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  1. Dalesq

    Handmade Sofa

    It’s lovely! Great job!
  2. This 1:24 (half scale) project will be a tree house. I'm using a 1:24 Greenleaf Lighthouse as the bones of the redwood that has become home to some forest creatures and a special character resident.
  3. Well, you don’t need to look any further for a support group. I like all aspects of miniatures, but wasn’t that way initially. Do what inspires you and keeps you building. You will find kindred spirits here.
  4. Dalesq

    Need an ID

    I'm undecided at the moment. I don’t really like doing house rehabs, so I’m not sure.
  5. Dalesq

    Need an ID

    LOL, I should have thought to add the Half scale information! I guess I just assume everyone knows I work in half scale, haha.
  6. Dalesq

    Need an ID

    They are Houseworks. The house may be an old Houseworks plan for all I know. I’d like to find out the name of the model.
  7. Dalesq

    Lapin Lavande

    This is a half scale 1:24 kit made by Shannon at Red Cottage Miniatures. She designed the kit as front opening but I wanted it open in the back, so I’m changing a few things. I’m working on several things right now but there will be more progress on this build soon.
  8. Dalesq


    Cute build! Nice bash idea
  9. Dalesq

    Need an ID

    Thanks Emily, good question. I don’t think this one is a scratch build...not sure why, but it was built easily 30 years ago. It’s 1:24 scale. Ceiling heights on the first and second floors are just under 5” (so under 10’ in RL). The ceiling height in the attic is just under 3” (6’ in RL.)
  10. For all you great ID sleuths, can anyone ID this house. I got it as part of some estate pieces I received and I cannot ID it. The center roof piece is apparently supposed to be supported by posts (I’ve set it on a container to approximate height position). It appears to be made from heavy core plywood.
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