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  1. Kathie I would love to do this for my son for his zoom classes with school. It’s his Junior year in high school and since we moved to a new state the experience has been so difficult for him making new friends thru zoom only classes. I am thinking a fun background might be a good conversation starter. I looked on amazon and the choices for green screen set ups are overwhelming me since I don’t know much about the zoom world. Any advice on which one to buy would be much appreciated! It looks like you also buy the frame etc. for the screen? And then any special lighting? Thanks much- Karin
  2. Great to hear from you Kelly. Glad to hear you had a nice summer!
  3. Sanding is the worst. I actually like roofing-I’m weird.
  4. WyckedWood

    Green Room

    Thanks, me too!
  5. I glue things down with Alene’s tacky glue. There’s nothing worse than sticking your hand in the dollhouse to place something and everything goes flying. Tacky glue keeps it in place but I’ve never had a problem if you really want to move something just pop it off the glue. Keep a small contact point between item and surface. This also makes it easy to dust the dollhouse with a soft fluffy paintbrush. I also use tacky wax to hold some items until I’m really sure where I want things placed- sometimes it takes a year to figure that out. I’ve also moved my large collection of dollhouses several t
  6. WyckedWood

    The Green Room

    It’s really fun to work on!
  7. WyckedWood


  8. - If you were not planning on attending meetings, I’m not sure it would be worth bothering about. Unless you wanted to start a business or offer sales, being a member of NAME gives a good impression to customers. Although a mini business I am currently in the middle of a nightmarish sales experience with -long story- is a NAME member and that apparently means nothing as far as ethical business practices.
  9. I personally am not, but I do plan to join. If you’re interested in going to local club meetings sometimes they require you to be a member. There is an active club in my new area and I can’t wait to try it out. I don’t have to join NAME to attend but it’s a NAME club so I will just to feel legit lol.
  10. Yes but it’s a very cool process to learn about. I’m so happy Carrie took the leap and is making her own dolls now!
  11. Sherry made some great Downton Abbey characters for kit sales.
  12. ok that didn’t work lol but here is the whole album showing that scene with dolls added.
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