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    Building and bashing kit furniture, remodeling my Glencroft, repainting resin dollhouse people, making mini's from found objects, working on my teashop, steampunk miniatures and working on anything mini that involves wood.


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  1. Thank-you all so much! Not only did he return safely, he now has a wife and a new baby! More grandchildren for me! Woo! Hoo!
  2. Thank-you all for your welcomes and hugs. My daughter remarried a year ago to a wonderful man who lost his wife to cancer. They now have 10 children together and we live in a cottage on their property after selling our house, so I have lots of company! LOL! They love to be in my shop with me and I just picked up some fairy houses for them to build. I will post those when they are done. Glad to see familiar names and faces here.
  3. Just stopping by for a quick visit! After the death of our son-in-law, we are very slowly getting back to normal. Moved three times in the last two years and am working on organizing a new shop. Hope to be back sharing with all of you. The Steampunk Summerhouse is still the same but will soon be back on the bench being worked on. The forum has sure changed, had to figure out how to post!
  4. The barrel is made from an old mechanical pencil. Check out my blog, Dollhouselady's Blog to see it finished.
  5. Bill will be bicycling across America in support of our law enforcement, firemen, and military. Over 4000 miles. If you go back to the first few posts, you get the background story. I'll be the support crew!
  6. A big welcome to all of you checking in and coming back! I might not be around much this summer as we will be doing TwiceAcrossAmerica.blogspot.com. Less than two weeks to go! Will miss you all!
  7. So glad you tried Holly's boiling water method instead of the microwave. When I put one of mine in the microwave, it started on fire! Your new kitchen cabinets look great!
  8. Mike on here from the UK builds fantastic entertainment centers and uses old phones that still work for televisions. Maybe something like that would work for your screen.
  9. I was just thinking that the Greenleaf Village would be nice in laser cut!
  10. What if you gave her a large framed picture of it first to see her reaction? Bring the shadowbox with you, and if the reaction is not positive, just bring it back home with you.
  11. Congratulations Ashlie! So happy for you!
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