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What is Paper Clay?

Mad for Mod

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Don't be confused by paperclay and paper clay when you search. Yes. The same term has two meanings.

The modeling clay that we use (two popular brands are Creative Paperclay or DAS) is a premoistened papier maché that air dries. Look for the modeling clay at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or other craft stores or order on line. You can find a discussion of paperclay brands here.

The same term applies to a ceramic technique used by potters who mix paper (or some other kind of cellulose) into the clay body. This paper clay must be fired in a kiln. The resulting product is lighter in weight than a piece made from solid clay.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, but how do you create a stone facade on a house with it? Do you glue it while it is still wet and let it dry on the house? Or do you wait for the pieces to dry before gluing?

if you go to my website http://www.minisontheedge.com and click on free workshops, you'll see my tutorials on how to create stones and other textures on the clay :wave:
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I love paper clay. I use to make stones, bricks, pumpkins and even jars with perminate lids. I only wish there was a Rik Pierce class down where I live to get the experience/learn the aging and coloring techniques for stone work and wood. Hmm or maybe a mini mentor..lol

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