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  1. From the album: SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    I came across a cool tutorial on how to mix Fimo to make a more realistic marble. The marble in the tutorial was opaque but I kind of wanted something that was a bit more translucent. Almost like alabaster. The process of doing this is a bit too much to explain here but I think they came out really cool. The mix on the right is the one I'm going to end up using. It's still translucent but more white. The one on the left is really cool but a bit too yellow for the kitchen.
  2. A miniature lady I know built me this custom house. Well, it's the RGT Queen Anne and the Newport bashed together with a ton of custom alterations. Walls taken down, windows replaced with doors, balconies extending all around, etc. I know there are a few weird things that don't match (especially the Newport side of roof needing to be peaked or something), but I love it. It's so fun. Just picked it up yesterday, so there are no accessories yet and I only just started playing with furniture, but here are pics if anyone is curious. It's giant!!! I realize it's bigger than most people's taste. Lol. It's 90x36x38. Oops. Will post pics in just a minute. Have to switch devices.
  3. Hi All, I'm having trouble choosing a car for the San Franciscan's Garage.. I've been trolling around on ebay and other sites all morning.. wasting time searching. So I'm hoping you can help me choose. As you may or may not know the back story on the San Franciscan is that a young couple live there.. they inherited it from her spinster Aunty. So with that in mind, I've been looking at the kind of cars I think a spinster Aunty might have stashed away under a dust cover in the Garage. I feel a pull to this Morris Minor as my Dad's Secretary in the 1970's had this exact car (even the same colour) and I have vivid memories of her driving into the yard of my Dad's office when I was very young. She was a spinster who lived with her mother, as you did if you were a spinster back then. Her name was Deirdre and she was tall and slim with Mrs Doubtfire hair and glasses. She wore tweed below the knee pleated skirts with matching jackets, thick hose and utilitarian lace up shoes. She was an old school Secretary. She took dictation using shorthand and typed so fast it was like rapid fire on that old manual typewriter. I loved her, she was no-nonsense and stern but also kind and very nice to me. When I saw this car I immediately thought of her... maybe she will be my inspiration for my imaginary San Franciscan Spinster Aunt. My next choice is this BMW Isetta.. because.. well.. it's just so cool! I feel like the San Franciscan needs a cool retro car and this little Euro number fits the bill entirely. Plus it's petite, meaning it's good for parking in busy San Francisco. My only concern is that it will be overwhelmed in the garage which has quite a high ceiling height. It also comes in this great retro pale green My husband is voting for this Porsche (of course he is ), however I fear my back story would have to change to my young couple working in the tech industry.. or perhaps the savvy spinster Aunt was an early investor in Apple. Fortunately, I think this car might be too long for the garage. I haven't been able to find the dimensions of this model but this vintage model (which I quite like) is 14 inches long and the garage is only 13.5. Of course I could always get a Combi which I think is very San Francisco.. but again, slightly too long.. maybe I could park it in the driveway. or a maybe a Beetle... Or a Mini.. a retro Morris one not the new BMW version. These come in endless colour combinations so there's a lot of scope there to fit into my overall scheme. Though I do like this green one. Or should the spinster Aunt have had a secret wild side and kept a corvette or mustang under covers in the garage all these years. So what do you think? Which car should I go for.
  4. How difficult do you think it would be to bash together an Orchid and The Arthur? They are for sale, still in the box. They look very similar as far roof lines etc? I haven't even started the Laurel yet, and I'm already dreaming of another house. I have been stalking the listing on Craig's list for weeks. Am I going off the rails????
  5. SewMini

    Faux stone tiles

    From the album: SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    One night I got creative and decided to try my hand at making some faux stone. I can't remember where I saw the idea for this but it was on the internet. I had some art paper laying around the house so I cut a base piece and then glued shredded up pieces of art paper to the base piece and then cut it up into rectangular tiles. I mixed them up so the lines didn't match up and then lined them up. It's a really simple project and i'm happy with how my test turned out so I plan on using it throughout the first floor of the house.
  6. SewMini

    Chandelier lit up

    From the album: SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    Here is the chandelier lit up. I really like how it looks lit up. I might make a small one for the upstairs that looks like my own small hanging lamp that I got in Turkey. I think I could do that pretty easily with some bead caps and one of the miniature glass jars I got last night when I got the miniature mason jars for the dining room.
  7. SewMini

    Custom Chandelier

    From the album: SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    Farmhouse chic has a pretty specific style of lighting that usually combines simple lights with unusual fixtures. I just haven't found anything I like online because the vast majority of it is Victorian fixtures and doesn't work with what I'm trying to do. I have pretty eclectic decor in my own home thanks to many years of international travel so I like to look for interesting designs. I found a couple really cool looking sliding bracelet clasps that reminded me of the metal lanterns I've seen in souks around North Africa and the Middle East. I put them together with super glue and a lame attempt at soldering and then added chains from an old necklace. After that it was just a matter of adding in a salvaged light bulb from a light fixture I already had and voila! An eclectic chandelier.
  8. SewMini

    New Primrose Side

    From the album: SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    When I put the Orchid and Primrose together I realized that I needed to increase the roof line to match so I cut a new side piece and a new roof piece. I used one of the shutters from the front of the Primrose to lay out two narrow windows on either side of a chimney that I'll add on. The chimney will be there on the outside but on the inside it will just be a remnant as I plan on having a modern kitchen.
  9. From the album: SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    I had hoped to keep the bay window but it just wouldn't fit anywhere else so I decided to keep the octagonal window from the main gable section. I had initially lined it up at the same height as all the other windows but then realized it just didn't look right so I fixed it by elongating it. I'll just cut a few extra trim pieces to fix that. My plan for this is to make a stained glass window with some kind of cool design. Maybe a tree or even a peacock because I love peacocks.
  10. From the album: SewMini's Casa del Paó d'Or

