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  1. So glad to see you up and running again!!! It has been years since i worked on minis. I was thinking a week or two ago about starting a new build but saw you were down. No way would I attempt one without you! I may need to get cracking this weekend! Stay safe everyone, and wash your hands!
  2. Minsanity

    Bed detail

    That comforter is fabulous!
  3. Minsanity

    Furniture Kit

    Love this story - and I fell in love with this kit and have made it myself. You did a beautiful job! I'm impressed that you could do it at all at 13 - these Realife kits can be challenging.
  4. wow. they look great! hope you enjoy life. Your gene pool seems to indicate yours will be a long one!
  5. cute. I picked up the hallmark sandboxes this year. love them
  6. Minsanity

    IMG 0591

    actually I thought I didn't have one but I do and now I cant delete the duplicate some fatal error keeps popping up. Oh well. If this is the biggest issue I have today then I guess I am doing ok.
  7. Minsanity


    love Betty looking on.
  8. Minsanity


    I had one of these kits, looked at the "instruction" and decided my head might explode. Dry fit then taking it apart again is pretty impressive.
  9. Beautiful - I love pintrest. It is a big reason though that I'm not on Greenleaf anywhere near as often as I use to be. Lots of eye candy!
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