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  1. Hi Lynn, welcome! I like having a couple of projects going at once too. I'm building a coffee shop out of a GL Primrose. Have fun with your Buttercup, hope it gets those creative juices flowing again! I have that kit in my stash it is going to be an ice cream parlor one day.
  2. Welcome Carolyn! I'm in SC. The sash is most likely part of the window frame itself or a trim piece hard to say exactly without knowing which kit you are working on. Guessing it would be a smallish rectangle shaped piece. That is what I would be looking for anyway. Don't get too nervous about it just remember most things can be taken apart and then put back together the right way. Been there done that.
  3. Welcome Carmen! Does your kit or instruction sheet have a name or model number for the house? There are specific blogs on here for many different houses. Another helpful site is moreminis.blogspot.com if it is a Greenleaf kit. Plus there are a bunch of talented folks that are great at answering questions in this group!!!! Welcome aboard.
  4. Welcome Cindy! A Glencroft beach house would be spectacular. Enjoy the journey it takes you on.
  5. Welcome Moushumi Everyone here has been so friendly and helpful to me so I'm sure you will have a great time. Enjoy!
  6. Welcome T! I have wondered about doing a barn conversion mini style. Would love to see photos once you have met the 5 post requirement.
  7. Welcome Tisha! I got my first house early on but it's still with me and I'm still playing with it at 57. Have fun!
  8. FurMama


    I enlarged the left front window. Plans are to print the coffee shop logo on the glass somehow. The little window at the bottom left of the picture goes on the side opening for the kit. It's going to be the drive-thru window. Got to chop that fancy molding off the door and enlarge the opening. I'm thinking sandpaper bricks in a painted ivory with brown trim on the outside. More sandpaper bricks on the inside with a whitewashed effect. Rougher grit on the outside finer grit on the inside. I have a feeling I'm going to be tired of sandpaper
  9. Nifty...maybe bash a McKinley to match the picture
  10. Welcome! Job well done. Hope your granddaughter makes many happy memories playing with it.
  11. Love the wall color. I did the same thing in my Pepperwood Farm kitchen but my green was darker, like this much better. Good job!
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