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  1. This one is my favorite, but I am partial to the colors.
  2. I think I'm hooked...I'll be looking for one at Michael's, maybe I can bash it to open the spine up....
  3. Folk Art paints are fully stocked on western NY shelves. It's yarn we are short on out here!
  4. I love these windows. I'm excited to see them in place.
  5. Your small people are so helpful! Mine hangs around in a basket complaining about his hair. They are very fashionably dressed too!
  6. Try this website to fix picture size. Choose 75%. https://picresize.com/
  7. I love the detail and the perspective of the kids standing behind the fence. The door looks partially open than thus like we are being invited inside for a visit. I didn't know that could be done with a shadow box!
  8. Some people are extraordinarily talented!
  9. Really well done! Your granddaughter must be so happy. I wouldn't be surprised if your daughter ends up playing with it too. I know I would!
  10. You are a master craftsman!
  11. I'm glad she's getting better. I hope she didn't have MERSA from the hospital. That happened to my dad. Lucky wife, though. She has a gem of a hubby!
  12. That is a very cool house! I'm glad the forever home you found for it is one you can visit! I hope your sister will always appreciate what you have gifted her!
  13. That's a worthwhile interruption jackie!
  14. It does, but it might be too thick, scale wise. Try using a ruler and permanent black marker on either side?
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