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Ceiling heights for the Primrose, Loganberry Mill, Adams, Madison & Shadybrook Cabin?


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I have only built the Shadybrook Cabin, but it's ceiling height is between 8 1/9 and 9 inches high for the lower level and the loft above is about 7 inches at the peak.  You just glue the floor supports in so you have some flexibility on how high you want the ceiling to be.  It's fairly spacious inside.  I gave it a complete second floor and put in a small flight of stairs and still had plenty of room.  I can't speak specifically to the other ones, but most of the smaller houses that I have built have ceilings that are  8 to 9 inches high.  


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18 hours ago, havanaholly said:

I replied to your other post.  You really could have combined both your queries to a single post.

Thanks, I'll check there.I thought there were too many questions for one post, so I thought it was better to do another post, but I guess I was wrong.

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