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  1. I am in CT. All is well with the family.
  2. This is a chance to wet my feet before I jump back in after my long dollhouse hiatus. She looks like a sweety!
  3. This is a chance to wet my feet before I jump back in after my long dollhouse hiatus. She looks like a sweety!
  4. heidiiiii

    Dolls with Dolls

    I had a Holly doll! I loved her. I wish I still had her.
  5. heidiiiii

    Half Scale Greenleaf Arthur

    Christmas present from friend Deb for 2010. This is going to kick my muse in the tush and get her moving again in my brain.
  6. heidiiiii

    Miniature photos

    These pictures are of things I have made or purchased. They are all mini related.
  7. heidiiiii

    Non-Miniature Photos

    These are photos of things I want to share. They are not related to miniatures.
  8. heidiiiii

    Pomeroy House

    Gifted to me. House was built in the 1970s.
  9. heidiiiii

    Quarter Scale dollhouses

    Corona Concepts Miniature Village.
  10. heidiiiii

    Spring Fling 2009

    Living off the Grid
  11. heidiiiii

    Ruby`s House

    Limited Edition Arthur. It is going to be a birthday gift for Chelsea`s friend Chris` niece Ruby. She will turn 5 yrs old in April 2009.
  12. heidiiiii

    How to make Blooming Tea

    Blooming tea step by step.
  13. heidiiiii

    Sweet Shop/Christmas Box

    This is a gift box that I bought for a dollar at a church rummage sale in December 2008.
  14. Once you have completed your Layers of branches (I did 7) you will want to place your tree into a container. The instructions call for a box but I used a small terra cotta pot. I want to figure out another alternative to a stand but it has to have stability. The tree is on the heavy side and will topple over if it does not have a stable base. I warmed some Green Sculpy in my hand and formed a ball. I glued the inside of the pot and pushed the clay inside smoothing out the top. I put glue on the stem of the tree and pushed it into the clay. It is in there for good. LOL I have start
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