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  1. The first steps are completed on the RGT Alison Jr. I have opened the box, read the instructions twice, and inventoried all the pieces. No missing pieces, but I did have two damaged - one piece of gingerbread and one dormer window roof. So next, I need to email RGT for replacements. Onward......
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm not really a new member, but haven't been on here for so long that I thought it would be appropriate to reintroduce myself. I first joined back in 2018. Throughout that year I purchased several doll houses from my local antique mall and tried my hand at rehab. I also purchased several of the vintage tin doll houses and collected the plastic furniture for them. I found a Beacon Hill at an estate sale and started to rehab it and then tried my first new build - the Orchid. The walls and floor of that build became badly warped so I abandoned that project. Then life a
  3. I bought an Orchid kit from Hobby Lobby some time last year - can't remember exactly when. I have the foundation, the walls, and both floors glued in and was getting ready to put in the partition walls when I realized that the partition walls are badly warped and then I discovered the main floor is now warped. I am assuming that the only way to work on the main floor is to totally disassemble the whole house. I glued it with Aleene's tacky glue. Is there any way to take it apart now ? If I get it apart, do I just soak the warped pieces and weigh them down ? For how long? What'
  4. What a wonderful house ! I would love to find one like it.
  5. Are these houses in a antique shop ? I couldn't identify any of the houses, but I would love to shop here !!!
  6. What is it with cats and dollhouses ? My two just love crawling inside and peering through the windows and doors. It looks like a really bad science fiction film "Cats Take Over the World". This afternoon I had the Beacon Hill that I'm rehabbing on its back while I reglued a bit of foundation. Youngest cat climbs up on the house and puts her foot through a window. Nothing broken, but now I have to reglue the window back into the opening. On a happier note, I already bought a rug for the downstairs hall and two battery powered lamps because I just couldn't wait to see how it looked with la
  7. Finished cleaning the Beacon Hill that I bought this past weekend and have started doing some repairs. I am missing a few things and was wondering if anyone on this forum had any spare parts that they might be willing to sell? I am missing one shutter, half of the front door, 10 of the large roof brackets, and about 12 of the smaller brackets from the bay windows. I can make my own replacement parts, but thought that if anyone had any spares it would save a bit of time.
  8. What did you Beacon Hill Builders (or rehabbers) do with the flat portion of the roof? . The mansard portions of my latest acquisition has all been shingled very nicely, so I am going to keep them exactly as they are. However, the flat portion is still just raw wood. Did you paint, stain, or ? Thank you for any tips and I'm sure I will have many more questions.
  9. While cleaning the BH that I bought this morning at an estate sale, it dawned on me that there were no interior doors (openings, yes, but no doors). I have never built or rehabbed a Greenleaf house before. I assume the previous owner just never attached the doors. Can you purchase replacement doors easily? The openings seem smaller than my other houses, but I haven't measured them yet.
  10. I last posted here at the end of July about a house I found at an antique mall. Well, my personal and work life got a little crazy. I downsized my dollhouse collection - four houses went and I was debating what to do with some of the others. This morning I went to an estate sale. Upstairs I found a little box of thimbles - my other collection (nice and small, right ?). Then my son and I headed to the basement. There in the corner of the room on a little stand sat a dollhouse (which I later identified as a Greenleaf Beacon Hill). I so did not need another dollhouse. But, you guessed it
  11. Tara, Thanks for the i.d. I searched Arrow on both this forum and out on the internet. I believe this house is a bash of the Arrow Dream House. Wendy
  12. I have to stop going to antique shops. I went last weekend and came home with a rather neglected two story plus attic house. I first thought it might have been built from a kit. It has printed wood floors and roof, but some of the walls are old scraps of wood paneling. The windows are thick plexiglass, not the thin plastic sheets. I pulled up two vinyl tiles and removed some 1980s wallpaper. This one has a lot to be repaired and it may be beyond me, but I just couldn't leave it there (plus it was only $20). Sorry for the poor quality photo- I took it with my laptop.
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