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  1. LeeB

    Living room right side

    Very special. I am sure she will be thrilled!
  2. LeeB

    Living room right side

    Are those actually family photos of people you know?
  3. LeeB

    Finished Cottage

    Nice floral embellishments on the shutters and door!
  4. I enjoyed my visit to your One Inch World.
  5. Lovely collection of china, pottery and copper pieces - and very nicely displayed.
  6. I use this to resize my photos: http://www.resize-photos.com/ It is free and easy to figure out.
  7. This may go without saying - but I would glue just the edges of the tissue or parchment so you can change or reverse it later if you want to.
  8. Very ingenious! You sound like the kind of guy we need around here! Welcome to our little community.
  9. Holly - that first link is very helpful. Thank you for that tip. The second one went nowhere.
  10. I guess I take a different approach - which may not apply totally to your situation. But here's what I do. I don't generally buy a lot of furnishings and accessories in advance at random. (An exception is when there is a great bargain or I get a group of items all sold in one lot.) I usually buy or make pieces specifically for a certain spot in a particular room in a specific house. I do a lot of advance planning and decide before and as I am starting to build the house what the color scheme, wall, floor and window treatments will be, what furniture and accessories will be needed, and so on. I keep a list of each room on my computer and itemize all of the above. As I purchase or make or find or improvise each item, I strike through it on the list, so it can still be read but is obvious that it is already on hand. I can color hilite items to indicate if I intend to buy or make it. I also keep a box in which to collect the pieces for each room so I can find them easily. I also make computer folders of photos I have researched online as inspiration and ideas for each room in each house: kitchen, bath, parlor, library, bedroom, etc. What random and undesignated supplies I have stockpiled, I keep stored in boxes arranged by type: wallpapers in one, fabrics in another, little odds and ends of findings that might come in handy in another. I keep scraps and left-over pieces of paper and fabric in folders, labeled by the room in which they were used. I use plastic silverware trays to sort and organize similar sizes and shapes of long wood dowels and "boards" and deeper plastic bins for larger and odd shaped wood. As I finish a house, my boxes of furnishings are emptied into the rooms and I can see at a glance where everything is. I may still have a few things in reserve, but everything has its place. I don't keep a large inventory on hand for three reasons: 1. I don't have a lot of space to store stuff. 2. I am cheap frugal and don't want to spend a lot on stuff unless/until I need it. 3. It is easier to keep track of stuff if you don't have a huge amount of it around. So that is my tuppence worth.
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