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  1. I have found a home for this basement. Okay to delete this post. :-) Thank you! Robin
  2. It is no longer allowing me to edit the post, as I had edited already. Any suggestions? The item is free and there is no price, so hopefully the donation amount, which would be totally optional and not required, is not in violation? Anyhow, if anyone can help, please send me a PM. If not...I'd be happy to remove the post and repost. :-) Thanks!
  3. I have the Psycho house! LOL. I almost bought the house from It's a Wonderful Life and am partially kicking myself for not getting it. But, I do love the Psycho house because it'll make a perfect Orphanage one day. I'd "kill" (hahaha, there's my "Psycho" pun" for you) to find the Wuthering Heights house. But, I love the different roomboxes they did. Very cool and fun. Robin
  4. Back when I started building the Duracraft San Franciscan, the one made of MDF, I decided it needed a basement, so a carpenter friend of mine cut one for me based on my specs. It's got window openings and an opening for stairs. I'm not asking any money for it, just the cost of sending it to where it would need to go. I think I can get packing materials for free. I've posted some pics, although they're not the best, but they'll give you an idea of the piece. It's made from 1/2" thick excellent quality wood. I decided to go in a different direction and didn't build the house, but I hate to just throw away the basement because someone might have use for it. So, I'll post it here and see if there are any takers. I planned on making it into a kitchen and laundry room. Two of the photos show the "Ceiling" as the floor. The stair opening is actually on the top of the structure. I have some more recent photos I can email if anyone should contact me. The center wall is not included, but you can see how the room layout would look if you added a wall. The ceiling height is 8.5" and I used the actual floor piece (MDF) from the original kit, so it matches up exactly. As far as components go, I had used what was shown in the photos. There's a sliding glass door by Miniature House and I used windows from Earth and Tree. If you need components, I can see what I have and we could discuss pricing on those items. But, the basement itself is free of charge to anyone who could use it. Any questions or for more information, send me a message. I'm located in MA so if you're in the area, I can meet you with it as well. Probably a long shot, but hey, you never know! Robin P.S. If you wanted to make a donation for this item, I'd ask $10 that I could give to a local animal rescue.
  5. Oh thank you Kelli. I think that after all this talk and looking at houses, I'm just going to patiently see what comes to me. ;-) I did just stumble across a house in a book that I'd like to use as inspiration. And, there's another at Earth and Tree that has that nice roofline I like so much. But, the way things are going, maybe I'll attempt my first scratch build. I can borrow equipment. I have some basic woodworking knowledge. But, first I set a goal of finishing the exterior of my Elliott Bay by June, so got to get to it! :-) P.S. Selkie, I looked at that house too. I like it very much!
  6. Crabbygirl13

    Dollhouse Loft

    Ooh, I love all that space. It's not often that one can "roll around" the dollhouses. They're usually squeezed into the only spot they'll fit. ;-) I dream of having a finished house that I can landscape. :-)
  7. Kelly and Kelli, I fell in love with a couple of older houses (both real life and dollhouses) that I have seen online and in an old catalog. I like the Jefferson for sure. Love the side windows because dollhouses never seem to have enough for me. :-) This is the house that really caught my eye and captured my heart. Hehehe. Hopefully this low-res pic will be clear enough to see.
  8. So Kelly, which house do you have? ;-) I promise I won't try to persuade you to sell it. Hehehe
  9. If you've been hiding something good under your bed or in your closet, but don't think you'll ever build it, send me a note. :-) or if you've got a built shell and are willing to ship, let's talk. Thank you.
  10. I would love to know the outcome here. Maybe you decided to keep the house and enjoy it? It's beautiful and your mom's painstaking work is so impressive. I admire her passion and skill. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  11. Oh Wow. This is one on my absolute favorite houses. I hunted it for a long time and ended up with an Elliot Bay instead. I think you should have it make its way over to me in MA. :-) An old catalog I have with it in it said the shell retailed for $335. What a deal! I only have the photo from the catalog. I'd love to see the photos copies you have. :-)
  12. It is nice! I am very happy. :-) I don't make it over here as often as I should but every time I do I tell me myself I need to visit more. Such nice and talented people!
  13. Moderators can remove this post if they'd like. Found one Thanks to a fellow member. Very happy.
  14. Thanks Selkie! I'll get to working on the French house someday.... I was lucky enough to find one thanks to Mike, so I'm in business. :-)
  15. Hello! If anyone has a dormer (It doesn't need to have a window.) that they'd like to sell, send me a message? I'm trying to find one and before buying gone, figured I would post here. I kindness of want the style that holds a 2"x4" window, but am open to different types. I might just break down and make one. But, just in case someone has one, I'm interested! :-)
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