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  1. Wow you look great! That really made a difference in your appearance. Sending healing thoughts as you recover!
  2. SewMini

    Crystal table

    I think it's just basic pyrite lol. Maya has a rose quartz pendant that I may put in there because she doesn't wear it. I eventually want to put two display tables in there. with all kinds of things. I need to find a tutorial for tiny cauldrons.
  3. SewMini

    Godric's Hollow Shop

    A wizarding shop for the Wizards of Godric's Hollow
  4. There’s no such thing as a bad pun ;) This definitely rocks!
  5. SewMini

    Painted the thatch!

    Here’s the second one I found. I used his teddy bear fabric method on the towel.
  6. SewMini

    Painted the thatch!

    I wish the pictures did it justice. It looks so smooth in photos but it has a lot of texture and really does look like thatch in person. I may add some other colors over time but I’ll leave it be for now. It was sooooo easy to do. I probably should have used two towels but I pulled through by piecing together bits. I tried to do the most piecing in the back. I first saw a tutorial for it on youtube where you laid the towel down and then coated it with paint. Then I got to searching I found another that had a better method where you coated it with glue first to stiffen it and then painted. I’ll see if I can find it.
  7. SewMini


    I was just going to suggest the same. Still rectangular but smaller. Or do you have room to move it forward? I think maybe it's just too close to the divider.
  8. SewMini


    It’s looking so good! I love the lighting. And Mr. Crocodile up there is looking great!
  9. SewMini

    Happy Easter

    God Påske!! Such a cute doll :)
  10. Ha true but Im super annoying about realism so if it’s generally a design no no I steer clear. Then again this is a Wizard shop so I could probably paint it fuschia and get away with it :D
  11. There are ceiling beams on the first floor that will be dark for sure. The top floor has roof beams that are pretty high up and I dont think it will matter so much that they are dark. I actually really like the look, just wanted to make sure I wasnt crazy lol.
  12. I'm having trouble deciding if I want to stain these floors to match the staircase or leave them this color and just clear coat them. I kind of love the color they are but will it look weird that they won't match any of the other wood? I still have to add beam work and all of that will be stained dark like the stairs.
  13. SewMini

    Panelling glued in

    Wow this looks amazing!
  14. SewMini

    Slowy but surely!

    It is! I got it from a guy on Craigslist probably 2 years ago. I couldn’t believe my luck and the kit is in pristine condition!
  15. It’s a [cat] SCRATCH build i’m sorry, I’ll let myself out :D
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