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  1. Loving the 'glass'!!! What did you use??? Looking fantastic!
  2. Yes! Doc Martens by Shepherd Miniatures! They're brilliant! Lol - right!!!!
  3. Yes! At least we now know the structure is solid!
  4. My Phicen's jeans turned up today! I bought them from Rainbow Daisies on Etsy.
  5. Shareb


    I used gold polymer clay and also mica powder for an extra glitter!
  6. Shareb

    Stone Cottage

    My project for the 2020 HBS Creatin Contest.
  7. SNAP Carrie - just mentioned the Zjakazumi dolls!!!
  8. I have a Phicen too and as with Carrie, mine is also still unclothed - except for a pair of Doc Marten Boots!!! I do have jeans on order from Etsy but postage this year is pretty ridiculous so still waiting! The clothing for them is pretty pricey. I'm also about to order a Zjakazumi Doll from Etsy - they're bjd's (ball jointed) in different sizes. Plus I have three Sherri Colvin dolls and have another on it's way to me. Phicen are notoriously hard to dress because of what they're made of. Apparently one of the best ways to dress is to use those really thin plastic gloves that come wi
  9. Thank you so much Bunny! And apologies it's taken me so long to see your comment!!
  10. Hi Jennifer - here's a pic of the brown paper wrapped foam board. It really is just covering the raw edges.
  11. Hi all - just looking back over the last few pages of this convo. Anyone heard from Kelly lately?? I'd love to know how she's getting on - especially with Covid at everyone's doors. Of course with Covid around she might be staying away from the local library etc so may not have had much of an opportunity to get online. It would be good to know if she's all good. Meanwhile here in NZ we're doing okay. My daughter (turned 20 last month) has been battling anxiety however she's coming out the other end now. Certainly makes you realise how little we parents know how to parent - especiall
  12. Hi Lindsay! I used to make a heap of things for my Barbies but unfortunately never had a dollhouse. My daughter found the little roombox kits from China and together we bought four to do together. I loved it, she didn't! She's 20 now and doing her own thing and me, I'm hooked on minis! Welcome to the group - there is a wealth of knowledge here among some amazing peeps!
  13. I've used foamboard to create a roombox and I just used white PVA glue for gluing the foamboard AND for the wallpaper. One hint that was given to me was to cover all the raw edges with brown paper - it certainly makes for much nicer/tidier edges and I've continued to do that for all my foamboard uses!
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