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  1. This is an aside to the dollhouse topic, but this works amazingly well for pet stains on wood floors. I used this to get rid of cat urine stains when I discovered my cat was secretly urinating on the rug under my bed due to a health issue. After two rounds of spraying the hardwood floor with hydrogen peroxide and covering with a hydrogen peroxide soaked towel, both the odor and most of the stain were gone.
  2. I know how this feels. One of my cats loves "climbing" up and down the staircases in my Garfield.
  3. I can't speak to siding other than that the MDF is a pain to try and cut. I will say the Greenleaf siding that came with my Beacon Hill makes great rustic wide plank floors.
  4. I measure the wallpaper to fit the walls from floor to ceiling but don't paste it in until after I glue the walls. That way I can make sure the patterns in the wall paper match up between the different pieces. It's important to cut the wallpaper for the side walls a little longer so that you can wrap it around the corner to the back wall. You want the pattern to match up to hide the seam on the back wall. If you don't wrap and stop at the corner, you will have visible seams.
  5. I use polyurethane and have never had a problem with yellowing.
  6. I used this a few years back for a large roof. The roof itself didn't look bad, but I didn't like the overall appearance. Perhaps it was my inexperience with the material or my impatience, but I had a hard time getting the seam between the two pieces I used to look nice.
  7. I've sold and purchased kits on Ebay. You can set it up for local buyers only so that you don't have to deal with shipping.
  8. I have also used Ebay to sell dollhouses. They have a "local pick up only" option so you don't have to deal with shipping. They take a cut of the money, but the person has to pay in advance. This is nice if your dealing in larger amounts of money, and it prevents dealing with buyers who never bother to show up. It also increases your range of people looking. I've had people come from a few hours away to pick things up.
  9. I use an old hair dryer to remove glue. It takes a bit longer to soften the glue, but there's less risk of it doing damage.
  10. I find a hair dryer is an easy way to remove hot glue.
  11. The wood on Greenleaf houses is very easy to cut for bashing. I've added and removed doors, windows, and walls for a variety of reasons. I use a fine-tooth saw or my Dremel with a rotary woodcutting blade. I would just hold the new pieces up to the existing locations and make sure that you are comfortable with the increased opening sizes. One thing I would check is the angle of the stairs. Greenleaf houses often have lower ceilings than a lot of the premade staircases allow for so you can end up with an odd angle for stairs or having little floor space at the bottom.
  12. I may have some. I replaced several of my Beacon Hill windows with other windows. Do you have a picture of what you need?
  13. I put mine on inexpensive desks I purchased off of Amazon because they are in my basement family room. If you want something a little classier but don't want to pay for new furniture, check out yard sales or flea markets.
  14. I have had most success on Ebay. I just list it as local pickup only as I don't want to deal with trying to ship a dollhouse.
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