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Members have great talent .


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G'Day all,

Many moons ago I posted an article about a day bed that I was searching for to no avail :cry:,however here in Greenleaf nothing goes unnoticed and one member

contacted me asking for details of the bed and so on .WoW!! how good is this I might just find what I was looking for . :)

Well much to our surprise not only did she take the information and went on hols for a while she recently contacted us and said the bed will be finished shortly.

No sooner had she sent that message and another arrived telling us the bed is in the Mail !!!!!!!! :plane:

We are still picking ourselves up off the floor with the generosity that Kathie Bennett has afforded us by not only making the bed but posting it 1/2 way around the world to us .

I have just posted a few pics of the bed in my Gallery for all to view . :yikes:

The build is set around 1860 and our assumptions are that the building ( kitchen) is where the family lived whilst they constructed the main Brick house .

Those times were tough and one building served all needs .

We are installing Electricity ( in Progress) as you can see and this is ( our assumption ) that having built a brick building he has sufficient funds to electrify Ha,Ha,Ha.

Attached is a picture of the bed outside the Brick Cottage


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My pleasure ... really! I love making minis of real life items. This one was special because of its history. That it was built by Peter's grandfather, who was a ship's carpenter, raised the bar. The addition of the pillow and a quilt really finishes it off nicely. There are a few construction photos (and the original photo I had to work from) in my gallery, here.

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