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  1. I see things changed this year. Only one vote and they don't appear to be displaying the totals. Good move HBS. Good Luck to those who entered!
  2. I am using the old fashioned sticky back floor tiles...the 12in RL vinyl ones...for my SW kitchen and bath. Terracotta for the main tile and a blue for the inset (going for a chopped square set on a diagonal look) anyway, these can be cut to scale size/shape. They used to be available as single tiles at HD and others but think they sell by the box now though. I have also found them boxed inexpensively at Family Dollar, Rose's, Ollie's etc...stores that sell discontinued lots. https://youtu.be/SvMZ-LRptcA
  3. Welcome Sherianne! Glad you found us too! You have some good ideas for your house. I look forward to seeing them come to life. Have fun!
  4. Nice colorway. I am leaning towards a blue tint in some of the tile insets as opposed to all terracotta in my SW kitchen and bath as well.
  5. Hello Anne. Welcome aboard!
  6. FurMama


    Like the stairs on the back addition! Great idea.
  7. FurMama


    Just lovely! Well done!
  8. New kit review https://youtu.be/obB4XsJlJFY
  9. They didn't have any made up only the boxes on display. They are their Mayberry Street Brand. I really didn't pay that much attention as I liked the houses too. My HL still has those and has added a RGT log cabin kit...Moss something was the name I think...boy was I a bad mini shopper yesterday! Back to the HL Kits...they remind me of the type/style HBS is featuring in their latest email. Maybe I will get one for my niece to get her mini additicted
  10. I was back in HL this afternoon and they now have little boxed room kits similar to those robotime ones all different scales. At least they did not do away with the miniature section totally.
  11. Ditto all the above especially the space and time. I'd also really like it if Greenleaf would bring back that little Crab Shack kit. My Bobbie beach house needs a Yard shed. I suppose I could rough it out from scratch but I'm a kit girl.
  12. Miniatures on clearance and looks like they have cut the section of the store down by half. I picked up some windows and led light fixtures. I'm in SC BTW.
  13. Laurie Heisler did a whole series on YouTube on her BH build. There was one in particular that addressed hinges. Might be a help.
  14. Yay! Holly's back! Glad to hear you made it through. waving back at ya!
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