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  1. Thank you so much Kathie your advise is very helpful.I love what you did with your Primrose!
  2. I don't have power tools and no experience with them.Basically I have never cut wood before.What would be the easiest way for me to cut the openings?
  3. No what i want to do is to put the long window side by side with the front door on front wall and put the short window on the side wall.Sorry for the confusion.
  4. I've never built a dollhouse before.I was thinking of getting a Primrose.I want to switch the windows.How could I put the back side window in the front and put the front window on the side?
  5. Sweet and inviting!very creative
  6. pumkinpie

    Interior view

    I love it, you did a beautiful job on the sugarplum!
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