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    ranch 18

    Oooh,loving this!!
  2. Oh,wow,that is awesome,Tracy! Can't wait for you to start a Grandma's Bragging Rights album! http://hgfa6.qgo2e.servertrust.com/Grandma-Bragging-Rights-Picture-Frame-p/gg-3022.htm I'm sooo jealous! LOL
  3. Roxy,you sound like me! Only in my case,yeah,I finally got the green paint I needed,for sure,but checking my stash today,I realized I need several more colors for a different project,and was so focused on finding that particular green yesterday I plumb forgot about them! Hopefully my son will feel like stopping somewhere when we go to see the radiation doctor tomorrow... Today I felt like I was on a high or something-and I surely was not,btw! -But I played with a new project off and on all day. I had planned to paper the Orchid rehab's kitchen and repaint the kitchen floor I plan to install...But when I woke up today I instantly began to think about the Christmas roombox I have been planning to start. I've made a few over the years for other people,but never one for myself and had decided that I was going to this year. Well,me being on chemotherapy stalled it out past time to have one done for this last holiday season. But no reason I can't get a head start on Christmas 2015! Anyway,I'm using a little wood crate I got at Hobby Lobby several years ago-turned on it's side,the interior is about 9"x 9"x 61/2" deep. I left it 'natural',for now,but will probably stain it 'walnut' later. I put in foamcore to line the interior 'walls' and scrap-papered over them so I didn't have to prime/paint/stain the wood-I wanted to work on it NOW,and not have to wait!LOL I used a nice Christmas ornament patterned paper from Hobby Lobby and cut and painted a piece of Houseworks vinyl 'tin' ceiling-it's a nice bronzy gold color now. I will probably just use a piece of deep green sticky back felt for the floor,but that's not decided just yet. I cut some multi-width strips of self-stick wood veneer 'planks' to make flat,informal wainscoting-which I haven't installed yet,because I did have to stop and paint the foamcore a color to match,so the black foam core wouldn't show through the 'cracks'...wouldn't be as bad as white,but still not preferable. The wood veneer I use comes in small sheets that are already stained-several colors per order from ebay. I can't recall what color stain this one is supposed to be-mahogany?-but,it's a deep reddish stain that looks so good with the old timey wallpaper. It sounds like I'm going for a Victorian period or something,but it will actually be current day,in an a old 'house',I suppose...I really like how cozy it's already looking! The tree is a resin/plastic tree ornament,one of several I found at Walmart a few years ago-it comes in white with silver glitter paint on the tips of the limbs,but I wanted this one Holly Green-done! I'll add a star or angel or other topper and doll it up with beads and charms and garland made out of metallic chenille stems...each holiday roombox I've done starts with the tree in one corner and a fireplace at the center back wall,then I do a little something different for each one. I want to make a small chair to put in mine,and maybe a small skirted table,so this time I may put the fireplace in the corner or on a side wall...not sure yet. Anyone ever have a real life corner fireplace,by chance? Anyway,I always say I am 'a day late and a dollar short',so it may be odd to be doing a holiday theme now,but,I tell you-It feels soooo good to be 'creating' again,to get that tingle and almost be manic about it-I didn't want to stop for anything-even food! LOL
  4. That is a gorgeous set,Roxy! I can't wait to see how you use it!
  5. We made a trip west of us over the stateline today and had brunch,then walked all over a local craft/variety store and on to Walmart. At the craft store I finally found some craft paint,my preferred paint to use,in the shade of green I've been hunting forever,to match the RL wallpaper-which is green with a light orange grid like design-that I'm putting in the rehab Orchid's kitchen. It's Decor Art Rainforest Green and it may be a bit darker,but at least it's the right,um,is it hue or tone(?)-it's not too yellow and not too blue,to go with the wallpaper's green. I also got some 3D flower design nail decal/adornments that I use to decorate mini flower pots-usually the little terra cotta ones or tiny wood ones from Michael's or Hobby Lobby-those look so real when sanded and painted.This set also has some teeny butterflies,so that made me smile. With these nail art stick ons it looks like someone took that dimensional paint stuff and drew little flowers and such on the tiny pots-at least that's what it makes me think of-I just love doing them! The 'pots' I'm using this time are little black caps that were on battery terminals-those giant 6v flashlight batteries. My son handed me 4 of them the other day. His brother and he and his dad all got new flashlights for Christmas... I just did a couple of them today and will work on the potted plants or flowers for them one day soon. At Walmart I got some more Apple Barrel Tropic Orange craft paint,which will be the exterior color and interior accents-I have several bottles of it already,but it never hurts to get extra when you can! I went over to the house paint section while at Walmart and got a few big sample cards in my green and orange for other accents in the kitchen. I was worn out when we got home,but after a little rest I thought I'd do some wallpapering. Haha,sure! I only got as far as the first floor divider wall. The living room side of the divider already has self-stick wood laminate halfway up,with a white spackle/stucco finish on the upper half...I glued the wallpaper to the kitchen side and set it under books and cans to dry and that is all she wrote for today!LOL I hope to paper the rest of the kitchen tomorrow and finish up the kitchen floor-which is a flagstone look carved into a piece of stripped foamcore...Hmm,now that I have the right green,I may repaint that floor... After reading what all of you have going on all the time,my little bit of mini-ing today sure doesn't amount to much,but I so enjoyed doing SOMETHING 'little'!
  6. My son took me over the Missisippi line for brunch at a fairly new IHOP restaurant. Oh,my word,it was so good! Then we made a couple of other stops and when we got home I was exhausted! I felt bad all day yesterday,but it was warm today and the sun was shining so pretty that before we left home I made my son wait on me a minute while I went over and stood in a spot of sun peeking through the oaks in the front yard and I stood there just turning in circles and basking in it for a minute! Holly,you have me wondering about my mother's pacemaker now! She's not at all athletic like you,but she never stops going until her knees just kill her and she rests a day and then is back at it again. At 80,she could run circles around most women half her age-slower circles,but still... Nobody better call her granny!LOL But I sure hope you do get an answer from your physician about this-I agree with all y'all,it just doesn't make sense to wait... Heidi,I love the bed-that frame is awesome! All this talk of painting is giving me ideas-when I'm back to 'normal' I'm gonna ask my landlord if I can paint my blah bathroom a pretty color. I know he won't mind,but I better ask to be sure-I'd love a lemon yellow or something like that to 'warm' it up....
  7. kat57

