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  1. I never used it and hate to just toss it. I'm happy to send it to whomever needs it if you just cover postage from MA. I can take a photo of it if needed. Just send a message and we can work out the details. Thanks. Robin
  2. I have found a home for this basement. Okay to delete this post. :-) Thank you! Robin
  3. It is no longer allowing me to edit the post, as I had edited already. Any suggestions? The item is free and there is no price, so hopefully the donation amount, which would be totally optional and not required, is not in violation? Anyhow, if anyone can help, please send me a PM. If not...I'd be happy to remove the post and repost. :-) Thanks!
  4. I have the Psycho house! LOL. I almost bought the house from It's a Wonderful Life and am partially kicking myself for not getting it. But, I do love the Psycho house because it'll make a perfect Orphanage one day. I'd "kill" (hahaha, there's my "Psycho" pun" for you) to find the Wuthering Heights house. But, I love the different roomboxes they did. Very cool and fun. Robin
  5. Back when I started building the Duracraft San Franciscan, the one made of MDF, I decided it needed a basement, so a carpenter friend of mine cut one for me based on my specs. It's got window openings and an opening for stairs. I'm not asking any money for it, just the cost of sending it to where it would need to go. I think I can get packing materials for free. I've posted some pics, although they're not the best, but they'll give you an idea of the piece. It's made from 1/2" thick excellent quality wood. I decided to go in a different direction and didn't build the house, but I hate to just
  6. Crabbygirl13

    Dollhouse Loft

    Ooh, I love all that space. It's not often that one can "roll around" the dollhouses. They're usually squeezed into the only spot they'll fit. ;-) I dream of having a finished house that I can landscape. :-)
  7. I would love to know the outcome here. Maybe you decided to keep the house and enjoy it? It's beautiful and your mom's painstaking work is so impressive. I admire her passion and skill. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  8. I love the color of the stain. It has such a rich, warm look to it. I want to go explore that mini house. :-)
  9. Wow! You have such patience, and of course skill! I'm appreciating all the work you've put into this house so far. So much fun to see the progress. Thank you for posting these photos and adding the informative descriptions along with them.
  10. This was my first dollhouse. I'm sad that I don't have it anymore. :-) Luckily my mom saved all of my furniture which was mostly Shackman, along with some sweet, homemade things, how I loved that house!
  11. Crabbygirl13


    The trim on the curtains is adorable. Looks like mini Pom poms. Reminds me of what was in style when I was a kid. I still love Pom Pom trim.
  12. I love the wallpaper and stitched rug in the foreground. So pretty!
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