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Finally Learned What Happened to My Favorite Mini Store

Lynette Smith

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Growing up there was the most wonderful dollhouse shop imaginable in Salt Lake. It had the most gorgeous Victorian mansion in the center of the store, and I'd walk around it and look at all that detail and dream of having something that fine.

Sometime that shop disappeared. I had visited it frequently, but in the latter half of '91 I had a cancer scare, and wasn't much into minis. Then a close friend committed suicide, then I went back to school. When I went to the shopping center I couldn't find it anywhere. They weren't in the phone book either.

I've always puzzled about the fate of this wonderful store. Until I got some old Nutshell News's on ebay. I was just reading an article, featuring a beautiful Victorian mansion (not the same one). Salt Lake City caught my eye so I read closely, thinking "maybe these mini artisan is still around!" The store owners Charles and Betsey Eubank had a customer building a Victorian who was working on his degree in architecture. They went to see the house and fell in love, so they would be the proud owners, once it was finished. They retired (obviously no one else bought the store, most likely they just closed it), planning to travel the world and pick up treasures for their 19 room mansion.

Then a high speed chase ended when it broadsided the Eubanks car, along with Betsey's life. The joy of the house went out for her widower and the house's builder. The daughter was going to take the house and landscape it, but then she was elected to the Utah state legislature and became to busy for minis.

So the article ends with the contact information for the builder, hoping to find a new owner.

No other store in the greater Salt Lake metropolitan area has come close to this store. I'm afraid there never will be another like it around here. I remember the lady (whom I didn't know by name) admiring a broom I made and brought in, and I was very flattered, because the store had such wonderful stuff!

The shop had glass cases, which I believe were there to keep my drool off the merchandise!

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That house sounds like The Rose. It's currently in a museum in Asia IIRC. The Rose is a seriously bashed Joseph Angel. An amazing house in the mag, must have been incredible in person.

Oops, I'm thinking you didn't see it in person. My bad.

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I just googled the house name "Rose" and builder Reginal Twigg. The Rose is one of the highlights of the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. It was based on one built by Los Angelen Leonard John Rose. It's astounding to think of this house, built mere blocks from where I was living at the early stages of construction has travelled all the way to a museum in Taipei!

And we complain about shipping costs!

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