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Not Really New - A Reintroduction

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Hello Everyone,

I'm not really a new member, but haven't been on here for so long that I thought it would be appropriate to reintroduce myself.  I first joined back in 2018.  Throughout that year I purchased several doll houses from my local antique mall and tried my hand at rehab.  I also purchased several of the vintage tin doll houses and collected the plastic furniture for them.  I found a Beacon Hill at an estate sale and started to rehab it and then tried my first new build - the Orchid.  The walls and floor of that build became badly warped so I abandoned that project.  Then life and work got in the way.  All the doll houses had to go - well, not quite.  I kept one of the tin houses and the one house that started it all - an Ashley that I rescued from the antique mall.  Fast forward to now.  With all the things going on in today's world, I was feeling at loose ends.  I needed something besides work to occupy me.  I do a bit of knitting, but that wasn't really satisfying.  I was at Hobby Lobby buying some yarn, when I wandered towards the back corner where my local HL keeps the doll houses and accessories.  Yes, you guessed correctly.  A RGT Alison Jr.  kit came home with me.  So, I'm back.....


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I noticed working on dollhouse comes in spurts for a lot of people. For me is was a summer break due to heat upstairs (no AC) and gardening and canning. Some people it's from life circumstances.  But either way people seem to find their way back. Happy building! Welcome back!

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