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  1. I may have some. I replaced several of my Beacon Hill windows with other windows. Do you have a picture of what you need?
  2. I put mine on inexpensive desks I purchased off of Amazon because they are in my basement family room. If you want something a little classier but don't want to pay for new furniture, check out yard sales or flea markets.
  3. I have had most success on Ebay. I just list it as local pickup only as I don't want to deal with trying to ship a dollhouse.
  4. I actually have two wood-burning fireplaces but don't use either of them for a variety of reasons. I like the suggestion, though. I might ask a colleague who likes wood fires if he wants it for kindling. Thanks.
  5. Like many, I save the extra wood when I pop the pieces out to make Greenleaf dollhouses. That pile of wood scraps has gotten too big, and I need to get rid of it. If there is anyone in the Northern Va area who would like some or all of it, there welcome to it. Otherwise, I will be throwing it out. PM if your interested.
  6. I don't glue because I move furniture between dollhouses. I can't afford to furnish them all.
  7. Thank you for posting this. I lost my schematics somewhere along the way and have been using screens shots of schematics from someone's Facebook page that were often incomplete pages. This will be much easier to work from.
  8. I haven't built any of these, but the average depth of the porches on the houses that I have built is 3-4 inches so you can probably just subtract that off of the total measurement from the dollhouses pages to approximate the room sizes.
  9. I have only built the Shadybrook Cabin, but it's ceiling height is between 8 1/9 and 9 inches high for the lower level and the loft above is about 7 inches at the peak. You just glue the floor supports in so you have some flexibility on how high you want the ceiling to be. It's fairly spacious inside. I gave it a complete second floor and put in a small flight of stairs and still had plenty of room. I can't speak specifically to the other ones, but most of the smaller houses that I have built have ceilings that are 8 to 9 inches high.
  10. I've found all kinds of clamps at Home Depot for clamping pieces together including corner clamps. They are in the small tool section by the saws. If there is an area that I can't clamp, I use painter's tape or masking tape. I've used quick dry or regular Aleen's tacky glue for all of my houses. My grandmother was an avid crafter, and she swore by it for all of her projects.
  11. I have done it both ways depending on the mood. One strategy that I have learned has to do with wallpaper. Cut the piece for the back wall a little long so that it wraps around the corners. Then cut your sides the full length of the walls so that it overlaps the wrapped part. This way you will not have visible seams. I would paint your ceilings before you put it together. Speaking as someone who always forgets to do that, it is a pain to paint the ceilings once you put the house together.
  12. Welcome! It's good to have another Northern Virginian on the site.
  13. Khadi

    through bay.jpg

    I love the little flowers.
  14. I always think about what the inhabitants of my dollhouses would think when my cats invade them. The cats would sure be gigantic to them!
  15. I don't know, but they are not for the fainthearted. I have done one. You have to make EVERYTHING, and the piece are very small.
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