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  1. Medieval

    Pierce Re-Build

    Re-build of partially constructed Pierce. First dollhouse since 1982! Dollhouse partially assembled with glue gun and wood putty. Porch floor was scored for floor board look and painted grey. Musty, dusty house that had been stored in a basement. At least it is dry!
  2. Cameras can be a curse and a blessing. They don't show awesome work in enough detail, and they make the real deal look "softer" and more realistic. lol
  3. It looks like a real living room! What awesome attention to detail!
  4. Medieval

    Study complete

    I really love how you did the bay area in your study. I like how you used white baseboard. It's contrasts with dark Wainscot and highlights the area so well.
  5. That looks really good! More pix? Interior? After you have 5 posts!
  6. Holly, do you put the lacquer on painted surfaces too?
  7. Medieval


    That is realistic looking! Who would think to use capacitors?
  8. Checkout the blog that mid life madness posted....
  9. Oh thanks! I'll check it out. I need them to hang better cause I'm raffling this puppy off when I'm done. And now's the time to make changes. Not when whole house glued together. lol.
  10. I put the nails in on one side and after I nailed them in I pulled them out, put glue in the holes and re-nailed them. Once I figured out nails on the other half of the hinge stops door from closing, I super glued that hinge to the door frame. Hope that helps.
  11. I probably made it worse because I used a drummel tool to grind wood away in the shape of the hinge. It's not perfectly flat. First time I used that tool. My purpose was to sink the hinge into the frame to reduce the gap. That contributed to the crookedness. I think the smoke and mirrors approach will be for me moving forward. Use the tape and glue a hinge in just for looks not function. But it doesn't help with this debacle. Lol
  12. Any suggestions to attaching the hinges so door hangs strait?
  13. That looks like a big project!
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