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  1. Question for those who have stained shingles before: Is it necessary to stain both sides? will they warp or curl if only one side is done? Is there any reason besides saving time to immerse them in stain like described above?
  2. Hi, Cindy! And welcome to this little community. I will be starting a Glencroft for my next build and plan on doing some bashing, too. I look forward to seeing what you do with yours. Please post plenty of photos.
  3. Today I took my wife out for her first outing since she broke her arm, which led to 4 visits to the ER, 2 surgeries, a week in hospital, and ongoing IV antibiotic infusions and physical therapy. We went to an antiques mall "just to look around" and because the weather is in the 90s and our air con is down. Well - - - I think I found a great bargain. House of Miniatures kits - a Chippendale wing chair, desk and sofa for $4.80 each!!! Now I am kicking myself for not snapping up the other 3 or 4 kits as well.
  4. I use regular premixed wallpaper paste that I get very reasonably at a home improvement store. It is not so wet as to crinkle the paper nor so tacky that it is difficult to reposition if you don't place it perfectly the first time.
  5. Last week, after a spell of very humid weather, I noticed that some of the wallpaper in a house I had already completed months ago was damp. The only reason I can imagine is that it absorbed the moisture from the air. The house is in my dining room on a window seat, not in a basement or close to anything that would give off steam or excessive mist or dampness. After several days of drier weather, the wallpaper seems to be dry as normal again. Every room in this house has some wallpaper in it, if not the whole room done with it. But only a certain type of paper was affected. The walls I did with scrapbook paper and the borders i printed myself were fine. The only walls that soaked up the moisture were ones covered with gift-wrap. I had not sprayed it with sealer because i thought the glossy surface indicated that it would not bleed or smudge from the wallpaper paste I used to apply it. Maybe i should have sealed it against moisture. Who knew? Has this ever happened to anyone else? What did you do about it? Do you think spraying it now will prevent this from happening again? Any other ideas?
  6. Good to "meet" you, Janetann! I also bought a Glencroft recently. But i am still working on another house at the moment and don't have room to work on more than one at a time. I will look forward to seeing what you do with yours as i begin mine. I hope you post lots of pictures. There are blogs on this site that show how others have done their Glencroft houses, in case you are interested. They look very informative to me. You will find the folks here to be very friendly and helpful.
  7. Good choice of colors throughout. I especially like the sparks of orange here and there. One minor suggestion would be to have a bit more contrast between the exterior walls and trim so the details would stand out more. Congrats on finishing number one! Now - - - what's next????
  8. I once happened on a framing shop that was selling the pieces of mat board that were off-cuts or from the insides of the openings at a far reduced price. I bought stacks of the stuff for a small investment. I am still working from that supply years later. I don't do whole walls with it but it is great for framing smaller pictures for my real life house and I have used it for lots of trim in my miniature houses. It might be worth asking around at frame shops to see what they do with their scraps.
  9. I buy small size cove molding at a home improvement store. It is just a couple of dollars for a 3-4 foot piece that is about 1/2" or so wide.
  10. Looks great! I'd never guess it was a first effort. Keep up the good work!
  11. Welcome, Rachael! You will find lots of great ideas here and very helpful, friendly people.
  12. LeeB

    Living room right side

    Very special. I am sure she will be thrilled!
  13. LeeB

    Living room right side

    Are those actually family photos of people you know?
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