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  1. Missed your wonderful stitching (and meal) updates too, Cynthia! Hope you are healing quickly.
  2. Simply stunning inside and out. @Emerald is right there are no words to adequately praise this house and your talent!
  3. So glad you shared! Thank you. All my furkids are seniors and on some kind of med or supplement. This will be so helpful.
  4. Beautiful house inside and out! Welcome to the forum.
  5. My Carly cat is taking probiotics as well. I saved the ones I couldn't get in her mouth but they have shape shifted sitting out waiting on me to do something with them. Good luck with yours.
  6. You have 3 already, reply to mine and that will be 4. Browse the galleries, comment on a pic you like and voila-mission accomplished. Miniature Designs in Lawrenceville, GA has a talented builder. Perhaps they repair as well.
  7. Welcome Monica! I have a few leftover pieces and parts of an uncle's old g scale train from the late 40's probably (milk cans, street lights)that hang around my 1:12 houses but they feel small for that scale and a bit large for 1:24. Not much help just an observation. Have fun with your village!
  8. Congratulations! I don't have one (still have the expression 2)but several ladies in my scrapbooking group have upgraded and have had similar problems. Customer service helped them so good luck.
  9. Ditto this year's. I maybe recognize a window. I wonder if it is really floating or propped up. Stiill wonderful builds though. Cheese cellar did the best job staying with the kit IMHO.
  10. Yes it is true and there used to be a link on the GL website for the laser cut kits. They may be out of stock if you are not seeing any. I haven't looked lately because I might buy something if I did and I absolutely have no more room for even a scrap of wallpaper lol!
  11. I here ya! My Morgan cat is ill and his preferred resting place is on mama's lap so I sleep when he does. RAIN here too...thunderstorm currently actually...has halted my exterior and courtyard renovation of the Townhouse. Even with every window open and ceiling fans going in the sunroom the paint and glue fumes are horrendous. This weekend is supposed to be clear so perhaps...
  12. Me either. I got an email announcing the winners. It said the others would be announced later this week. Congratulations Brae and Kelli! Well done.
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