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I talked to Nutti (Lynette) today. She still is without internet, but is in great spirits. She has started a new job as a customer service rep for Best Buy at a decent wage. The surgery is still in limbo, but since this is a sit-down job, she's getting along just fine and feels confident that the surgery can be put off for some time. I met Lynette before her surgery, and let me tell you, this is one changed person. The energy flowed right over the phone lines!

I told her about the Martha Show. I wish you could have heard her squeals of delight! :flowers:

She would very much like to hear from forum members. She said it's okay for me to give out her phone number, so if you'd like it, please send me a PM. She's working a training shift of 4 pm to midnight, sleeps until late morning, so right now a call between noon and 3 pm CST would be best for her. She won't know her permanent hours until next week some time.

What a sweetie!

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I just had a call from Nutti. Annie very graciously sent me an extra dollhouse t-shirt because there was a problem with printing the one I ordered and she wanted me to have one to wear to the Atlanta show. Anyway, I had two t-shirts, so I sent one to Nutti. She called on her lunch break to tell me it came today. She wore it to work over her uniform shirt. :) She was one excited bunny to have a dollhouse shirt.

She says she'll try hard to get to the library on Saturday to check in here but wants everyone knows she's thinking about all of us.

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the house was crazy this am so I came to the library for my hr of internet!

WOW I have missed out on ALOT!

just finished watching Martha STewart....very KEWL to see!!

I have enjoyed and have been soo touched by all the well wishes and phone calls....

I have definatly been missing all of you and my time here on the forum!

I started a new job and so far I am enjoying it very much....lots to learn but once Im out of the training I suspect that I will be ok.

I do soo love chatting on the phone(snicker/snort)

tyty Kathy and the rest of you for making me feel missed....yall are the greatest!

nutti :)

oh and Kathy...lots of dollhouse intrest from wearing my shirt! :)

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Sooooo happy to hear from you Nutti, you know I miss you like crazy when you are away!!!!

Hang in there with the training and you will be over and done with that very soon I am sure, great way to hook more miniaturists, need to get me one of those shirts/jackets (I think there were as well????)


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