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  1. From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    Happy Halloween everyone from Blue Moon Doll Studio!

    © Blue Moon Doll Studio

  2. I would put a paint stripper on the wood. I like the citrus type paint removers, they go on like a gel and stay put. Once the original stain is mostly gone, assess how much stain you want to add back to the wood. Sand sharp edges to be more rounded and used looking. I prefer using burnt umber oil paint instead of regular wood stain. Brush on, wipe off. As far as the globe thats trickier- would depend on how it’s made, but possibly an antiquing medium would work- sold next to craft paint. have fun- I totally get it about getting re obsessed with your dollhouse. It comes in waves for me lol- Karin
  3. This is how nice and down to earth Rik was: A friend of mine from high school worked for a carpet installation company in Portland. He happened to find himself one day putting in new carpets in Rik Pierces house in Vancouver WA. He had a long conversation with Rik about Riks past in art and how he got started etc. He allowed my friends little girl to come and visit the dollhouses- keep in mind this was a random carpet installer lol- my friend knew I was a dollhouse person and later told me about it and showed me photos of his little girl and Rik and the dollhouses. I had always wanted to take a class but back before Rik retired that was not in my budget. I did gain years of inspiration from studying his work in photos. And if you look through the old small stuff digest archives his advice and help and knowledge is still there to see. At least as long as the archives are viewable.
  4. I have built countless dollhouses and always feel mildly terrified when I begin a new one. Sorry- that’s probably not helpful. One step at a time and make lots of lists!
  5. Very sad to hear that Rik Pierce has passed away. Thank you for the years of inspiration.
  6. WyckedWood

    Georgian Lady

    Thank you for the kind words!
  7. WyckedWood

    Silk shoes :-)

    From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    More photos on my Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio
  8. WyckedWood

    Georgian Lady

    From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    This is a Georgian dressed lady I recently made. More photos in my Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio.
  9. Found the magazine in this lot- it’s on eBay. It’s the Jan/ Feb 1999 edition of Miniature Collector. https://www.ebay.com/itm/333805734622
  10. Judee had written a feature in Miniature Collector magazine for one of her beds- this isn’t much help because although I have the edition I don’t know where it is to check- but it’s on the cover if you wanted to look through old back issues of MC on eBay. She called it the Butterfly bed, because the headboard was shaped like butterfly wings but aside from that it was the same canopy pattern as her other beds. - Karin
  11. WyckedWood

    Parquet floor

    Thanks everyone on my floor- I did not paint the green though- it was purchased that way
  12. Thanks Shannon. Holly, it took me half an hour to find my own albums. It’s nice to look through Christmas photos for ideas but for me I have to start a project in June if there is to be any hope of finishing by December. Karin
  13. This was my first Christmas gingerbread house, a cute little mouse house and one of the first houses I made. Before I made dolls I made Brambley Hedge style mice
  14. This one I made for my sister, it’s half scale .
  15. This is my Holly Cottage. I added dolls after I had just begun to make them myself, I didn’t actually make these dolls I just painted and dressed them so my skill in that regard improved a little. I made this house from a kit called Jasmine cottage (I think, if I’m remembering right) by laser dollhouses on eBay.
  16. In case anyone would enjoy viewing it, I’m sharing a few of my Christmas albums that are buried to obscurity in the galleries lol. This one I did last year and made the dolls,food,flowers etc to go in it, using a modified Greenleaf Storybook Cottage. Karin/Blue Moon Doll Studio on Facebook
  17. WyckedWood

    Gift box

    From the album: Mistledough Cafe: Greenleaf Storybook Cottage

    Our mini club is working with papers from Winter Holidays Vol1 collection by Ann Vanture of DIY Doll Accessories.com I made this little gift box using the paper from the kit and added a silk ribbon bow and a handmade candy cane. A square of balsa wood makes the form.
  18. Greenleaf Storybook Cottage. This will be my Mrs. Claus bakery,a gingerbread cottage.
  19. WyckedWood

    Parquet floor

    From the album: Porcelain bisque dolls and miniatures in 1/12 scale

    Parquet floor I added to my Green Room. I had bought the flooring years ago- it doesn’t look like they sell it anymore. Thank Goodness I had enough of it to complete the room. It went on tiny piece by piece but was really fun to do. It’s made from real walnut and cherry wood veneers.
  20. Eli I sent you a private message but in the meantime I’m just going to leave this here:-) https://eugeneminis.org/
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