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  1. I have used a cheap paint brush and a soft cloth and just dipped the whole piece in the stain. The brush flicked stain everywhere. Dipping the pieces wasted stain and was too messy. The soft cloth to apply and another to wipe off excess stain was just right. But that is me. Try different ways and see what you like best.
  2. Yours is the first haunted house that has encouraged me to see the need for my own! I am so glad you cut the dead weight and kept the project. I love it! The level of detail is a real reflection of your passion. I'd say you have a cool mom too.
  3. Use picresize.com. I am so excited to see what you got! Congrats and welcome to the fotum.
  4. Thanks! Your ideas inspired me to wrap a sliver a sandpaper around one of my clay modeling tools and tape it in place. I used the spade shaped one. Worked like a charm!
  5. Any suggestions for getting into tiny corners? Folding my sandpaper into a corner is not working.
  6. I took a break from my Pierce over the summer. The other day I finally got uninterrupted time in my room. The first thing I did was clean off my table! Then I critically went over every inch of the house, focusing on first floor, and made a punch list of what needed to be done before I permanently install the 2nd floor. I was dismayed it was so long! A lot of little tasks, but better now when everything is easy to reach rather than after floor is installed. I'm heading up now!
  7. I happen to have an extra copy since the person I was going to send them to decided not to do snail mail. If you want them through the mail, pm me your address. I can get them in the mail tomorrow. I'd send an electronic copy, but I learned that my pics are not very clear. If you want to try that first, I do have them in picture form.
  8. I would love to know if the Shadow Cliff sells for asking price. Very tastefully done and well put together. I aspire to that level of craftsmanship someday.
  9. Medieval


    Actually I would love to hear or watch you create these little treasures. It sure boggles my mind!
  10. Your end result is gorgeous!
  11. Medieval

    Brimbles 8.jpg

    The level of detail is amazing. I would imagine it took longer to make the items in the shop than the shop itself!
  12. I can email you photos of my instructions. I will pm them to you in a few minutes.
  13. This you tube video shows how to do exposed lath and plaster and aging it too.
  14. Wow! I'm still trying to figure out how you made the front porch roof look like a canopy. And your interior looks very intriguing. Can you do close up snapshots inside so I can snoop better?
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