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  1. I bought an Orchid kit from Hobby Lobby some time last year - can't remember exactly when. I have the foundation, the walls, and both floors glued in and was getting ready to put in the partition walls when I realized that the partition walls are badly warped and then I discovered the main floor is now warped. I am assuming that the only way to work on the main floor is to totally disassemble the whole house. I glued it with Aleene's tacky glue. Is there any way to take it apart now ? If I get it apart, do I just soak the warped pieces and weigh them down ? For how long? What's even more discouraging is I bought another Orchid kit (also from Hobby Lobby) just before Christmas and have discovered that it also has warped walls and floor. Any suggestions ?
  2. What a wonderful house ! I would love to find one like it.
  3. Are these houses in a antique shop ? I couldn't identify any of the houses, but I would love to shop here !!!
  4. What is it with cats and dollhouses ? My two just love crawling inside and peering through the windows and doors. It looks like a really bad science fiction film "Cats Take Over the World". This afternoon I had the Beacon Hill that I'm rehabbing on its back while I reglued a bit of foundation. Youngest cat climbs up on the house and puts her foot through a window. Nothing broken, but now I have to reglue the window back into the opening. On a happier note, I already bought a rug for the downstairs hall and two battery powered lamps because I just couldn't wait to see how it looked with lamps in the windows (even though I haven't done any interior decorating).
  5. Finished cleaning the Beacon Hill that I bought this past weekend and have started doing some repairs. I am missing a few things and was wondering if anyone on this forum had any spare parts that they might be willing to sell? I am missing one shutter, half of the front door, 10 of the large roof brackets, and about 12 of the smaller brackets from the bay windows. I can make my own replacement parts, but thought that if anyone had any spares it would save a bit of time.
  6. What did you Beacon Hill Builders (or rehabbers) do with the flat portion of the roof? . The mansard portions of my latest acquisition has all been shingled very nicely, so I am going to keep them exactly as they are. However, the flat portion is still just raw wood. Did you paint, stain, or ? Thank you for any tips and I'm sure I will have many more questions.
  7. While cleaning the BH that I bought this morning at an estate sale, it dawned on me that there were no interior doors (openings, yes, but no doors). I have never built or rehabbed a Greenleaf house before. I assume the previous owner just never attached the doors. Can you purchase replacement doors easily? The openings seem smaller than my other houses, but I haven't measured them yet.
  8. I last posted here at the end of July about a house I found at an antique mall. Well, my personal and work life got a little crazy. I downsized my dollhouse collection - four houses went and I was debating what to do with some of the others. This morning I went to an estate sale. Upstairs I found a little box of thimbles - my other collection (nice and small, right ?). Then my son and I headed to the basement. There in the corner of the room on a little stand sat a dollhouse (which I later identified as a Greenleaf Beacon Hill). I so did not need another dollhouse. But, you guessed it - I bought it. It was marked at $75, but I got it for $60. Some exterior trim is loose, it's missing some of the eave brackets, and it is missing 1/2 of the front door, but everything else is in great shape. The interior was never decorated, so I can do that however I want. What is this addiction to dollhouses ? Well, I am headed over to the other parts of the forum to learn all about the Beacon Hill.
  9. Tara, Thanks for the i.d. I searched Arrow on both this forum and out on the internet. I believe this house is a bash of the Arrow Dream House. Wendy
  10. I have to stop going to antique shops. I went last weekend and came home with a rather neglected two story plus attic house. I first thought it might have been built from a kit. It has printed wood floors and roof, but some of the walls are old scraps of wood paneling. The windows are thick plexiglass, not the thin plastic sheets. I pulled up two vinyl tiles and removed some 1980s wallpaper. This one has a lot to be repaired and it may be beyond me, but I just couldn't leave it there (plus it was only $20). Sorry for the poor quality photo- I took it with my laptop.
  11. Hello Everyone.I haven't posted in quite a while. I hadn't done anything dollhouse related in ages. But, yesterday while browsing through my local antique mall I ran across a dollhouse kit still sealed in the box.It was made in Taiwan and had a copyright date of 1995 on the box. Absolutely no company name anywhere. It was tab and slot construction with these odd little wooden oval bits that locked the tabs and slots together - no glue required. The large tabs sticking out made the dollhouse look very odd (note I didn't say ugly - I don't really think any dollhouse could be ugly). I felt sorry for it never having been constructed, so I bought it ! Today, I punched out all the pieces and got it all slotted together . The only glue required was the exterior window frames. Now it's sitting on my dining room table and I'm starting to grow quite fond of it. Hmm - I may need to start thinking about decorating it. I believe it's here to stay. Wendy
  12. Good Afternoon, I have sanded, reattached all the exterior trim, and painted the exterior walls and trims. The wall color is a pale yellow called Butterfly Bush. The exterior trim is painted the same color. Now the exterior just needs the roofs painted (main, dormers, porch, and box bay). The roofs and front door are going to be Billiard Green (think a nice dark hunter green). Then it will be on to the interior. Only problem is that it originally thought it wanted to be a yarn shop, now it can't decide between an antique shop and a book shop. I'm glad it has stayed with being a shop, because I wasn't sure where I would fit in all the rooms if it wanted to be a residence. In other news, I bought another kit -- the Orchid. Not sure why - somehow it ended up in my shopping cart ! I haven't finished the rehab and I have just barely started the Vermont Jr. farmhouse. Wendy
  13. Good Afternoon Everyone, I have been sanding a bit of the paint drips and glue blobs off the Dura Craft Ashley. I took off two pieces of roof trim and reattached them so hopefully now I won't have any great big gaps along the roofline. The biggest news, however, is that this dollhouse is beginning to whisper to me that it might want to be a yarn shop. I think I saw in the gallery that someone made an Ashley into a quilt shop so I need to go back and take a better look at those pictures. I am both a knitter and a crocheter (and teach beginner classes in both), so this is very appealing to me. Stay tuned. Wendy
  14. Hello Everyone, I just posted my introduction in the new member introduction forum. I hope this is the right place to ask some questions. Just yesterday I bought (rescued) an already built dollhouse from my local antiques mall. I have identified it as a Dura Craft Ashley. The exterior is finished with a very sloppy paint job. There are parts that didn't get any paint and loads of paint drips and globs. Can I just sand it a bit and then repaint ? I have no idea what kind of paint was used. There are also glue dribbles ( several different kinds of glue based on the color). Can I just sand those back a bit and paint over them? Will paint even stick to those areas? The interior was never finished so I can start from scratch with that. There are some missing interior trim pieces, but I just plan to measure and see if I can locate some that will fit. My biggest concern for the interior is the missing spiral staircase. I can't decide if I want to try to replace it somehow, if I want to install a regular staircase or just fix the opening in the upstairs floor and leave the staircase out. This is my very first dollhouse rehab, so I'm sure I will have many more questions.
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