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  1. I am in CT. All is well with the family.
  2. This is a chance to wet my feet before I jump back in after my long dollhouse hiatus. She looks like a sweety!
  3. I am sorry, I am not allowed to talk about it and I deleted the information. Hopefully someone saved it so they can share that with you.
  4. I have more information that I received today that I wanted to add. I will just paste what was sent to me. Hi Heidi, latest update from Viola : " I FINALLY got in touch with Gina after having been given the wrong numbers by the facility. Gina has had several strokes and is no longer able to type.. it might be easier to write to her if you want to be in touch (*edited *Contact Heidiiiiii or Our admin Minis OnThe Edge here on the forum) She told me that she had all her dolls stolen as well as much of her money by a neighbor. Life is hard for her now and she is not happy where she is... howe
  5. Long time no see me..I know. I have had life issues going on. But this is not about me. I was contacted by another doll person with information about our Gina aka Wolfie. I wanted to share to all of you because it is very sad. I will just copy and paste what was told to me. I think that all of us that love Gina should shower her with lots of love with cards, notes, and letters. I was thinking about her for about a month for no particular reason and then I received a message about her. I guess ask and you shall receive. I will poke around and see how everyone is doing. I hope
  6. I am so sorry for your loss! (((hugs))
  7. It is already a hot job canning so I dislike doing it when it is in the 80s. Yuck
  8. (((((Hugs CJ))))) I have been dragging my backside about getting the jams done. Today will be a cooler day for me to do it. I was planning on doing strawberry and a strawberry blackberry. Or a blueberry blackberry. I dont have enough blackberries for a full batch by itself. Just dealing health wise. As long as I wake up in the morning and dont fall down, life is relatively good. I am patiently waiting for Fall to come.
  9. It is again hot and humid but I am getting some nice big blackberries from the patch and my tomatoes are taking off. Makes me very happy. Except for the sweating.
  10. rain plus steadily getting more humid. Yum
  11. It started here around 6am. There is a nice coating of ice underneath. BLAH! It will be upper 40s soon. I caught the cooties from the kid. It isnt too bad. Dayquil to the rescue. Yesterday I cleaned my desk. Today I think I will clean out the pantry.
  12. Good Luck Anna!! Hugs to you CJ. We shoveled with just a cardigan (Other clothes too..LOL). It is 40 deg f and there is melt going on. More snow tonight though. I have done a bunch of shredding of old papers, I have all my tax paperwork at the ready and I will probably tackle it this weekend. I will look out at the snow and daydream about crocus.
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