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  1. kat57

    ranch 18

    Oooh,loving this!!
  2. kat57

    ranch 10

    Love this back splash!
  3. I love this idea-is it pin-hinged?
  4. kat57

    Dresser in Use

    It's beautiful,Rackey!
  5. This is beautiful! I love your window pulls,too!
  6. kat57

    room Box side view

    No,not shabby in the least-I love this! And you gave me incentive to use fabric on the exterior next time I do a Christmas roombox.
  7. Such a sweet thing to do and it's all lovely!
  8. Oh,wow! Love your choices!
  9. Your house is looking fantastic! I use glue stick,too,to attach scrapbook paper to walls. I used it on roomboxes I made as gifts years ago and it still looks good. Anything that works well and is less messy is a great bonus!
  10. kat57

    Dry Fit 1 045

    It's going to be so lovely,with these cheerful hues you've chosen!
  11. CJ I am so glad for you all to have these 3 lovely women and each other in your lives. Many happy returns to your dear mother!
  12. kat57

    New bath wallpaper

    Jackie,this is beautiful! Also,I just realized that around the time you posted this photo I accidentally came across a scrapbooking store that was about to switch over to some other sort of business,but still had a small display of this bumpy textured paper. I had never seen it before and theirs was really expensive,but I just had to get a couple of sheets in teal and 1 in brown to use as wainscoting! lol I had never seen it before or again until seeing this tonight! I love the stuff and have been meaning to see if I can find another source for it.
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