    ranch 10

    Love this back splash!
  8. I love this idea-is it pin-hinged?
  9. kat57

    Dresser in Use

    It's beautiful,Rackey!
  10. Wishing You A Happy Birthday,Anna,And Maaannnyyy More! :yay:
  11. We have to try to laugh,don't we,to survive some things? The first thing my older son said after my diagnosis in July was "Aw,you're gonna get through this and one day 20 years from now we'll look back and say 'Remember that summer you had cancer?' and gave me a big grin and squeezed my shoulder reassuringly.
  12. Oh,Tracy,I've told you before how much I love Mr.Cain! Lucky kids to have him speak to them!
  13. This is beautiful! I love your window pulls,too!
  14. kat57

    room Box side view

    No,not shabby in the least-I love this! And you gave me incentive to use fabric on the exterior next time I do a Christmas roombox.
  15. Such a sweet thing to do and it's all lovely!
  16. Oh,wow! Love your choices!
  17. Boy,I have been single waaaay too long(She says as she fans herself!) How old is the Sherman and Mr. Peabody movie?-I didn't even know one had been made! I shamelessly forgot to mention my awesome thing for yesterday-I had a nice little package come in the mail from a very sweet fellow Greenleafer: A baggie of colorful beach-themed buttons I can use as wall decor and whatnots on shelves. I've already picked out several for the Orchid rehab. Today I made a post in Bad News Kat,but I have to repeat my good news here:My surgeon called today and gave me the final pathology report-I thought it was done last week,but I do recall him saying he'd be calling me again-which I thought was about my radiation therapy. But anyway,there was definitely no cancer in the lymph nodes and the tumor margins were clear-he'd had a bit of caution in his report to me last week,but today I could hear in his voice that he was much more relaxed. He had his nurse set up an appointment for me with the radiation doctor for next Friday. That was such a relief,to get a date set! To top it all off,we actually had some sunshine today! Life is gooood!
  18. Wow,Sam,you are so right about the extreme similarities! I love 'little houses',too,but had not seen the Maxwell Cottage. Here is a link: http://hubpages.com/hub/Prefabricated-Modular-Cabins
  19. Tracy:I have faith everything will go well. You may choose to not tell Anslee this next anecdote until after she has the baby,because I know new mothers have enough to scare them.lol But at least y'all are prepared if the baby does continue to be breech. My sister had her firstborn breech,natural-no C-section,nothing! Her husband was in the Navy,and for some reason I never understood,the military doctor(s) decided it was too late to do one or to even give her an epidural. I cannot imagine what that was like for my very slender,no hip sister! My parents went out to where they were stationed in California-Alameda,I believe-to be there for the birth,and Mom said that after the delivery poor Sis' eyes were blood shot like nothing she'd ever seen before,from the pushing. My nephew was about 8 lbs I believe,and very healthy,if very bruised! One more delivery tale:My firstborn came 12 days early-I figured I'd run 2 weeks late,like Mom always did. Ha! I attended college full time right up to just hours before my water broke. The next day was the start of Christmas break,so I had been busy attending school and studying for finals,which were that day(All A's!) The crib hadn't even been put together! My ex had it all done and fixed up so cute when he brought me and our tiny 5lb.12 oz. bundle home.The secondhand swinging Jenny Lynde cradle in our bedroom had something wrong where it was supposed to hang on the stand that we hadn't had time to fix yet,so the first night we set him in it down on the carpet beside the bed since I couldn't bear to leave him in his room across the hall. I can't wait for your announcement of your sweet little grandbaby's arrival! And I know how you felt about Lawson's first day of college! My younger son may be coming up close by your way next fall,on to University of Georgia for his masters' degree. He's got a couple more interviews with other colleges,so we'll see how far away from me he'll end up being! I can't stand it,but am so proud for him! Sorry about the long post,but your news took me back a few years! Best of luck and try to not worry!
  20. Thanx,Holly-I don't know why I thought she lived farther up than that. My ex-sister-in-law lives in Columbus,right across from Phenix City,but I never got to go over that way when we were up there decades ago...What is the Sipsey Wilderness? Sue,I do know how pretty North Alabama is,as my late father grew up in the county below you,Lawrence. I love it up that way and the folks are so sweet!
  21. Welcome to the fun,Sue! It's good to see a fellow Alabamian! There's a couple more of us,at least. Holly has introduced herself and I believe another member,Paula,also lives in Alabama. I live way down here in rural Mobile County,next to the Mississippi stateline. I think your quote is perfect! I look forward to seeing your Bobbi and am so glad for your enthusiasm!~Kat
  22. Your house is looking fantastic! I use glue stick,too,to attach scrapbook paper to walls. I used it on roomboxes I made as gifts years ago and it still looks good. Anything that works well and is less messy is a great bonus!
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