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  1. That is a deal! I have too much already darn it!
  2. Welcome! I use painter's tape a lot for things big and small. It is usually laying close by and can be torn to length and width needed. Just don't leave it on too long overnight is ok seemingly. Glue should be set by then anyway. There is an item called "the third hand" which is little clamps on a stand. Can find it at Harbor Freight and I think HBS used to sell it probably hobby shops too. It is on my wishlist so not sure how well it works.
  3. FurMama

    My miniature potatoes

    They look like they were just dug fresh from the garden.
  4. Welcome Michelle ! Glad to have you on board! Minis are the greatest aren't they? Do you have any projects that you are working on now?
  5. Welcome to the forum Cindy! The bee extraction room sounds intriguing. While you are reading over the forum do comment so you can get 5 posts and start uploading pictures. Sounds like you are making progress on your house. Have fun!
  6. Moonfowerminigarden maybe?
  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both your sakes!
  8. FurMama

    storybook cottage2.jpg

    Looks pristine...amazing find!
  9. You mash the center to open the part that grasps. They close automatically when you stop pressing. The tweezer holds the object and you don't have to.
  10. Delightful! Good job.
  11. FurMama


    Love the floor pattern. I might have to copy that sometime.
  12. Welcome to the forum Yes you will find lots of help around here. I know I sure have!
  13. Oh good! I was beginning to wonder if mine had gotten lost since I got the email about it coming weeks ago. Perhaps there is hope for mine arriving yet. Good luck with your light fixture!
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