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  1. I eliminated the stairs in my first house. I cut a piece of wood of the approximate thickness of the structural floor and as close to the dimensions of the opening as I could and glued it into the hole. (If you don't have tools that can handle cutting solid wood or plywood, you can get balsa wood at any hobby supply store or even use foam core.)To even out the surfaces, you can just fill the gaps with wood paste or spackle and sand it down. In order to hold everything in place and make sure that it didn't show, I added an additional decorative surface to the ceiling of the ground floor and the
  2. Right! That's the first thing I would do - and half the fun!
  3. One of a kind? Wonderful piece at an unbelievable price! If I lived closer, I'd be very tempted.
  4. I have used scrapbook paper for floors. I spray the paper with clear sealer (usually before gluing it down with wallpaper paste) and then cover with 3 coats of polyurethane. It has held up quite well and looks good. There was no wrinkling or bubbling.
  5. I didn't like the placement of stairs in my house and didn't want to reposition them because they take up so much floor space in two rooms. So I eliminated them altogether. I just assume that they are in the part of the house that is not visible where the opening cuts it off. I am told that is a completely legit way to go. It all depends on what you want to do.
  6. My first house was already assembled when I got it, but needed some restoration, finishes and decorating. It is Victorian but we had already amassed a rather eclectic collection of furnishings and accessories that weren't all in keeping with that style. At one time we owned a real full sized Victorian home and had furnished it similarly, so our backstory was that a contemporary family was living in this vintage miniature house and had filled it with a combination of family heirlooms and newer pieces. The décor honored the period style, but included modern conveniences such as a gas stove, ele
  7. Welcome, Brad! I feel for you trying to assemble a house with inadequate instructions and pieces that don't fit. Been there, done that! First, I am wondering if there is a base that the walls attach to so that they will stay square and not splay out as they appear to in your photos! If not, I think I would create one to hold it all together. Though I am by no means an expert, here is a suggestion for fitting the existing floors. It appears that there are supposed to be some sort of long narrow pieces with a square cross-section that are meant to be glued to the inner walls to suppor
  8. Wonderful and incredible price!!! Any chance you can post photos of the inside?
  9. Lindsey - Since you love those books so much, I have another recommendation for you, if you haven't discovered it already - and i have found that is very little known (pun intended!) The book is "Mistress Masham's Repose" by T H White - the same man who wrote "The Once and Future King" - the book that mas adapted for "The Sword in the Stone." It is about a girl who discovers a colony of Lilliputians who were descended from some brought to England 150 years earlier by Gulliver after his travels. It describes their adventures together and is absolutely delightful. If you can find it I think you
  10. Have you considered using mission style furnishings? The name indicates that it was inspired by southwest mission pieces and it is characterized by very simple, clean lines that work well with the adobe style of architecture you mentioned. In addition, I would look at specific items rather than searching for a category of "Southwest furniture." You can find individual pieces of furniture that have a very generic look that can be customized. A basic table with straight legs or a trestle table and ladder-back straight chairs can be stained or color washed to give them the more rustic atmos
  11. Here is an update. The rippled wallpaper dried out thoroughly but was still somewhat wrinkly. I decided I would redo it and replace the bad part. Since my granddaughter is about to turn 5 i found designs that would coordinate with the parts that are still good and also something that is also her favorite. I chose two designs again - a rainbow on light blue background for the inside gable and pink background with white unicorns for the side walls. Here is a photo of wallpaper after I fixed it. This time I used better quality scrapbook paper that is heavier and not as absorbent.
  12. Designing, building, and decorating are only part of the fun. The other part is re-arranging! I add, remove, upgrade, replace, repurpose, and move things from place to place and room to room, just as I do in my full-sized house. That's the part that my grand-daughter loves: playing with it! Sometimes we may end up with a bed in the dining room or a table across a doorway, but we enjoy it.
  13. Kells - wishing you a full and speedy recovery!
  14. Welcome, Brittney! What a bargain you got! I'm sure you can turn it into a treasure. I have found the folks here to be a wealth of helpful information - and very friendly and willing to share. I hope you'll post photos so we can follow your progress.
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