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  1. Grab your Pepsi and fries ,a comfy chair and enjoy . The video is up . UCOZtrZPZ3Xdyr3OnY_IArtw
  2. Grab your Pepsi and fries ,a comfy chair and enjoy . The video is up .
  3. Hello all, Well the next Video is done and dusted with just a few more edit things to do and I will post it for you all to enjoy. Another fine day here in Brisbane allowed me to take the house outside for the shoot and there was very little noise from passing traffic which can ruin any audio .I will post it later this evening and will be very anxious to read your comments .Interesting comments above re decorations and all that is my lovely wife's work,
  4. Nice to see all these wonderful comments and inspires me do get on and produce some more videos of the remaining houses . Please feel free to ask about any aspect of my builds and I will help where I can Thank's Everyone !! I am off to start the next one now
  5. Just uploaded this one and hope you all enjoy https://youtu.be/hyMZQ2wCKyg
  6. Sorry I didn't do voiceover explaining things . I will do another video shortly explaining the concept of the house and show the electrical work in more detail Thank's for the comment Keith
  7. I have opened a new Youtube acc just for dollhouses . The video is how I overcame my door opening problem . This link should take you to it . UCOZtrZPZ3Xdyr3OnY_IArtw
  8. Thanks I am surprised too but the secret is in the ,sorry ON the left which I haven't shown yet but I might tomorrow . This one is a reduced version of my house #5 ( 2/3 ) had to build this way to be sure there was room for furniture. Wife ( Decorator ) has put most furnishings in but is waiting for the next Dolls House Show for more supplies .
  9. Hi Kathie, I have been still building but hiding under a rock at the same time Ha,Ha,Ha. I am getting back into Greenleaf again because I have once again said ,This is the last one! Made three since that statement.We are running out of room and that is becoming a problem too. I will put some videos together and most likely post on tube .UCThp_pjdKzWdTMrpcoyCyogThis is a link to my Youtube that covers a very smart Irish Man doing something incredible with a block of wood . Nice when people remember you after a long time . Tha
  10. The door opens to the left and the roof created my problem because the roof is also part of the door. The door is hanging with Piano Hinges
  11. HI Holly, Too long eh! The bed was made for the Brick house and it fitted in well and perfectly. Can't remember when I posted last been busy traveling and so on and about to do some more after we sadly lost our beloved Poodle after 14 great years. House 5 is different due to the Front door opens ( All of the Door ) I will post a pic of that for you and ask if you can see what the difficulty would be . A hint:the problem was on the Hinge side not the side pictured
  12. Hello to all ,just coming back from a long break and looking at what has been happening here on Greenleaf. I have recently finished our fifth house which is another drift away from the norm, challenging but fun to complete. Have you seen my house # 2 ? the one with the verandah all around and Silver Roof Attached is a pic ,if more detail is wanted of either house drop a line here and I will put some shots up here
  13. Hi Pin, Slowly Slowly is the go . I am currently working on the doors and windows (Inserting real glass) Hope to be satsified enough to put a few pics up shortly.
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