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  1. I used paperclay for the first time this year and love it! So versatile! These look excellent!
  2. Shareb


    They are beautiful! You have done such an amazing job on those!!
  3. Shareb

    Storybook to Finnish Cottage

    I am modifying a Storybook cottage so that my lovely Finnish lady Tynne can live there.
  4. I think it's freaking awesome!! Obviously I haven't been watching your photos as closely as I should have been!
  5. Shareb

    3floor stairs.jpg

    I loved my Sindy and Barbie dolls - I would have LOVED this as a kid! You are doing such an amazing job!
  6. Wow!!! It looks amazing!!!!
  7. Shareb

    kitchen lights

    Aww....thank you LInda!!! I have to say I am really enjoying the freedom the resin printer is giving me. It's enabling me to create professional looking pieces without spending huge money and waiting for it to arrive! Plus I'm enjoying this lovely simple build. I'm looking for simple yet stylish.
  8. Shareb

    cement project.jpg

    I know all about pain issues Linda! That's why I just spend what I can each day and be happy with whatever I accomplish. Love these blocks - so interested to see how you use them!
  9. Shareb

    House interior

    Love this! you have done it so beautifully!
  10. Shareb

    Wallpaper and desk

    I have a folder under my Miniatures tab on my computer called 'Printables'. Still I usually have to buy a new one for most builds!
  11. That's how we learn!! It's looking really good!!
  12. Shareb

    My oldies

    Yes I do too. I have three done (including Raymond) and I have one more to do at some stage. They are quite a bit smaller than my Finnish ladies and gent!
  13. Shareb

    Wallpaper and desk

    The wallpaper is from Cobble Hill MIniatures on Etsy.
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