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  1. Lips


    Wow you guys thank you for your nice comments ...that I just know discovered 4 years later since you made them....lol...Better late then never!
  2. Lips


    Thanks for your comment! Ya know I put pictures in my albums never thinking anyone would bother looking much less leave a comment so I never check after I add the pictures....so finding a comment is fun....Thank you!
  3. Lips


    I knows its been like 2 years but I wanted to say thank you for your nice comment!
  4. Lips


    Hey guys.....I never thought anyone would bother viewing my pics much less leave a comment so I never bothered to look if anyone ever had. I know its been like 2 years and I am sorry. But better late then never :o) I just wanted to say thank you for your nice comments they mean alot to me. I'm the only person I know that has an interest in dollhouses and miniatures so I have no one in real life to show my little creations to....so having this community to share with means so much to me....I thank you so much for your nice comments!
  5. Lips


    Making tiny replicas of my real size things is what miniatures are about for me....Since I make normal sized paper models I have to make tiny ones. You can find free to download printable patterns for just about anything you can think of, just size it down and print it out and then cut and clue the pieces together....of course the smaller the model the more difficult it well be to make, but I love the challenge.....but for me miniature printables are the only way to go. I have several pics of stuff Ive made out of paper in this album. Thanks for nice comments!
  6. Lips


    Thank you Emerald ;o) I have more pictures .....before and after type things....my avatar there, well that's my My Size Barbie Doll.....she's 3 ft tall, I call her White Trash Barbie because my husband found her waste deep in dump trash when he took our old couches over there. Anyway....thanks for looking !!
  7. Lips

    Barbie Dolls

    For some reason people keep giving me trashed Barbie dolls and other types of dolls they run across while dumpster diving or randomly finding them. They are always dirty, naked and with horribly abused hair. I'm not into dolls at all....but I do love restoring beat up things so I've added this to my list of hobbies. I have about 50 dolls so far, so I'm just getting started.....
  8. It could be a custom made house made by a dad that never got decorated by the mom....just a thought, did you try asking the people that are selling it???
  9. Lips


    Cool! I created the graphics and everything for this kit box......I made a custom dollhouse and named it The Nelson....so the box is of my actual dollhouse......I love making those boxes.........I have another box of one of my other dollhouses I made too.
  10. Lips

    Mini Paper Printables

    Download and print, use card stock for most things that need to be sturdy...make sure your hands are clean, score all the folding edges before cutting the pattern out, use a ruler to keep lines straight, and scissors with good sharp pointed tips.....tacky glue works best. After its put together spray it with a clear coat or paint a coat of clear polyurethane (water based) all over it. Most of these I made myself using Windows Paint and images I found online....Some are made by other people like myself that just want to share with people......so feel free to download and do whatever
  11. Lips

    Miniatures "Things" I've made

    My real life favorite pieces of furniture replicated in 1:12 scale. I made them the way I wished they looked in real life. Also many everyday items of things in my house that I use all the time...like the cross stitch cushion that's on my real life rocking chair.....my Da Vinci Accordion and case, it doesn't make music but the bellows really work, real leather shoulder straps with working buckles and leather wrist strap and working snaps used to keep the bellows locked.. The telescope and tripod are based on the first telescope I had...the tripod legs are adjustable..the telescop
  12. I'm over here in thirsty California........Sacramento.
  13. Where did you find such a modern looking toilet? Everything looks so nice!
  14. Lips

    FF 351

    I love it........love the blue roof......i admire people who have the talent and the patients to work on smaller scales.
  15. Lips

    FF 292

    the stairway carpet is adorable. well the whole tiny house is adorable. where did you get the idea for that blue roof?
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