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  1. kat57

    ranch 18

    Oooh,loving this!!
  2. Oh,wow,that is awesome,Tracy! Can't wait for you to start a Grandma's Bragging Rights album! http://hgfa6.qgo2e.servertrust.com/Grandma-Bragging-Rights-Picture-Frame-p/gg-3022.htm I'm sooo jealous! LOL
  3. Roxy,you sound like me! Only in my case,yeah,I finally got the green paint I needed,for sure,but checking my stash today,I realized I need several more colors for a different project,and was so focused on finding that particular green yesterday I plumb forgot about them! Hopefully my son will feel like stopping somewhere when we go to see the radiation doctor tomorrow... Today I felt like I was on a high or something-and I surely was not,btw! -But I played with a new project off and on all day. I had planned to paper the Orchid rehab's kitchen and repaint the kitchen floor I plan to inst
  4. That is a gorgeous set,Roxy! I can't wait to see how you use it!
  5. We made a trip west of us over the stateline today and had brunch,then walked all over a local craft/variety store and on to Walmart. At the craft store I finally found some craft paint,my preferred paint to use,in the shade of green I've been hunting forever,to match the RL wallpaper-which is green with a light orange grid like design-that I'm putting in the rehab Orchid's kitchen. It's Decor Art Rainforest Green and it may be a bit darker,but at least it's the right,um,is it hue or tone(?)-it's not too yellow and not too blue,to go with the wallpaper's green. I also got some 3D flower
  6. My son took me over the Missisippi line for brunch at a fairly new IHOP restaurant. Oh,my word,it was so good! Then we made a couple of other stops and when we got home I was exhausted! I felt bad all day yesterday,but it was warm today and the sun was shining so pretty that before we left home I made my son wait on me a minute while I went over and stood in a spot of sun peeking through the oaks in the front yard and I stood there just turning in circles and basking in it for a minute! Holly,you have me wondering about my mother's pacemaker now! She's not at all athletic like you,but s
  7. kat57

    ranch 10

    Love this back splash!
  8. I love this idea-is it pin-hinged?
  9. kat57

    Dresser in Use

    It's beautiful,Rackey!
  10. This is beautiful! I love your window pulls,too!
  11. kat57

    room Box side view

    No,not shabby in the least-I love this! And you gave me incentive to use fabric on the exterior next time I do a Christmas roombox.
  12. Such a sweet thing to do and it's all lovely!
  13. Oh,wow! Love your choices!
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