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  1. I found a mirror at Walmart today I’m going to try. It looks really thin. They had them in the section for removable wallpaper. It’s about a 10 inch circle shape but looks like it can be cut. It was only around $5 so I’ll come back and say if it worked or not
  2. She finally did return one of my emails today, nothing to do with covid, an item was unavailable even tho website said it was in stock. As a consumer with many choices on where to buy, communication is a big deal for me. Now my project and my spending money is held up for an unknown time because info on their website was not accurate. Which is all beside the point that I repeatedly asked for an update and didn’t get any response.
  3. Thanks, maybe they are on vacation or something. I will stick with other sources in the future.
  4. Ok thanks, good to know. I have tried calling and repeated emails with no response.
  5. Hi everyone, having a problem and just wondering if anyone has ordered from Dollhouse Junction and can vouche for them being a reliable company to do business with? I typically only order through eBay and Etsy or Miniatures.com so I always feel leary with companies I’m not overly familiar with. I placed an order with them, received it right away. Since that was a positive transaction I placed a second larger order. Now I’m having a communication issue. Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Ok that sounds great, thanks much!
  7. Does it reflect like a real mirror? I will look up mylar, not totally sure what that is.
  8. Anyone have a source for thin mirror or realistic faux mirror that can be cut to size? I thought Darice company made it at one time for scrapbooking but now can’t find any. Thanks for any info. - Karin
  9. Wow. The size is crazy and super cute!
  10. An album for my porcelain dolls and dishes, vases, etc.
  11. WyckedWood

    Sleeping Beauty

    Thank you, me too!
  12. Jeannine, it’s so nice to hear from you, I hope you’ll return and stay longer to tell us what youve been up to. Best wishes- Karin
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