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  1. It turned out beautifully! The wire idea is inspired!
  2. Dalesq

    Diana Lake House

    I'm slightly modifying a 1:24 scale Diana as a lake house.
  3. I had to do a search to find this thread that I started four years and three months ago! But finally, my lasercutter has arrived. Honestly, I didn’t think it would. The manufacturers completed the project and started shipping units right on schedule....in Europe! It’s taken the additional years for them to finally get all the certifications, etc to be able to ship units to the USA. This is not a snark or rant. I'm honestly excited to finally have the machine and start the learning curve! The delays may have turned out to be fortuitous...time will tell. But I’m happy with the machine and a
  4. Wonderful! You brought back a fond memory for me...my brother was visiting and fell in love with my Spring Fling entry “Smokey's Place.” He couldn’t stop staring at it, so I knew he had to have it.
  5. Dalesq


    Very nice! Clever!
  6. It turned out so well! Bravo!
  7. I used matte gel medium mixed with paint on the inside and exterior of Tudor Cottage to simulate plaster and stucco. I built it up a little to add texture, but it also sands down nicely when it’s dry. It an easy way to get a nice effect.
  8. I love this image!
  9. Me as well. I have been posting images to Instagram, but I visit this forum often to see what is going on and what others are sharing. Uploading images here (for me) has been very hit and miss...mostly miss. I look forward to the new GL forum. This has been a place of comfort and inspiration for me over the years, and it’s a great group of miniature enthusiasts!
  10. I don’t know. But a lot of artists use it. I’ve thought it might damage easily exactly because of the ease of carving or crushing it. But those are just my thoughts. I would try a test run on some scrap wood. Glue it, paint it, see how it holds up. you might want to check out this artist’s blog. https://davidneat.wordpress.com/styrofoam/
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