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  1. Hi Dena - I also have Fibromyalgia and I have arthritis as well. So far pain and fatigue haven't stopped my mini-ing and I hope they never do. My awesome husband (who has muscular dystrophy) has bought me tools to use to stop me from overdoing things however I do still get a lot of finger, hand and shoulder pain. I was initially diagnosed in 1997 at age 25 but didn't accept the diagnosis. It wasn't until I went to a Rheumatologist with hip pain in 2008 that I was again diagnosed with fibro and accepted it - and the somewhat help that some meds can provide. I find the stiffness almost as bad as the pain, fatigue and brain-fog. Still - onwards and upwards!! As you say - giving up isn't an option!
  2. Yum looks so good! Happy Birthday for this week Muriel!! xx
  3. Yes we don't sweeten the cream either. Love the idea of plain yoghurt mixed in - will try that next time!!
  4. Pavlova originated in NZ and it's a traditional Christmas dessert here. It's actually not that sweet! I'm not a big sweet eater either, but we usually add strawberries and kiwifruit on top and it's a really lovely light dessert - depending upon how much whipped cream you also put on top!!
  5. Aw Jeannine what a let down! And it takes so much prep to get yourself ready for an operation, mentally and emotionally! Totally understand both the frustration and the sadness! Thinking of you. xxx
  6. Thank you so much Adriana!! I'm not sure if it's talent or just sheer determination. I remember someone saying on here, when I was very new to minis, that the art of being a good miniaturist is being able to hide things well. I can now completely agree with that sentiment!
  7. I love this table.....I would like this in real life please!!!
  8. Shareb


    Good for you trying this! I have to say, these are the sort of crafts that I'm happy to pay someone to do because I know I can't!!!
  9. Shareb

    Working hatch door

    Yes - the hatch is a brilliant idea! Love the round windows....
  10. What a beautiful little cottage!!!! Love the wee mouse....
  11. Shareb

    Faux seamed-metal roof

    Oh that's come up beautifully!!!
  12. Shareb

    Earth Day gardening

    Yes - I'm so glad I chose to put the planter there! And yes, she made a heck of a mess planting - thankfully she has a roomba! Thanks Shannon! They're NZ Kauri - a native timber. Then I just oiled.
  13. Shareb

    Finnish exterior

    Thank you! I found that bench online and knew the exact right place for it!
  14. Shareb


    Thanks! Hooper swans are the official bird of Finland which is why I've incorporated a couple of swans....
  15. Shareb

    Finnish exterior

    Thanks! I think so too! I would never have painted a red cottage if I hadn't been doing a 'theme'. I'm so glad I did!
  16. She's very quiet and has such a peaceful energy about her. Hopefully one day she'll open up and tell me about the life she's lead and then I will share!
  17. Shareb

    Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I am modifying a Storybook cottage so that my lovely Finnish lady Tynne can live there.
  18. Shareb

    Finished Finnish

    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Meghan of Dollhouse Smithery (on IG and Etsy) made this gorgeous desk for this build for me. I downloaded the stationery from Etsy - Zenas Miniatures. I created the crystal collection from my own.
  19. Shareb

    Tynnes Scooter

    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Perfect for Tynne's needs. This is a Fujimi kit.
  20. Shareb

    Domestic bliss

    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    The dog is from Yuliya - Masters Family Shop on Etsy. I have numerous animals from her - she's amazing.
  21. Shareb


    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    Fireplace vent made by me with various odds and ends. I used a Chrome paint pen which I now LOVE! I made the window box - the decoration I designed and cut on the Cricut.
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