hide behind it? Sometimes I wish I could just run into a movie star and ask them these questions personally. I guess I'm just nosy. :thumb:
  8. In terms of just the house itself w/out anything but the shell, I'd have to go with the Glencroft. Built-in bookcases? 2 window seats?! 2 fireplaces?! All of my favorite things in ONE house!!! XD I have the kit waiting for me as soon as I finish the Orchid. My 2nd favorite house is the Vineyard Cottage. Gothic architecture is also a favorite with me. I haven't found one on sale yet but it's the next one on my list to purchase/build! Of course...you COULD have just looked at my signature! *smacks forehead* Duh.
  9. I love recycling RL things into minis!!! -I've made mini magazines from pictures in mags like Country Living (see album!) -scrapbook paper for wallpaper (this is a popular one I think b/c it is SO MUCH CHEAPER than wallpaper and there are dozens and dozens to choose from!) -leftover scrapbook paper and tissue paper into a kleenex box (see album): I used a pattern from a magazine that you're supposed to blow up life-size to make a kleenex box cover - I thought it might be even more fun to make it in miniature. They are SO cute! -My friend Dave made me a chair from leftover wire and a bottle cap - it's in the album too! -I use earrings as wall hangings -I cut up postcards to use behind windows for scenery (My first dollhouse didn't have any windows) -I get free samples of mattresses, paint, etc. that I use for the dollhouse - totallyfreecrap.com is pretty good for that kind of thing. I got a small bucket of paint from Glidden - Cranberry Zing Red! I painted the Orchid living room with it. -The changing screen I made (album) is from leftover pieces of wood, scrapbook paper, and square-ended popsicle sticks. Easiest thing to make, and it's lovely! -I use leftover yarn to knit blankets That's all I can think of for now... But I want to knit some very small slippers and then felt them to make them even tinier! Has anyone done that? Pictures?
  10. I'm working on the outside of my Orchid - trying to put stone on the house and tin on the roof (except I don't have any extra dough so I'm going to use tin foil & corrugated cardboard for the roof, and baked blue clay for the stones), and I'm also working on re-decorating my fairytale dollhouse...the inside needs complete re-doing as I have a mish-mash of things and I want it to look better and beautiful. Non-dollhouse wise, I'm knitting slippers (!!!), modifying some men's shirts so I have new clothes, and editing a children's novel I wrote for National Novel Writing Month (last November). Whew. No wonder I'm so tired all the time!!!
  11. I can vouch that the Orchid is a quick build, simple enough for a beginner to do tolerably well (I speak from experience...), and really cheap at Hobby Lobby, especially if you're on their e-mail list and you receive the bi-weekly 40% off coupon! That is the one I'm currently building and I'm really enjoying it. I plan on building the Glencroft next, and then eventually I want to build the Vineyard Cottage. After that, I might bash something. We shall see...
  12. This house was bought for me sans paint. My dad took it to his friend who airbrushed it for me. Isn't it gorgeous?! It has 6 rooms + an attic, and they are going to be: 1. Sleeping Beauty's Room 2. The Phantom of the Opera & Christine 3.Beauty & the Beast 4.Peter Pan & Wendy 5. Buran & Mahmud from Seven Daughters & Seven Sons (An Iraqi Folktale/Fairytale) 6. The Fairy Garden
  13. ROFL. That is awesome. I used to love Littlest Pet Shop! Wish I still had mine...
  14. *GASP* Katethesape has FINALLY posted 3 pictures of her fairytale dollhouse! More will be coming as hubby got a DELIGHTFULLY amazing camera recently! He wanted it to shoot video but it takes stills too so...dollhouse photography, here I come! There are also new pictures of my Orchid.
  15. katethesape

    First Dollhouse

    FINALLY! This is my very first dollhouse, airbrushed by the great Henry Gerson. (Funny story: My dad TRIED to build me one out of a kit but since he is neither a) patient or b) a detail person, we just couldn't get it together! Hence this frame dollhouse that he bought plain and had airbrushed by his friend) Enjoy! More pictures will be taken as I re-decorate.
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