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  1. Stairs look like Lawbre. They sell them by a package of four on the website but are not pictured. You might want to send your pic to Teri and she can identify if it is hers. Good luck.
  2. https://www.ebth.com/sales/52467-unique-dollhouses-miniatures-more
  3. Beautiful house! Just missing the chimney.
  4. Do a search for Joseph Angel on this forum and you will come with with lots of info. Clell Boyce was the designer of Victorian Times house and Ray Urh assembled the houses. They were only sold as assembled shells no kits. My JA also has Ray's signature.
  5. Oh boy you are in for a real treat! I loved visiting both. The Dollhouse Museum is houses and room boxes and Kaye's Museum is the best of the best. Both are kinda a pain to get to as it is a lot of driving to the middle of no where (especially Danville) but well worth it. Have a wonderful time!!!!
  6. Retired RGT Thornhill in New York https://www.ebay.com/itm/Miniature-Dollhouse-2-x-4-x-3-5-with-Lights-plus-500-pieces-gently-used/192737329813?_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDI Nice Lawbre Rosedawn (although not $8 Grand nice in my opinion) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lawbre-Rosedawn-Plantation-Furnished-Dollhouse-1-12-ESTATE-SALE/323708377228?hash=item4b5e85d88c:g:RpwAAOSw~E9ccRoN
  7. Congrats on finding your dream house. Wish you had caught me last week as I came across four extra Foxhall staircases and one Lawbre curved staircase during the downsizing and reorganizing I am currently working on. I would have been happy to send you a couple but they are all gone. Just a note about artisan minis - once you start collecting artisan pieces you will never go back! Good luck and have fun.
  8. Have you ever put chains on? We owned a cabin at South Lake Tahoe for many years when we use to ski and found it much easier to leave snow tires on one of our vehicles for the winter. Of course, this was back in the days before everyone (or most everyone) drove an SUV with all wheel drive.
  9. I have for sale the Robin Betterley Tiny Trailer kit. It is the green one complete with exterior, interior and landscape kits. New, in unopened packages. This is a retired kit. Pics on the Betterley website under "Gallery". If interested get in touch with a PM.
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