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  1. I love this table.....I would like this in real life please!!!
  2. Shareb


    Good for you trying this! I have to say, these are the sort of crafts that I'm happy to pay someone to do because I know I can't!!!
  3. Shareb

    Working hatch door

    Yes - the hatch is a brilliant idea! Love the round windows....
  4. What a beautiful little cottage!!!! Love the wee mouse....
  5. Shareb

    Faux seamed-metal roof

    Oh that's come up beautifully!!!
  6. Shareb

    Earth Day gardening

    Yes - I'm so glad I chose to put the planter there! And yes, she made a heck of a mess planting - thankfully she has a roomba! Thanks Shannon! They're NZ Kauri - a native timber. Then I just oiled.
  7. Shareb

    Finnish exterior

    Thank you! I found that bench online and knew the exact right place for it!
  8. Shareb


    Thanks! Hooper swans are the official bird of Finland which is why I've incorporated a couple of swans....
  9. Shareb

    Finnish exterior

    Thanks! I think so too! I would never have painted a red cottage if I hadn't been doing a 'theme'. I'm so glad I did!
  10. She's very quiet and has such a peaceful energy about her. Hopefully one day she'll open up and tell me about the life she's lead and then I will share!
  11. Shareb

    Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I am modifying a Storybook cottage so that my lovely Finnish lady Tynne can live there.
  12. Shareb


    Looks really good there especially with the big chunky beam behind it!
  13. Shareb

    finished light.jpg

    Love the light! Very rustic and cool!!
  14. I saw them live in 2019 - a bucket list item for me!! I LOVE my record player!!!!
  15. Thanks Carrie!!! Thanks Linda!!! I battled to try to keep it simple!
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