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  1. All the best to you mah san, keeping best thoughts for ya! Mesen, nowt much, still setting up the studio, contacted some experienced folk and it turns out the computer I have sitting in a box should work just fine. Good to go. Added the keyboard drawer to the monster desk, course the cats love the desk, especially the 2 raised shelves, which is exactly where I'd planned on putting the monitors (speakers). Hoping the novelty will wear off soon.
  2. I finally reconstructed a computer desk I had been putting off for 2 years. It was deconstructed while I was asleep before my move, so I had no idea how it went together. I studied it for a couple of days, then attacked it. It went together really well. Now it will be the base for my home recording studio. Got the 16 track on it already, getting the old Gateway ready to connect to the Edirol interface. New studio monitors in the house ready to be hooked up, headphones on the way, even ordered a drum machine to diddle around with. The Fostex 16 tracker gonna be the main weapon, but for file sha
  3. I'd have the bike checked mate, if it was pushed 10 inches I'd want the fork, wheel, head, everything checked.
  4. Just finished a 12 hour night shift at the ER. Man I knew it was gonna be bad, last evening of a 3 day weekend, last 3 day weekend of the summer, but this was unreal. I was in triage, they like me there when it's gonna be bad, I'm fast and don't lose it. I triaged 50 patients between 6pm and midnight. I think that's a new record. I was told by one of the nurses I work with who also does supervision that Monday evening of Labor Day weekend is the worst night of the year. I'd buy that.
  5. I love the photo of the guys, looks like a 70's prog rock band posing for the photo for the back cover of their album.
  6. If that's the fishy that's across the street from Hobby Lobby and you feel sick they may be running the deep fryers too low. Properly cooked fish and chips shouldn't be at all greasy. Places run the deep fryers too low to save money. But the food absorbs a lot more oil (which is cheap so they don't care). Fish and chips should be cooked quick and hot, 425 to 450, most places run about 100 degrees lower. I;m betting that the case here.
  7. I'm thinking it might be RSV, yes adults do get it, it's real contagious etc. I've been dedicated to triage for the past few weeks and we've seen a lot of RSV. It aint dangerous (neither is the flu) but you still feel like garbage.
  8. I'm off sick tonight, think I may have the flu, got the shot. Heard it lasts about 90 days. So even if they guess right and get the correct strain it can just push flu season back a coupla months. I aint gettin a needle in my arm next year, that's for sure. Bin sicker this year than any other for the past 10 years, when I never got the shot.
  9. I much prefer the newer version called 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', at least they got title right. It is way closer to the books than that awful version with Gene Wilder. Though Willy Wonka is illustrated in both books as an older man looking a lot like Colonel Sanders, don't know why they went with Depp.
  10. Any version of Christmas Carol EXCEPT the Alistair Sim version, can't stand it. The George C. Scott and Muppet versions are far superior. A Child's Christmas in Wales, classic stuff there. I cannot stand A Christmas Story, never got even near half way through. New ones, a little different, Die Hard and Die Hard 2, hey they're set at Christmas time, so it counts. Yipee Kayeh .........................
  11. doogster


    Since my screen name is for this big booger I figured Dougal (incorrectly spelled Doogal in that awful film) should have his picture here. He's my big buddy, he lies in the spare chair every evening when I come here. At this moment he was interested in checking out a cookie that just off camera.
  12. doogster


    Jinx likes to lie like this on the couch quite often. She's got her front and back legs straddling the back of the couch. I've never seen another cat do this.
  13. doogster


    Jinx is the most affectionate cat, to a fault, she'll wake you up for a cuddle.
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