    The inside of the house will be pretty basic in terms of layout. I cut the bay window opening on the Orchid to go to the floor to make a large opening between the two rooms on the lower level. I also cut a narrow doorway between the two rooms on the upper level. The layout will be: Lower Level Primrose: Kitchen Lower Level Orchid: Dining Room/Living Room Upper Level Primrose: Bathroom Upper Level Orchid: Bedroom
  11. From the album: Chanticleer

    In this first dry fit, I've built the structure in reverse (sometimes called "inside out") and will be closing up the wall on the right for a chimney. I plan to change the main front eave from a hip roof to a regular peak roof, and will extend the right hand side down to give the front an appearance more like the Glencroft. I'm planning a small balcony area above the bay window.

    © DAL Minis

  12. Dalesq

    3 Bears

    From the album: 3 Bears

    Interior shot.

    © DAL Minis

  13. Dalesq

    #2 Tennyson Place

    From the album: #2 Tennyson Place

    I've gotten back to work on the Tennyson bashes. This weekend I painted most of the white trim (isn't there always something you forget?) and started attaching the exterior trims. I also worked on the foundation. It still needs to be grouted.

    © DAL Minis

  14. From the album: Canterbury

    Work continues on the front bay. Got all inspired looking through "Daughters of Painted Ladies" and almost made the roof wider than the wall! The brackets are just sitting there for now--they were originally painted for a different house and never used. Contemplating what the colors should be....
  15. I was given this kit by a co-worker, and I decided to build it today so I can show her before we're off work for the summer. In the process of making it, the idea occurred to me to bash it a little - but my father-in-law was not a fan of the idea. so I thought I'd ask for advice / opinions. My idea is to cut a hole in the top where the long middle drawer is to use a sink opening. I would either keep it flat and have a very shallow sink, or use a small piece of wood to create a little height on top to make the sink deeper ( I included a picture of the middle drawer on top, to give an idea of a deeper sink). Either way, I'll make that long drawer non-operational, but keep the other doors and drawers. So, what do you think? Bash with a shallow sink, bash with a deep sink, don't bash at all...??? Thanks everyone!!
  16. So... are pre-made French doors bash-able? I have an opening that I want to fill with french doors. It has the correct width, but the height is 1.5 inches short. So, the options seem to be either make the door shorter or make the hole bigger. I'd rather make the door shorter, if possible. Any ideas / opinions / warnings ?? Thanks for your help!!
  17. When I built the White Rose I had a lot of ideas that were along the lines of steampunk, but I couldn't reconcile the two concepts with the image I had in my mind of the house. So I built the White Rose as more of a traditional build with some bashing to add skylights and open up the third floor. Many of the things I did with that house were "firsts" for me and I've learned a lot since then doing more builds. I'm planning to bash another half scale Rosedale, but this time it will be a steampunk build. I've started the preliminary mock ups and did a dry fit today. I forgot what fun the Rosedale is to build! It's been two years (I think) since I started the White Rose, and I don't think I did a dry fit of that house because I was trying to wrap my head around building the house around the staircase. But what fun! I had a great time putting this one into dry fit today. Of course, as soon as I start doing mock ups more than one idea surfaces, so I know there will be another Rosedale in my future after this one Anyway, here's my working mock up of the Copper Rose (thank you Brae for help naming her)
  18. Dalesq

    Tudor Cottage

    From the album: Tudor Cottage, 1:24 Buttercup Bash

    I've finished the roof for now. I'll be coming back to touch up colors on individual roof "tiles" and eventually will be adding moss to the rock and roof. But for now, the roof is finished!

    © DAL Minis

  19. PepperJoAz


    From the album: My Orchid build - 1st doll house

    It's finally here!!! The house wants an addition on the side...let the bashing begin!!!
  20. Dalesq

    Tudor Cottage

    From the album: Tudor Cottage, 1:24 Buttercup Bash

    This little cottage is inspired by an image of a real cottage that I found on the Internet. I'm using a slightly bashed 1:24 Buttercup. It's shown here in dry fit with paper stonework for the mock up. I've removed the front roof overhang and cut off the fish scale scalloped roof edge. The front narrow arch windows will be covered by "stone." I've used pieces from the kit to fill the openings.

    © DAL Minis

  21. From the album: #2 Tennyson Place

    Step one: I'm putting this bash together in the typical configuration, so the foundation goes together just like you would if you were building the kit from start to finish. Of course, you can reverse the layout, building the house "inside out" or you can remove the wrap around porch like I did in the 1:24 Tennyson Bash that looks like a row house. Nice and simple, no?

    © DAL Minis

  22. GSnail

    Dry Fit 2- front

    From the album: Spooky farmhouse- Montana style

    Cut the windows and door square, cut windows in the primrose, cut the doorway between, filled the top window, glued the adjoining walls together. Now to start the porch and foundation! Get excited!
  23. When I was deciding on whether to use the Primrose as an extension to the Arthur, I looked around, but could not find any pics. So here are pics for the next person who thinks about this. Front: Back: Roof slopes comparison: The foundations are removed from both, the Arthur foundation is higher than the Primrose foundation. With the foundation removed, the top floors are at the same height, very nice. The roof slopes are different, and the Primrose is about 2cm deeper. I'm going to make it look like the unreleased kit, Montana: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8010
  24. GSnail

    Dry fit 1- front

    From the album: Spooky farmhouse- Montana style

    It's like the Montana but flipped.
  25. GSnail

    Dry fit 1- back

    From the album: Spooky farmhouse- Montana style

    Added two walls to make hallways.
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