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  1. FurMama


    Sooo beautiful! That movie version is my favorite version of her dress other than the gold with roses one from a Little Golden Book I had as a child. You did an excellent job! Spot on!
  2. I don't think they are really 1 1/8. I'll measure that later but they are more suitable for industrial type lights. I do have one stuck behind a couch on the floor as an uplight in a dark corner. The endpiece does screw off. I have not tried to separate the bulb from the housing.
  3. Welcome Michael! Happy Building!
  4. FurMama

    Turned on

    Yes the light part is one of the silver lights in previous pic. The yellow part is the top off a toilet cleaner bottle. With a little trimming and some paint might just work.
  5. In my local Hobby Lobby they are in the bridal/floral section hanging on a rack on the side of an endcap. The endcap is on the row with the fake fruit and fairy garden items.
  6. FurMama


    Still nifty! I like it. Hobby Lobby has a pkg of very small led battery lights in the bridal section. They are small individual ( not connected on a string) cylinder shapes about 1/4" by 1/2" which might still be too large for this light. They are definitely bright though. I got a package to experiment with for streetlights and overhead lights in the coffee shop. I'll try to post a picture later today if I can find where I put them!
  7. Welcome Cindi! Happy building!
  8. Welcome glad you joined! I had never joined a forum either and was nervous to sign on here. I did it anyway and so very glad I did! Everyone is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!
  9. Lee,if by laminate samples you mean the floor tiles there are several YouTube videos of these being cut and laid to create beautiful patterns. Robin Cary's dollhouse floors look as though that is what was used too. Now whether or not they would peel or lift is a good question. They certainly do in real life but then that is after much time and wear they probably won't get in a mini house. The thinner vinyl like contact paper weight does shrink and curl. Holly, I used a broken sliver of wood with a jagged edge to paint over a Lawbre fireplace that just didn't have enough veins for my l
  10. I can relate to that! I'm currently reworking some of my earlier "builds" too.
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