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  1. I think you're thinking of Fresenius. I'm an ER RN, just got CEN certified. Man that was fun.
  2. And, of course, Yukon Gold taters. The only tater for a mash. I have got to try the whipsy cream for mashed taters.
  3. doogster


    I much prefer puke on the carpet to the tile, the grout will stain forever. Carpet, don't go at it straight away, let it dry, pick up the big bits, then vacuum. Gone. You'll need the carpet cleaned if you go after it fresh, you just force all the pigments into the carpet.
  4. Worked thru the change last night, so my 12 hour shift became a 13, I hate Benjamin Franklin.
  5. I prefer the Harbor Freight mini cutoff saw, you can do any angle, repeat flawlessly, and it's a power tool.
  6. All the best to you mah san, keeping best thoughts for ya! Mesen, nowt much, still setting up the studio, contacted some experienced folk and it turns out the computer I have sitting in a box should work just fine. Good to go. Added the keyboard drawer to the monster desk, course the cats love the desk, especially the 2 raised shelves, which is exactly where I'd planned on putting the monitors (speakers). Hoping the novelty will wear off soon.
  7. I have a plush Cthulhu, he's pretty cool. The story is rather disturbing, Pickman's Model even more so. Lovecraft was a genius.
  8. Just got the 1/24th scale bug. Ordered the 1/24th laser cut Van Buren. No the same house, but I think this is gonna be a blast.
  9. A few years ago Dean held contests every day through October since he's a huge Halloween Fanatic. What should have been a treat for all the members has turned into a curse. October sees all kinds of trolls hooking up so, unfortunately, Dean had to stop the fun we had that year. And that year was insane. Never to be forgotten.
  10. For hand brushing oils have it all over water based paints. Why don't I use oils on models? I spray those and aerosolizing the solvent don't make happy.
  11. You're using a ton of zoom in that pic, it's clear from the way the side walls converge as they go down. This will make the things at the top seem overly large compared things at the bottom. Things that are close appear to be the same distance as things that are distant, zoom compresses everything.
  12. I finally reconstructed a computer desk I had been putting off for 2 years. It was deconstructed while I was asleep before my move, so I had no idea how it went together. I studied it for a couple of days, then attacked it. It went together really well. Now it will be the base for my home recording studio. Got the 16 track on it already, getting the old Gateway ready to connect to the Edirol interface. New studio monitors in the house ready to be hooked up, headphones on the way, even ordered a drum machine to diddle around with. The Fostex 16 tracker gonna be the main weapon, but for file sharing and doing stuff with other people the computer's the way to go. Should be a blast.
  13. The wood of choice for one Martin Bower, model maker extraordinaire. Think Alien, Space 1999 and umpteen other things.
  14. Makes me think RGT immediately, but which?
  15. A little camera lay going on there too, or that woman has huge hands.
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