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  1. What is the viney part of the wreath? That looks pretty realistic! I love the autumnal colors. The green holly kind of sticks out imo. What's it look like without it?
  2. Oh I agree the red hutch does well in the room, now I see the black one. Now I gotta go back and see why cause I see the two tables match the hutch here. Maybe cause of the red cutains?
  3. Medieval

    red hutch.jpg

    Where are your people? Your rooms look great, but your people really finish them off! Someone to help change curtains?
  4. Medieval


    I'm on a tablet. So I put my thumb and pointer next to each other on the screen and drag the apart. Whatever picture I put my fingers over gets bigger. Then I enjoy!
  5. Medieval


    Wow! I love it when I can enlarge the pic and take time exploring all the itty bitty details! Nice work!
  6. If it's a birthday present, she should get someone now so it could maybe be ready by next year.
  7. I tried loading the app on my tablet and can find it in Google play or Amazon app store. I wonder what is going on?
  8. Anyone else having issues with Cricut Design Space being blank after logging in? Even after uninstalling, restarting laptop, and installing update?
  9. I'm glad you are BETTER! I've missed seeing your needlework.
  10. I would not be surprised if it was one you did...ive seen your stuff.
  11. Thanks! I'm sad to say since I laid the light on it's side there hasn't been a repeat occurrence. It's amazing how much gravity did. But this is not to say i cant imagine there isn't a ghost....
  12. When I took a pic of my Pierce attic, I put a LED light in the tower room to help get a better pic (someone in this forum told me about those little lights that you turn the base to turn them on. They were in the wedding aisle at Hobby Lobby - good purchase, so thanks!). I know I forgot to turn it off and didn't remember for 2 days. I did turn it off and left it standing on it's base. A couple of days late'er, hubby says hey you got a light on in your dollhouse. Sure enough it was on. I unscrewed it a lot to make sure it stayed off, and left it standing on it's base. That was yesterday. Sure enough tonight, I saw a light on in the tower. This time I unscrewed it a lot and left it on it's side. Gravity or is there a ghost in my attic? Lol
  13. I'm not the be all and end all, but I did what Grazhina is talking about, kind of in my Pierce. I started with one room and chose a wallpaper. Then I took it to home depot and the guy there is an art major (I got lucky) and he helped me pick out colors that complemented what was in the wallpaper. I used those colors throughout.
  14. Medieval

    more closeups.jpg

    This room has come together so well! The use of beams sets off the area as an entry way. Well done!
  15. That is amazing detail. Love the backstory! The young lady's last name made me laugh...it's My maiden name!
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