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  1. So glad to see you up and running again!!! It has been years since i worked on minis. I was thinking a week or two ago about starting a new build but saw you were down. No way would I attempt one without you! I may need to get cracking this weekend! Stay safe everyone, and wash your hands!
  2. Hello everyone, It has been years since i have been active on this site, I check in from time to time to see what everyone is doing and delight to see some of my old friends still active. Over the years I have held on to my embarrassingly large amount of dollhouses waiting for the bug to bite me again which does not seem to be happening. I plan to hold onto a few of my houses in the hope that some day i will want to work on them again but I'm in the process of posting much of it on Craigslist. If there is anyone in the Northern Virginia area who is interested, please let me know. Hofco Southern Dynasty (new in Box) Hofco Farmhouse (built but windows and doors not attached), all parts included Furniture Kits (Duracraft) Furniture Kits (Realife) Furniture Kits (House of Miniatures) I am happy to ship some of the smaller items if you like. Shoot me a message if interested. Thanks!
  3. Minsanity

    Bed detail

    That comforter is fabulous!
  4. Minsanity

    Furniture Kit

    Love this story - and I fell in love with this kit and have made it myself. You did a beautiful job! I'm impressed that you could do it at all at 13 - these Realife kits can be challenging.
  5. Jo, I feel your pain! I used to get INCREDIBLY frustrated swearing that the house would end up next to the trash. I will NEVER forget the help that Gina's blog was. If you open this link and type in the search beacon hill dormers you should find help. Also if you can post a picture of the issue you are having those of us who have been there may be able to help more. www.moreminis.blogspot.com
  6. ahh yes. "she is so bright. if only she would apply herself".
  7. what I did with mine was to build the house first then I made paper templates and glued the sticks to the templates then glued the templates in. added benefit was that I could work on the floors watching TV it's kind of tedious so that was nice
  8. wow. they look great! hope you enjoy life. Your gene pool seems to indicate yours will be a long one!
  9. cute. I picked up the hallmark sandboxes this year. love them
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