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  1. I like Walmer houses but their line can be very confusing. Lots of very similar (or the same) houses with different names. For example, what is the difference between #404 Heritage and #401 Oakcrest (see here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-WALMER-OAKCREST-DOLLHOUSE-KIT-401-WITH-WRAP-AROUND-PORCH-410-COMPLETE/254379256622)? If you bought the house and porch together did your 401 become 404? But if purchased separately you had a 401 + porch? Then the Brookshire looks just like these houses except the Brookshire has windows on the sides (that seems to be the major defining feature between Walmer's Lilliput houses vs. their more expensive kits, plus the non-Lilliputs tend to have hinged back roofs). I guess what Walmer houses lacked in variety they made up for in longevity. I've built thy other major brand's houses decades ago but the only one that didn't fall apart over time was the Walmer. BTW, anyone know where I can get my hands on a Walmer Tiffany?
  2. The Brookshire has the 90 degree angled roof, but the blog post you linked to says the mansard roof version is called the Old(e) Town. Thanks for the link!
  3. TimothyHH

    Basement Man Cave

    This is such a neat house. The main staircase is a major wow but even this basement with the stone wall and slatted door is special. Whoever built this was a master of their craft.
  4. Hello all, Can anyone ID this house. I'm 90% sure it's a Walmer of some sort due to the windows and shutters and the center hall bathroom but I think there were very similar houses made by Hofco and RGT once upon a time. Except for the roof pitch it looks nearly identical to my Brookshire. It is for sale on Facebook Marketplace near me. The seller says it was built 35 years ago, another point in the box for Walmer, but when I asked if she know the manufacturer she responded "A family member built it."
  5. I have had a lot of luck finding things on Ebay. I always search only "Buy It Now" items because I have gotten into bidding wars where the price has gone way above what I ever intended to pay (luckily, I've never actually won any of those items). Personally I found that when I first got back into the hobby I spent way too much money at first buying everything I thought I'd need -- flooring, wallpaper, furniture, paint, stain, paintbrushes, sponges, etc. etc. Now that my mini-stash is pretty well stocked I spend a lot less. So I guess there is a certain amount of up front costs but you probably won't have to put out the same amount of money when you start project #2. I second everyone else who recommends making your own stuff. It's really a lot easier than it looks and the bonus is you can make it look exactly as you want it to instead of picking from available options. The OTHER other thing I've learned from personal experience... get yourself what you really want, don't settle for cheap alternatives, because chances are you're not going to like what you settled for and you'll just rip it out and buy what you really wanted in the first place. Then you're out the money spent on both. (My personal example here is flooring. Cheap carpet and tiles are cheap for a reason -- they look like crap.)
  6. Does anyone know more about these houses? I've never heard of the Afton Classics company. I'm curious to know what the floorplans look like on these or any other wisdom about the houses/company anyone wants to share. FYI, if anyone else is thinking about bidding I bought a Hofco from this seller last spring and she was excellent. Very friendly and communicative and she didn't wait days and days to ship it (shipped it first thing the next morning IIRC).
  7. I'm sure someone has already said this but I have found a good pair of sharp scissors does the job nicely.
  8. Greetings also from Philadelphia. That looks like a fun project house and it was free to boot! I can't help with the house ID but whoever built it appears to have done a fair amount of bashing or customizing (the back windows, especially the small "stained glass" ones, the staircases, the smaller addition). Does the front part detach entirely or is it hinged at the side? Is the front porch attached or does it separate from the front wall? It all looks structurally sound with just cosmetic things to work on.
  9. Philadelphia Miniaturia 2019 is November 8-10 and since I live in Philly I'm considering going. Question though -- what should I expect? I don't think I'm interested in any of the workshops but should I perhaps be a little more open minded about that? If I just attend during the general admission hours on Saturday the 9th will I be missing all the good stuff? Any insight from past year's attendees would be much appreciated!
  10. I don't know what to make of this. Why take a picture of the instructions but nothing else? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Victorian-Dollhouse-with-furniture-and-figures-Model-1009/333251610353?hash=item4d975806f1:g:uZ0AAOSwn4FdF2cu
  11. I literally got a bedroom set on ebay last week that contains that exact dresser. It cost $12 for the whole set. It's Town Square Miniatures. $45 is an incredible ask.
  12. I'd love to have this one, just not at that price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Federal-Victorian-Dollhouse-Hofco-House-KW-174-Unopend-Box-November-1989/123915255616?hash=item1cd9ecbf40:g:xBwAAOSwHLhdhy5e
  13. I don't blame you, but WOW, that is a beautiful house. I love the realness of the floorplan.
  14. I started getting the shakes just looking at all those tiny, individual shingles. That house would've been in the fireplace before I even got halfway up the front side.
  15. I've found that illustration board works best for wallpaper templates. It's pretty thin but it can take glue/paint/wallpaper with minimal to no warping or seeping through to the other side. If something goes wrong it's not as traumatizing to remove it as pulling wallpaper directly off the walls (and if you're really careful you might be able to re-use the template, but I haven't had to go there... yet). You can also sand illustration board to get a perfect fit.
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