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    Looks fantastic Nell!!
  2. Shareb


    That blue is divine and the dress is gorgeous!! Lovely face!
  3. The building I used for my Apothecary was from Dollhouse Direct. The first kit didn't include everything I'd ordered so they sent the extras to me. It was a pain as I had to wait for the postage - and that was prior to Covid! However they were okay to deal with. The Malibu house is gorgeous but I imagine they're pretty expensive!
  4. Interesting! There are quite a few sellers on Etsy now who sell both Art Nouveau and Art Deco styled furniture kits. I've bought a few recently from a fantastic guy in the Netherlands. Beautiful furniture. Plus mid-century modern as well.
  5. Isn't it Fanaberia off Etsy Keith??
  6. I'm going to be building a mid-century house from scratch. But interesting to see that there are plans available.
  7. Hi Karen - I don't believe they've changed. Personally I have found the instructions for every GL kit I've done, difficult to follow. I'm a visual person and far prefer working from pictures. I find it exceptionally hard following the written instructions and usually have to read them through several times before I figure out what I'm supposed to do!
  8. Hi Sonya - I've been miniaturing now for about 7 years. This forum is a wealth of information and I relied heavily on the amazing miniaturists on here for the first few years. Since then I've met other amazing people via Instagram and Facebook. It's certainly not a dying art and the group I'm friends with on IG are mostly younger people. Some can be quite careful of sharing their information - especially if they sell their art and I completely understand that. But as Carrie states above - there are many amazing blogs out there. Here's a couple of really good ones for you: Brae fro
  9. I used paperclay for the first time this year and love it! So versatile! These look excellent!
  10. Shareb


    They are beautiful! You have done such an amazing job on those!!
  11. Shareb

    Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I am modifying a Storybook cottage so that my lovely Finnish lady Tynne can live there.
  12. Shareb

    bedside table lamp

    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    The last little light for my Finnish cottage. Made out of 3D printed parts.
  13. From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    My 3D printed pendant lights for my Finnish cottage
  14. Shareb

    Tynne's new bag

    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    My lovely Finnish lady Tynne has a new bag! The bag is made by the exceptionally talented Jade of Barklaysminis on Etsy.
  15. I think it's freaking awesome!! Obviously I haven't been watching your photos as closely as I should have been!
  16. Shareb

    3floor stairs.jpg

    I loved my Sindy and Barbie dolls - I would have LOVED this as a kid! You are doing such an amazing job!
  17. Wow!!! It looks amazing!!!!
  18. Shareb

    kitchen lights

    Aww....thank you LInda!!! I have to say I am really enjoying the freedom the resin printer is giving me. It's enabling me to create professional looking pieces without spending huge money and waiting for it to arrive! Plus I'm enjoying this lovely simple build. I'm looking for simple yet stylish.
  19. Shareb

    cement project.jpg

    I know all about pain issues Linda! That's why I just spend what I can each day and be happy with whatever I accomplish. Love these blocks - so interested to see how you use them!
  20. Shareb

    kitchen lights

    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I've made all the lights myself - some from components I have 3d printed.
  21. Shareb

    kitchen lights

    From the album: Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I've made all the lighting for the house myself - some with 3d printed components I have printed.
  22. Shareb

    House interior

    Love this! you have done it so beautifully!
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