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    Building and bashing kit furniture, remodeling my Glencroft, repainting resin dollhouse people, making mini's from found objects, working on my teashop, steampunk miniatures and working on anything mini that involves wood.

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  1. The barrel is made from an old mechanical pencil. Check out my blog, Dollhouselady's Blog to see it finished.
  2. Thank-you! These are very fun to build! No, I missed that; I'll try to find it! Thanks!
  3. This is a fantastic way to finish an Orchid!
  4. This is beautiful Nutti!
  5. The first occupants in the Village.....
  6. He was a small Christmas ornament. We used to have a Boston Terrier named Chester so this is his namesake. Anna did a great job on the bone.
  7. I never thought to use the dated ornaments like this! This is great!
  8. Love your Starbucks products! My daughter used to be a Starbucks girl....she came home from work smelling so good! LOL!
  9. This is great Nutti! Could you be my grandma?
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