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I've been reading this forum's content as an unregistered researcher since February when I first experienced a personal surge of interest in miniatures. 

This came about as a result of an online auction purchase of an (unseen) Greenleaf Westville Cottage Kit. Still boxed, and I guess vintage (circa 1990) I won the bidding, got it home and peeked inside at the shocking sight of an unassembled dollhouse kit.

Yikes. I knew enough not to remove it from the box until I learned what I was supposed to do with it. Quite a lot, it seems.

It's mid-April and the kit is not built yet because I can't do the sanding it requires indoors, and of course, being Ontario it's still too cold to work outside. So I started learning how to furnish it, paint it, etc. while I'm waiting.

I've been making tiny wooden shelves and boxes from scratch (oh and a fireplace) (learning about tools like miter boxes and saws, pin drills, blades and knives, clamps, and glues) and turned out a surprisingly realistic and fun-to-make array of polymer clay food, bowls, pots, and plates. 

I also began to purchase new and inexpensive accessories including a tape electric light system and tiny lights - guess I don't need to say tiny anymore - and collect stuff from thrift shops, etc, to repurpose. 

I bought a gazillion cedar roof tiles and some siding from The Little Dollhouse Company, here in Toronto, and a few other impractical but adorable little things.

I'm semi-retired and other than my husband, my motorcycle, and my big standard poodle, I have few demands on my life. Part-time work is copywriting and editing. But it hasn't taken me long to realize that this miniature obsession is way more fun than copywriting.

So here I am.

Because now I have TWO Greenleaf Dollhouses.

Yesterday I came home with an old, pre-loved, fully constructed Pierce dollhouse that needs some TLC. Our dining room table is its new home and we have to eat dinner at the coffee table now. (image below) It's wired and has lots of lights (chandeliers, sconces, lamps, and spares) and only cost $75 Canadian. 

I forgot to mention, I also acquired a Serendipity Shed kit because, well every woman needs her own shed right? I can make it into a mini motorcycle workshop.

I'm going to need lots of practical help, more money, and maybe some therapy!

Very best,





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34 minutes ago, Jazz said:

and maybe some therapy!

Rosemary, dear heart, this IS therapy. :D Welcome to the asylum forum.

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Welcome Rosemary :wave:

I am so excited for you. You have done so much preparation. What a great price on both houses.

This is a 10 step support group...we will give you ten reasons why you need or should buy it, so if you ever have doubts, just ask.


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Lol! Thanks! 

Coincidentally I was looking at your name as the result of a search, just as your comment popped up. Now that I'm here, I'll just ask:

Is there a way to add a section to the Pierce?  have a Serendipity Shed that would make a terrific sunroom/conservatory. Also, I need a pattern to replace a missing piece of the  Pierce just above the second story bay window. Thoughts?  Images are in my introduction posted today.

Thanks for the welcome.


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I have all the paperwork from my Pierce so I could send you the paper that has the part's you're missing so that you at least understand the shape you're looking for.  Actually - I don't think I used that bit so I may even have it......I could look.  Yes, I can't have used it because I built that tower taller so that I could build out that side of the attic into a better size room.  Send me a private message with your email address and I can hunt out the paperwork today.  My daughter is having a procedure on her jaw later today so I won't be home all day, but I should have time.

Welcome Rosemary!! - sorry - should have put that first! :D 

I was going to say exactly what Kathie said - this IS therapy!  The thing I love most about miniatures is that there are so many facets to them!  From woodworking, to wiring, to creating furniture, food etc.  From using fabric to paper to wood and metal!  

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Welcome to the little family, Rosemary.  I love your username, as the hubs & I are major jazz fans and belong to the Jazz Society of Pensacola (Florida).  My halfway rebuilt Pierce I was rehabbing was going to have a conservatory off the downstairs with a rooftop garden off the master bedroom upstairs and I had cut two sets of double doors in the solid end wall (the attachment was going to be separate for being able to get it through doorways); the Dremel Trio was perfect for this.  We moved, and on the way to our new home it got destroyed (please don't ask) and after a couple of years of staring at the damage that was irreparable I let it go (I now have a lovely Garfield kit sitting in its box).

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2 hours ago, Jazz said:

Is there a way to add a section to the Pierce?  have a Serendipity Shed that would make a terrific sunroom/conservatory.

It's just a matter of cutting a doorway to provide access to the conservatory. I am adding an entire 2-story addition onto the right side (living room) wall to accommodate a nice large kitchen on the ground floor and a bedroom/bath on the upper floor in my Bohemian Inn and Restaurant. I am going to make it removable. As Holly mentioned, the house may one day need to pass through a real life doorway.

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