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  1. Welcome Abby! Your Lightkeeper's Cottage looks great. Holly has often talked about filling imperfections with a mix of sawdust and glue. That could be stained/colored to match. That's an awful lot of grooves to fill though! If it were mine and it really bothered me I'd cover it with a sheet of random board flooring. 🤣
  2. FurMama

    Left interior

    lucky client🙂
  3. FurMama

    Whole interior

    Love the mix of earthy and plexi materials tres chic!
  4. How nifty! I really like the fabric cabinets.
  5. Finally a house that looks worse than mine! I can't wait to show my cats. Maybe now they will stop glaring at me when another mini package comes through the door!😉
  6. It is missing the top of the stack-the bent part that goes into the wall. Maybe they would knock off a few pennies.😄
  7. 10/24/05-5/25/21 My little fuzzball, you fought to the bitter end. There is a hole in my heart and my lap is empty. The rest of our little colony is lost without its leader.
  8. Well done! Very updated. I got that same paper the other day to put in my flower shop that is sitting waiting to be built but I love it in a bathroom.
  9. We sure have missed you! So good to hear from you and things are going your way! Hugs!!!
  10. Welcome Samantha! I am right below you in Aiken. Yes, Lexington does have the better programs. (professional opinion...I taught elementary for 17 years). Glad you joined! I've gone back to lurking on here lately because of multiple sick kitties and work. Spending time with them while I can.
  11. Missed your wonderful stitching (and meal) updates too, Cynthia! Hope you are healing quickly.
  12. Simply stunning inside and out. @Emerald is right there are no words to adequately praise this house and your talent!
  13. So glad you shared! Thank you. All my furkids are seniors and on some kind of med or supplement. This will be so helpful.
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