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  1. Hi Jennifer - here's a pic of the brown paper wrapped foam board. It really is just covering the raw edges.
  2. Hi all - just looking back over the last few pages of this convo. Anyone heard from Kelly lately?? I'd love to know how she's getting on - especially with Covid at everyone's doors. Of course with Covid around she might be staying away from the local library etc so may not have had much of an opportunity to get online. It would be good to know if she's all good. Meanwhile here in NZ we're doing okay. My daughter (turned 20 last month) has been battling anxiety however she's coming out the other end now. Certainly makes you realise how little we parents know how to parent - especially at this age! My son (just turned 18 a month ago) has just this week been accepted into Media Design School and starts on Monday. Given that we've always homeschooled it'll be completely out of his comfort zone - the whole getting up early, catching a ferry into the city and walking through the city in rush hour before even getting to the school will be a challenge! He is exceptionally excited and daunted all at the same time. I know he's happy to be moving forward after watching so many of his friends start uni this year. Other than that we've been working and crafting as usual. Been working on an entry for the Creatin Contest this year! Most of what I've done has been a first for me so stretching my knowledge and abilities! Loving the challenge. Anyhoo....hope everyone is well!!
  3. Hi Lindsay! I used to make a heap of things for my Barbies but unfortunately never had a dollhouse. My daughter found the little roombox kits from China and together we bought four to do together. I loved it, she didn't! She's 20 now and doing her own thing and me, I'm hooked on minis! Welcome to the group - there is a wealth of knowledge here among some amazing peeps!
  4. I've used foamboard to create a roombox and I just used white PVA glue for gluing the foamboard AND for the wallpaper. One hint that was given to me was to cover all the raw edges with brown paper - it certainly makes for much nicer/tidier edges and I've continued to do that for all my foamboard uses!
  5. Shareb

    Archie CC building.jpg

    It's certainly been an interesting build thus far! Frustrating at times.....I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's builds!
  6. Shareb

    Benni and mini.jpg

    What a cute name for a Devon Rex!!!! I hope you share pics when you get Peanut in mini!
  7. Shareb

    roof2 small.jpg

    Thank you Elsbeth!!!
  8. Shareb

    Roof1 small.jpg

    Thank you Tracy! That's a real compliment coming from you!!
  9. Shareb

    Benni and mini.jpg

    Thanks all! I just love this photo!!!!
  10. Shareb

    Archie CC building.jpg

    Lol - I know right! He gets away with murder!
  11. Shareb

    Roof1 small.jpg

    Thanks Carrie!!!! I'm really happy with how it's turned out and it was very easy following Rik's directions!!
  12. Shareb

    Stone Cottage

    My project for the 2020 HBS Creatin Contest.
  13. Shareb

    Various Minis

    For bits and bobs that don't fit into my other albums.
  14. Thanks Holly!! Hi Jacinta. One problem we have currently is how long things are taking to get to NZ from the US and UK. I believe the Cir-Kit kits are from the US in which case you may also need to purchase a transformer and/or adapter plus you're likely to be waiting to receive it for a couple of months. Personally I have bought about 100 GOR (grain of rice - size) LEDs from Aliexpress with which I create my own lights. I solder those to tape wire normally on the bottom of the building and from the tape wire I'll solder a battery pack which holds 2 AA batteries and this is enough to run a small house. You can buy electrical supplies from places like Jaycar or Trademe. Alternatively you can purchase from dollhouse shops. I tend to buy a lot from Jo - In Miniature in Hamilton. http://www.in-miniature.co.nz/lighting/ She has a good selection of ready made lighting as well as bulbs, wire, tape-wire etc. Jo is also fantastic at answering questions. I'm probably better able to help via email in order to share pics etc. Message me on here by hovering over my name to the left and pressing the envelope. If you're happy to send me your email I can send some more relevant info. Hope this helps!
  15. That is gorgeous!!!
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