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  1. On closer inspection, if you look at the first photo of the first place houseboat, the entire kit is right there! Two walls, door, both the correct windows and the little landing. It's actually very well done!
  2. Given that you don't have to use the whole kit.... last year's winner barely used any of it!
  3. At the moment they're announcing through their Instagram account....
  4. I believe they're announcing the various winners throughout the week Holly, so will probably wait till they're done before making all the photos etc available on their website. Congrats to Brae and Kelli!!!
  5. Shareb

    Contemporary chair

    You have such an amazing eye Keith! Love this little chair!
  6. Shareb

    Contemporary chair

    Really is beautiful Keith!
  7. Shareb

    Day bed

    Such a pretty day bed!! Love Robin Betterley's stuff!!!
  8. I live in NZ and only use metrics! I can't get my head around all the fractions in imperial!! I was glad to find a resource in metric because the majority aren't. I have a conversion chart on the wall in my studio and a calculator handy if need be.
  9. Shareb

    Roof section close up

    This is going to look amazing!
  10. Beautiful Keith!! Love the detail around the bottom....
  11. This seems like a very old thread now - certainly our thoughts have changed completely! I have a Cricut Maker which I love and use often. I now also have a resin printer which is amazing. Each requires skill to design, shape, formulate what you need from it. They are tools and I completely agree with you Jeanne and Susie - the more tools you have, the better you can create!
  12. Hhmmm.....I have 3 1950s English Metal 1:24 houses that were a recent purchase - although I prefer to say 'saved'. Then I have 2 Greenleaf's - one current and one sitting waiting to be finished. Then 4 others complete. 9? Okay.....plus a kit on the way.....and a few 1:24 little kits. Yes - it is rather an addiction!
  13. Hi Clifford, Like Carrie I wire mine differently each time. For a room box I did recently for a friend, I ran the wires out the back and created a little box like a pump house on the back which stored the battery holder. For a large house I created space underneath by gluing on spaces. I ran the wires down the inside walls behind paneling or through drainpipes on the back from the attic. I then connected the round wires to the tape wire on the bottom and hid everything under there. For another large place I landscaped, ran the wires down through the floor and through the foam that fo
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