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Hofco Colonial Farmhouse # KW-152 -- Need Info


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I have an opportunity to pick up a Hofco Colonial Farmhouse kit. It is # KW-152. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I tried to find pics in the Galleries with no luck. There hasn't been one on eBay in recent months and I have found no Google pics other than a CL listing with the box and the famous Hofco black and white photocopy.

Has anyone built one or seen one?

Roughly what size is it?

Compared to other kits, what is the difficulty level? (will I finish it in a couple of weeks or a few months?)

Thanks all!


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I have a hofco kit waiting that is called a country victorian but it is different than yours. Mine looks a great deal like the arthur on the outside. Mine is not front opening though. I have a couple built hofcos that are beautiful houses and have heard they are very nice to build. Also have heard they were an extremely well made and expensive house in their day.


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That looks very similar to the Hofco Byron Free that I recently finished. Hofco House made a very high quality product. The windows and doors included in the kit were of SUCH good quality compared to the crappy windows of my Dura Craft house I am working on!

I would think this is a pretty 'straight forward' type build - no fancy towers or complicated roof lines. Couple of months should do it!

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