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  1. kat57

    ranch 18

    Oooh,loving this!!
  2. Oh,wow,that is awesome,Tracy! Can't wait for you to start a Grandma's Bragging Rights album! http://hgfa6.qgo2e.servertrust.com/Grandma-Bragging-Rights-Picture-Frame-p/gg-3022.htm I'm sooo jealous! LOL
  3. Roxy,you sound like me! Only in my case,yeah,I finally got the green paint I needed,for sure,but checking my stash today,I realized I need several more colors for a different project,and was so focused on finding that particular green yesterday I plumb forgot about them! Hopefully my son will feel like stopping somewhere when we go to see the radiation doctor tomorrow... Today I felt like I was on a high or something-and I surely was not,btw! -But I played with a new project off and on all day. I had planned to paper the Orchid rehab's kitchen and repaint the kitchen floor I plan to inst
  4. That is a gorgeous set,Roxy! I can't wait to see how you use it!
  5. We made a trip west of us over the stateline today and had brunch,then walked all over a local craft/variety store and on to Walmart. At the craft store I finally found some craft paint,my preferred paint to use,in the shade of green I've been hunting forever,to match the RL wallpaper-which is green with a light orange grid like design-that I'm putting in the rehab Orchid's kitchen. It's Decor Art Rainforest Green and it may be a bit darker,but at least it's the right,um,is it hue or tone(?)-it's not too yellow and not too blue,to go with the wallpaper's green. I also got some 3D flower
  6. My son took me over the Missisippi line for brunch at a fairly new IHOP restaurant. Oh,my word,it was so good! Then we made a couple of other stops and when we got home I was exhausted! I felt bad all day yesterday,but it was warm today and the sun was shining so pretty that before we left home I made my son wait on me a minute while I went over and stood in a spot of sun peeking through the oaks in the front yard and I stood there just turning in circles and basking in it for a minute! Holly,you have me wondering about my mother's pacemaker now! She's not at all athletic like you,but s
  7. kat57

    ranch 10

    Love this back splash!
  8. I love this idea-is it pin-hinged?
  9. kat57

    Dresser in Use

    It's beautiful,Rackey!
  10. Wishing You A Happy Birthday,Anna,And Maaannnyyy More! :yay:
  11. We have to try to laugh,don't we,to survive some things? The first thing my older son said after my diagnosis in July was "Aw,you're gonna get through this and one day 20 years from now we'll look back and say 'Remember that summer you had cancer?' and gave me a big grin and squeezed my shoulder reassuringly.
  12. Oh,Tracy,I've told you before how much I love Mr.Cain! Lucky kids to have him speak to them!
  13. This is beautiful! I love your window pulls,too!
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