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Heaven help me! I'm a newbie!!!


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I just purchased a remodel job and haven't a clue! After reading some of the posts, I feel I am probably starting a journey that will be very ROCKY to say the least, but after seeing all your houses, am sure the rewards will be worth it! I had always wanted a dh but never had one. I grew up and had 3 boys and a dh just didn't seem to be in the picture. Now I have a precious Grandbaby and "It's a GIRL"! This site seems to have some wonderful information and lots of you willing to help. I am going to try to attach a picture and hopefully someone will have some information on the brand, etc. After seeing all your wonderful houses, I am sure this remodel will lead me to want to make one from the start......or not?!

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Thanks for all your help & can't wait to get started!!! Hope it goes faster than the remodel on my kitchen. Havana..the house is not hotglued and is very sturdy, no wallpaper or wiring which I hope to do.....I think. I couldn't bear to bash it because

at this point, I'm afraid I would NEVER get it put back together. Wolfie - thanks for the welcome. Linda - Yep, glad the shingles are on too - think I might stain them darker, but that is something I will have to think about after I decide on the colors for the outside (inside too) which answers Chesterfieldzoo, as it is a little too pink for me, though thankfully pretty basic inside. And they didn't do houses for boys when my boys were younger (the Grand's father is almost 40 & grand is 3) - they would have loved it, but hubby would have thought I lost my mind and it would have looked like a fraternity house...but then, guess I would now have 2 doll houses!!!...at least. Minis on the Edge - I lucked out (I think) and the house was already on casters. I don't know what is considered a big house - everyone's houses look big to me and are so beautiful! Uppitycats - I'm sure my grand will love it and since she is only 3, she will have her own set of play furniture for it and......i won't have to worry about not being able to part with it because I'm not gonna. Everything I give her goes into the abyss and we never see it again so this is a stay at grandma's type of thing. (Ya really didn't think I would give it up after always wanting one now did ya?) Thanks for the welcome from all and the info ShakyShaky and Minime - I am gonna get cracking on checking out the Duracraft homes. I did find the house on a Dream Dollhouse site and it looked "Dreamy", but mine will be much loved and someday turn into a "swan" too (I HOPE).


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